View Full Version : Would You Cast this on an Enemy Troop?

Lord Brrrp
19-01-2008, 21:35
Chaos Slaanesh Spell Delicious Excrutiations makes a unit unbreakable and may be cast on your or your enemy's units.

When would you cast it on the enemy and why????
I have one idea only. You have a mage in your unit and want to be "engaged in combat" against something worthless and weak.

But that is a strained argument at best. Any REAL reason for the ability to cast it on the enemy?

19-01-2008, 21:43
Unbreakable makes you immnue to psychology, right? If so they can't choose the flee reaction making it a sure way to hit some annoying fast cavalry or similar.

And if you've "taken the bait" and hit a weak unit, and your opponent has lined up the flanking to take you down when you overrun, making the weaklings unbreakable will save your hammer another turn at least. (this may apply more to khorne knights than slaanesh though)

Wheres big bird
19-01-2008, 21:44

I have one idea only. You have a mage in your unit and want to be "engaged in combat" against something worthless and weak.

Wheres big bird
19-01-2008, 21:47
that didnt work as I intended!.

You would do it for the above mentioned reason dragging them away from support of other units as they have to over-run and this allowing you to counter charge/bringing them into charge of your unit that will beat them, as you can stop the spell in your dispell phase

19-01-2008, 22:34
Spells that break the normal chain of events can always be used for something.

Units that are engaged in close combat are immune to most shooting and magic. Under certain circumstances you might want to prolong a combat another tound in order to enjoy that protection during your opponent's turn.


El Haroldo
19-01-2008, 23:32
I think the beauty of slaanesh magic is that it can be cast on anyone's units. There are going to be times when you want an enemy unit to stay right where it is, and that's when you might want to cast Excrutiations on them. There definaitely is 'real reasons', however it does work best on your own troops.

While Spasms is the spell that can win you the game, Luxurious torment is another 'yours or theirs' spell that seems to work fantastic when an enemy chariot, some skirmishers that can flee, and a nice wood to flee through enters the equation.