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- Human
20-01-2008, 16:50
Hi everyone!

I'm a fantasy player (chaos, dark elves) since 5th edition, and I have just recently moved into 40k, with Dark Angels and hopefully IG when they get new models.

The reason I moved into 40k is because of the incredibly cool, original background of the 40k universe.

I haven't even playe my first 40k game and I'm already eyeing =][=. Just reading the first few pages of the online rulebook make me extremely interested. Once I saw the thorian inquisitor model, I was hooked. So I'm thinking of slowly picking up inquisitor! I have a few questions.

1. When you buy =][= models, do they come with lots of optional parts and weapons? I'm not a master of GreenStuff, but I want my models to have a personal feel.
2. How do you play?
3. Can anyone describe to me what makes Thorians unique? All I know is that they want to ressurect the emperor or something.
4. I'd just like people to share some heroic stories of cool events in the =][= games.

I hope to post a lot more here. Thanks for any repies!

20-01-2008, 20:37
Welcome aboard :)

To address your points -

1) Many models come with at least a couple of variant heads, arms and/or weapons, but the Online Store is your friend here as you can order the parts you need (one of my Eldar ranger models, Laara, is a mixture of Eldar, assassin and Lady Jena bits)

2) That's kinda hard to answer shorthand, but basically the standard die is the D100 rather than the D6 and it goes into a lot more depth, with more attributes for characters and far more actions to perform. It seems a bit overwhelming at first but you quickly pick it up. Some people play it on 28mm scale using 40K figures to save money (on terrain and models) and so they can have more characters on the board (useful if you want to fight a horde of cultists).

3) Yes, the Thorians believe that they can bring back the Emperor to the mortal plane by finding/creating a suitably pure host for his spirit to possess. Basically they go round the Imperium trying to find individuals worthy of becoming these "avatars". They are named after Sebastian Thor, who helped the Adeptus Sororitas overthrow the tyrant Vandire during the Reign of Blood, and who they believed was acting under the Emperor's direct guidance. For more info, see page 7 of the =][= rulebook.

4) Woah, where to start...? In my last campaign alone (where two Eldar Rangers and an Inquisitor infiltrate a Dark Eldar webcity) there were tons of good moments. All you need is a good imagination and a good GM, as in Inquisitor you can pull all sorts of tricks outside the core rules. I'll have a browse through my old Webway Campaign batreps for my favourite moments, but in the meantime check out Dark Seraphs' campaign, and Sabbad's "A Hero's Death" campaign is well worth a read because of the excellent fan-fic that describes the games and their interludes.

- Human
21-01-2008, 01:04
Thanks! A few more questions.

Do you know if the Thorian Inquisitor specifically comes with extra bits/weapons? How about the Arbites Judge? He's a cool model but I dislike the head.

What exactly does a D100 look like? Don't tell me it's a 100-sided Die...

What's the consensus on using Space Marines? I get the feeling they're too good to be used and may unbalance things. Thoughts?

21-01-2008, 05:26
The only easily separable part of the Thorian Inquisitor is his backpack with those giant quills. His body, legs, upper arms and head are all one piece. It'd be separable with a saw and the various parts would doubtless be very useful, but essentially no, it doesn't come with any extra bits.

The judge on the other hand, does. He comes with a sprue of three heads, one of which is a rather fantastic helmeted head. He's also a multipart kit, rather than mostly one-piece, so he's easier to customize.

You *can* buy a real D100 if you want to, though it's a little difficult to see what number is on the top. Most people use two D10s, one for the tens and one for the units with 00 equalling 100.

I've not had the chance to play at all yet, but the issue of Space Marines is a controversial one that seems to stir up a lot of strong opinions on both sides of the argument.


Cirrus the Blue
21-01-2008, 06:55
USE 28MM SCALE FIGURES!!! The 54mm figs are scarce and minimal for the selection at best and there's already figures for 28mm of exactly the same in 40K anyway, not to mention the amount of fan-based other race statistics scattered across the net. Just use centimetres instead of inches and you're quite ready to go! :D BUCKETSLOADS less expensive, too!

- Cirrus

Stella Cadente
21-01-2008, 07:53
if you wanna know how the models come............well basically its just..best to look at them...there on GW's site

21-01-2008, 12:27
My advice on Inquisitor is to bypass the uberpowered characters like Inquisitor lords and Space Marines.
Lower level stuff is more fun. Keep the bad stuff for NPC or "level bosses"

Whenever I ran a campaign I put caps on warband total toughness and armour.
one rampaging Space Marine can cause havoc to a well crafted campaign :D.

- Human
21-01-2008, 13:08
@ Spaint2k: Ah, it's a shame about the Thorian. 2 D10 makes more sense!

@ Cirrus: Tempting! The models are expensive... But they're also so cool! I'll have to put more thought into this one.

@ Stella... The Canadian and US sites don't show the parts the models are made up of, just the UK one (as I found out last night)

@ Marv... I see what you mean. No space marines in my warband!

Stella Cadente
21-01-2008, 13:41
@ Stella... The Canadian and US sites don't show the parts the models are made up of, just the UK one (as I found out last night)
doesn't surprise me that the Canadian site gets left out once again:rolleyes:
strange about the Yank one though

I would agree with Marv, avoid Inquis Lords and Marines (marines are actually way overrated anyway)

21-01-2008, 23:30
My warband that I ran for quite a while, (3 different campains) consisted of four models.
1. Captain D'Terabus Haqim, A Rogue Trader from Necromunda, a scion of a wealthy family.
2. "Hailstorm" Quirke, First mate. An Orlock ganger and gunfighter on the run from a heist gone wrong.
3. Artus the witch, a Psyker and the ships navigator.
4. Big Karl Guntersson, Squat Engineer.

All of them extensively converted. they worked on their own mostly, but there was an Inquisitor who retained them for missions now and again.

My favorite model was Hailstorm. he was a gunfighter with two sawn-off double-barreled shotguns as weapons.
He was a slightly better than average shot, but he sucked in close combat.
They're lost in a warp storm at the moment. one day they may re-emerge. Time will tell.

22-01-2008, 17:47
Tempting! The models are expensive... But they're also so cool! I'll have to put more thought into this one.

Once you go 54, you never go back! (I even have an Inq.scale baneblade).

Thorians have their own sourcebook.

* Believe (At least some of them) in euthanasia (Which is forbidden in the Imperium)
* Want to shut down the golden throne so that the emperor could become the star-child and then reincarnate.
* Are like Amalathians, but more radical.
* Are disliked by SoBs, but they find SoBs fascinating since their faith-granted powers, which is not, but is almost the emperor incarnate (At least some of his power).
* Are usually daemonhunters and interested in the warp due to the emperors reincarnation and the star-child.

I myself play xanthite. (Due to the fact that I have some xanthitic RL opinions (I.E: Fire with fire. Et.C).).

"When you stare into the warp, the warp stares into you. When you fight daemons, you become one yourself. In Soviet Russia, daemon becomes you!"

Stella Cadente
22-01-2008, 18:07
(I even have an Inq.scale baneblade).
I take it that your quite mad right :D