View Full Version : I WILL finish an army dammit - CSM Dragon Warriors or Plague Marines - YOU decide!!

20-01-2008, 17:04

after my last log was cut short by a fire in the shed - destroying any hope of finishing my pre-heresy Salamander Firedrakes - so I've started a new one.

Those of you who saw my ill-fated and short lived log before may remember that I was trying to make something *a little* individual with heavy use of green stuff.
You may also remember that I've been away from the hobby for a long time and that my GS skills are, erm, poor.

So this log aims to chart my feeble attempts to start, finish and personalise an army, hopefully learning a little along the way (besides the use of a fire extinguisher).

So here comes the problem - I can't decide which to do - Dragon Warriors (pg 20 CSMs) or Plague Marines.


I've converted (badly) 2 loyalist marines that survived the purge (as I like to call it) with various parts. You decide which shows more promise and when I've finally finished the models we'll have a winner!

So without further addo or rambling I present the very WIP Dragon Warrior:



My thinking on this model is chainmail over the dodgy looking 'skirt' with scale or chainmail over the shoulders. Paintwise it'll be quite metallic red.

The Plague Marine (again very wip):



The stomach needs more work but I quite like the hood - I'm going for a diseased look without too much going on as it'll be easier to paint.

These are both test pieces so the final models used in the army will not use normal marine armour etc.

Let me know what you think and I'll carry on with the conversions/painting with regular updated.

All comments and criticism are MORE than welcome!!



20-01-2008, 17:09
I don't care if it's not finished Dragon Warrior FTW. Absolutely noone will have a dragon warrior army, you'll be a pioneer!!! :D *

*i went over the top with the last bit didn't I?

20-01-2008, 17:22
As cool as your plague marine conversion is, i'm going to have to echo Luthien and vote Dragon Warriors for the sheer originality of it.

Mr Feral
20-01-2008, 17:37
I would say do both as one warband, or if you're going to just one, then it would have to be Blood Dragons.

20-01-2008, 19:32
The hooded Plague Marine is something that I haven't seen before for the unclean. So my vote goes with them...


20-01-2008, 19:36
Dragon warriors for me. original n just completely n utterly cool. tht hood is cool tho'

20-01-2008, 19:51
PLague marines, your sculpting with blisters look better than the cloth on the dragonwarior, but by god keep the chaos helmets! Awesome, put them on the plague marines!

20-01-2008, 20:47
Dragon Warriors are all kinds of awesome.
Remember, a lot of melta's and flamers.

20-01-2008, 21:10
Hey all, thanks for the feedback!

I'm still torn between the two and the feedback shows you are too!

It would be cool to have a 'unique' 'pioneering' army!

Whilst being subjected to 'dancing on ice' this evening I thought it would be cool to model all of the armour areas with scales - anyone have any decent links/pics?

The cloth will become chainmail or similar so I was able to keep it rough and ready (another layer is going on top).
I could keep the hood and model it as scales/chainmail allowing me to do the Dragons, also I'm pants at painting plague marines, which may swing it.

Either way there will be more work tommorow - probably posted late PM (I love weeks off work!).

Thanks again for the comments and keep them coming!


The Wildchild
21-01-2008, 13:05
Firstly can I say...you poor, poor guy...I feel your pain...my gf subjected me to watch Dancing on Ice before we went out last night...tv's really gone down hill recently lol!

I loved your Firedrakes log...really sorry to hear about the fire!

I found this tutorial about sculpting Salamander style shoulder pads, I know it's prob more relevent to your ill-fated log, but there's some cool ideas you could use for your Dragon Warriors


Hope it helps, best of luck!

21-01-2008, 21:36
As promised an update...

So the Dragon Warriors are looking good right now although I notice that GW have a painted terminator on their website - gits.
Not so original after all.

>> Wildchild >> yep, ***** isn't it and cheers for the link, I may use those ideas yet!!

So, progress:



Not coming on too badly although I realise it's a bit rough - this is only a test piece after all!

Hopefully the finished article(s) will be much more professional.

I've also been having a bit of fun with paint schemes - these were only 5 minute jobs but don't look too bad.
My personal fav is the gold one - if I can make it more reddish we may have the ideal scheme for the dragons...



Cheers for looking, apologies for the crappy pics and please, please, please keep the C&C coming!


Mr Feral
21-01-2008, 21:41
A Red and Brown ink or wash should do the trick on the gold parts. I like the blue lightning on the shoulder pad, that's cool.