View Full Version : FW news, RE GW Oxford Street

20-01-2008, 23:03
was in the store today, the manager told me that they are willing to take orders for FW stuff and the manager will go and place the order for you at WW, and it will be delivered to the Oxford Street store, meaning you don't pay a delivery charge, he did say the way they are going to do it was by you buying Gift Vouchers, but if you go there, it would be worth asking the store about it

20-01-2008, 23:06

The store is doing this so they are not losing money, as you transfer it into Gift Vouchers which count as a sale for the store.

Not too bad an idea actually. I may have to suggest it to my store's manager.

20-01-2008, 23:07
Yep, it's a store manger trick, I know a number who have encouraged people to buy vouchers before games day.

It means the sale goes down as 50 of sales for their store , not 50 of FW or games day sales.

20-01-2008, 23:09
Ace! Good to hear things like that, I'd like to be able to order FW from GW more often. :)

20-01-2008, 23:10
yeah i used to do that back in newcastle, i turned 250 in 250 worth of vouchers the day before GD, thing is they gave me change on my vouchers when i spent them too!!!

I asked if it was a country wide thing, but he said just them at the minute, also i asked about availablilty, and he said you may have to wait for stuff to arrive at the shop, as they are still behind with the orders.