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20-01-2008, 20:47
So played first game with a chaos dwarf 1k army against a goblin horde.

I had a blunderbuss unit engaged with the rmainder of the goblins general unit. They had 1 line of troops left. My generals unit with 20 strong great axes charged the flank of the goblins generals unit. About 6" north of this battle were 2 units of goblins. My plan was the general and blunderbuss would break the goblins and pursue to meet the rest of the goblins head on.

unfortunuitly than my deathrocket aiming at the goblins north of my general unit had a terrible shoot. The wind pushed the rocket off course so it hit the goblin unit my general and blunderbusses were fighting. Not only did it hurt my own dwarfs it killed enough goblins that my general's unit was no longer in combat. my blunderbusses broke the general unit alone and than pursed like 3".

The next turn a unit of 20 gobos flanked charged my generals unit and the 2nd goblin unit failed anomisity. they won combat by 2-3 pts but my dwarfs refused to flee. On my turn I decided to fire my blunderbusses to try and weaken the 2nd goblin unit (who actually paniced and ran away after the shooting) and hope my generals unit could last till helped arrived

Anyways long story short my generals unit managed to hold in combat losing by 2-3pts for 6 rounds of combat before my 2nd unit of blunderbusses was finally able to join combat and make the goblins flee.

20-01-2008, 21:35
Although I lost the game I can't forget the heroic actions of my Dwarf Master Engineer. 5 Grail Knights had broken through my lines and were about to take out my rear line. I charged my Master Engineer in thinking he would hold them for a turn. Instead he killed all 5 over 3 turns of combat and only lost 1 wound. They justn't couldn't kill him. He then joined the Grudge thrower who then shot up the general's unit killing the general who failed the look our Sir and ward save!

20-01-2008, 22:29
That was insane! Obviously my Grail Knights got a bit 'high & mighty' after finding the grail. Well your Engineer brought them back down to earth...Great Weapon style!

21-01-2008, 04:02
After taking alot of damage from lizardmen magic, my ironbreakers were reduced to the champion and standard bearer. They then charged into temple guard unit that the slaan was in as an act of revenge. After 4 total turns of combat, the pair had killed 6 temple guard before a unit of warriors got that all important flank charge, taking out the slaan and his entire unit! 2 guys paid their points back i dont know how many times over, and lived to tell the tale!