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20-01-2008, 23:13
Hello everybody!

With the release of the new Orks I knew I had to start them again, so I did! But I can't seem to get to painting enough of them. I had a Necron army log on here a while ago, and it really helped me get those tinheads finished :D

So I thought to myself, why not try the same trick with the Ork boyz, thus here you have it, the 123040185th Ork armylog made this week :)

All comment (and any other ramblings you might have) are very welcome.

20-01-2008, 23:38
First update!

Here is the list I will be building in the short term:

Big Mek 95
- Shock Attack Gun

10 Grots 40
- 1 Slaver

6 Nobz 265
- Painboy
- Grot Orderly
- Cybork Bodies
- 2 Powerklaws
- 1 Twin Linked Shoota
- 1 Big Choppa
- 1 Bosspole
- 1 Waaagh Banner


And some modelling/painting things, first up the big Mek (a x-mass present from a friend, he also painted it :-D)


Next up, my Kommando Nob. I have been busy on this model since the box was released :-P


And here we have the big boy himself, my to be warboss!


And here is the WAAAGH banner:



20-01-2008, 23:59
very nice stuff, although im not realy a fan of such green skin i prefer a brown/green skin. but other then that good stuff!!!

21-01-2008, 00:56
Thanks mate, nice avatar btw :)

Hmm I like the comical thing the orks got going, green fits my picture of them being happy brawlers and so on :P

21-01-2008, 00:57
I really like the green skin tones, good job.

21-01-2008, 20:07
Thanks you Dr Oetker :P

I did a small amount of Ork painting today:




As you can see I'm a big fan of ink, I'm experimenting with different colours of leather, metal and skin (but on more 'expendable' models ;)) Tell me what you think!

Cheerio, I'm off doing some uni work again now, I hope to be able to paint some more later tonight..

23-01-2008, 02:09
this army is turning out good, cant wait 2 see some more progress. and ye if u want the comical stuff that orks have this paint job works perfectly!!!!

keep it up!!!

23-01-2008, 22:54
I was painting a Nob today, took way too long on deceiding colours and I'm not happy with his pants & shirt.





30-01-2008, 11:00
Small update:



I'm hardcoating every model I finish because playing hurts them bad, dullcoat will follow once I have enough to dullcoat ;)

30-01-2008, 22:36
Another picture!


What do you guys think?
Where can I improve?
What don't you like?
What do you like?
What should I change?

Cheers for any input :)

31-01-2008, 06:48
Hey Are you finsihing it up before ducosim?

What did you do to make it so shiny, i personally don't like that it is way to shiny. I also should add one more layer of highlight on the greenskin to make it more detailing.

31-01-2008, 10:51

nah not for the coming duco, but for the one after that I hope to have 1k painted up. The shine is because of the 'ardcoat, I have a spray of dullcoat but its tiny so I don't feel like wasting it by doing 1model at a time ;)

The next time I paint some skin I will try an extra highlight :)

Thanks for commenting!

31-01-2008, 12:26
:o I love it,

Can't wait until its done :D

31-01-2008, 13:27
I'm not really a fan of the ' shine' but tast differs. What I would do is paint the ' stitches' at the Big Mek's bag and the Warboss' backpack with bleached bone, to make them stand out, it looks a bit unfinished to me.

But it's always good to see another Ork player, especially when he is from the Netherlands!

31-01-2008, 22:11
Cheers Niels :)

The shine will be dealt with don't you worry, they shine because of the protective layer I put on them to prevent chipping ;)

I will see what I can do with the Big Mek and Warboss, thanks for the pointers!

@Kay3o thanks mate, it will be quite a while before it is all done ;)

03-02-2008, 15:47
I did some more painting on the warboss :D

And something I made from his head:


04-02-2008, 13:30
Looks good, I like the black trousers of the warboss, that's something I have to practise on.
I think you could try some other colours for the metals, instead of only Boltgun. I always try to incorperate some copper bits. For example, make the armor boltgun and the glyph copper, it gives a bit more contrast.

Oh, And I think not even orks will use a steel handle for their axes, much to heavy and hard to make, you might want to try brown, as in wood, it will also give more contrast.

The painting itself is great, I hope to get to this level someday....

16-02-2008, 21:22
great work edzard, doing the greenies proud,


Mike KK
18-03-2008, 01:31

cool stuff

19-03-2008, 18:12
Reviving time!

thanks for the comments guys :) I have been very busy with stuff other then painting my green army :D
Today I have returned to it, about 10 boyz on the table waiting more paint, I will get some pictures up when they are finished-ish (probably tomorrow ;))

There is a tourney coming up in a little less then 3 months and I need 1000 points of Orks ready for it, so that is the challenge :P

Cheers everybody!

30-03-2008, 17:48
Already 11 days since I promised an update :P I didn't even get much work done on the Orks, this is the mob I'm painting how it stands now:


and a closeup on an ork that has a little red paint on his face :D


I have a pretty good excuse for not painting much, I had a stone chip in my left eye, from helping my dad with cutting a roof tyle, it came out yesterday but my eye was very irritated.
Me and a mate will be painting tomorrow, mayhaps there will be some progress!

Pvt. Ratt
30-03-2008, 17:58
word of advice:
For the yellow and red highlight or ink both with darker shades of those colors. Then to make it look real orky you may want to consider adding boltgun metal drybrushed parts to the shoulder pads and helmets to make the look of the paint being worn away.

I love your warbosses skin. It has some real nice looking texture with all the paint.