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Super Mario
21-01-2008, 13:36
Prt 1
After the courtesy posts, here is a painting log.
As I am a man of my word and subject to tradition, I start a painting log. It is the third week of the new year 2008.
In the previous edition of Warhammer, there was an illustration of a wood elf. It was on page 112 or somewhere near there. I said that if wood elf models were released that actually looked as good as that picture, then I would start collecting them. That was six years ago, at a time when I was more involved in painting and gaming.
Last four years I put gaming aside from my life while I tried living as a real human being with a job, a car, a woman and various electronic devices. So far so good, except I got the British urge. If you do not know what the British urge is, I will explain. When you start thinking fondly of sheds, when you decide that taking apart the TV is a good idea, when you think that you can fix the roof yourself without having to call in a specialist, that is the British urge. In actual fact, it just means ‘tinkering’ and has nothing to do with britishness at all, but I thought it was a nice theme to write about. I’m fairly sure that I heard Jeremy Clarkson jabber on about it on telly once.

Where was I going with this? I digress…The heart of the matter, the thing that I should have addressed first and foremost is that I spent some time away from Gaming, and now I have got back into the hobby. Why did I blether about sheds and electronic doodads. Who will ever know? Truth is I know the answer to that question, the answer is one of embarrassing prose stylings.

So yes, I said a few years ago that if Wood Elf models looked as good as the illustration in the previous edition of Warhammer, I would collect them. They now do. So I am.
(That covers the ‘as I am a man of my word…’ guff.)
This painting log is what I resolved to maintain as part of my
New Year resolution. (that covers the ‘ …and subject to tradition’ guff.).

What is the best light to paint under?
I reckon that the strong fluorescence is the best. Natural light is good, but chances are that you won’t be gaming outside all that often.
What I know for sure is that the old dishwater coloured light of this English season is terrible. I have picked the worst time to start painting again. Depending on finances, I will have some better lighting installed in my house. At the moment, there is a painting window of about two hours on a weekend if I am lucky. Using terms like ‘Painting window’ makes me feel dead professional.

Enough jibber jabber, here are some pictures of what I am working on.

1. I painted this Commissar in the colours that the model seemed to suggest to me, not Commissar colours. This is the first model I have painted in four years and my first attempt at NMM*.

2. NMM is fairly new to me, this was the ideal opportunity to try it out. Not perfect, but there we go. It would have been easier to do the gold using metallic paint, but that wouldn’t have tested me, and I know that I need to improve as a painter.

3. Brian Nelson and Aly Morrison’s Dryads are stunning models. Haven’t the faintest idea how I’m going to paint them though.

4. I can’t resist converting. These glade guard are going to be jumping around, leaping out of trees and generally coming at you in a stealthy elfy way.

Super Mario
21-01-2008, 13:37
part 2

5-6. More cutting and pasting.

7. I didnít want all of the unit to be drawing a bow at the same time, so some (in the second rank) are just posing for the cameras.

8. Being more of a 40,000 man in days gone by, I had to take some new things into account when painting blocks of figures in regiments as opposed to skirmishing figures.
The archers fan out from the centre of the unit. The ones in the middle face forward, those on the right are angled to the right and the left side are angled to the left. I noticed that GW some artwork uses this sort of dynamic. The Dogs of War army book picture in particular.
Colours for this unit taken from the Paper Mario character, Darkly. Not totally happy with the way they turned out.

Super Mario
21-01-2008, 13:37
9. Close-up. My elves have green skin. These figures turned out a bit too green. What I was trying to get at was a sinister appearance, the hoods obscuring half the face. Meh.

9. Inquisitors are my favourite thing, Here is one. He may take a while to actually paint, but Iíll stick him here when there is any update.

More next week. Please be patient while I figure out how to use a camera which is far too sophisticated for my clumsy monkey paws.

*Non-metallic method. A painting technique that uses non metallic paints to imitate metallic effects. When done properly, the results look infinitely better. NMM is a standard feature in oil painting.

Mr Feral
21-01-2008, 13:45
Wow you certainly know how to paint!
The NMM is looking good form waht I can see in the pictures, however my suggstion for the Wood Elves is to add some Rotting Flesh into the skin to make them well, less green.

The Wildchild
21-01-2008, 16:59
I laughed my head off when you mentioned the "British Urge" I know exactly what you mean! Based on the standard of tv these days I don't blame you for taking apart your tv!

I agree with Mr Feral...mix in rotting flesh into the green mix, keep adding more rotting flesh with each highlight layer (leave a small amount of the previous layer showing each time) until you're pratically painting with rotting flesh. Keep the layers fairly watery though to get a nice, delicate, smooth finish.

As for lighting...I use one of those lamps with a bendy "neck" and a standard daylight bulb...under a £5 from any decent hardware store, craft shop, B&Q or Homebase. It basically gives you a light that resembles daylight, so all your colours appear true and shadows fall more realistically...it's a good substitute for daylight, but no way near as good as the real thing...bring on the Spring, but knowing our weather it'll be pouring down lol!

The face on the Commisar is brilliant! Look forward to seeing more of your fatastic work!

Best of luck!

21-01-2008, 17:04
I like the commissar it makes a change from the red and black i was thinking of painting mine very much like yours maybe purple/yellow/red and yeah thats the trouble with the light but then we cant wait six months for the english summer to get here to start painting.

Mr Feral
21-01-2008, 17:23
I forgot to mention that the running WE looks great.

21-01-2008, 17:53
First off: I like your writing and I can also very much relate to your story, so I'll definitely be following your log

Second: Your converting is awesome. This Wood Elf army can really turn out good. Love it to death. You have an eye for natural poses.

Third: I'm sorry, but your painted Glade Guard do not look good. That color scheme is, I'm afraid, pretty awful. I really feel you need to change it. Wood elves are not about contrast. They're all about looking natural. I want pastel colors. If you haven't done so already; invest in a couple of foundation paints. They come in great colors and they cover like they were a blessing from Sigmar himself. I'd get all the brown ones and most of the green ones.

Looking forward to the continuation of this project!

Prince Sairion
21-01-2008, 18:07
Ah another Midlander, good to see!

Firstly, welcome back to the hobby, you don't seem to have forgotten how to paint in the last few years.

I was very tempted to go for the woodies too when they came out, the models really do do the artwork justice.

Regarding the colour scheme, i'd say the blue/grey area could be used better. Not that I think every wood elf army should belong to a season etc, I just prefer the way you painted the browns and greens.

Great thread title, looking forward to seeing more.

Super Mario
28-01-2008, 12:36
Satureday – Sunday 27-28
Locked in a room with toy soldiers and iTunes set to suffle.
Those dryads aren’t as tricky to paint as I thought.
The ones whose coat of paint has a proportion of spit in it tend to look better. Quite possibly just some borderline superstition. Borderline something.

Somehow a blue tint got into the Glade Guard's cloaks, they are actually adeptus battle grey, but appear shasow grey. Foundation is pretty damned nifty. I was losing patience with citadel paints till they came along.
One of the strongest themes that I would like running through this army is of high contrast shading and highlighting. The elfs are themed around the twilight, so they are sombre and dark. The image I have of these fellows is shadows flitting between trees, lit by the moonlight. I never said I didn’t need practice to get the look right. Rotting flesh mixed into the flesh tones is a good suggestion, that one will be tried when I do the rest of the glade guard. One of the oversights I made with those figures is that they are pretty much the only ones who have cowls.

A result of having access to the internet has allowed me to see some very, very fine examples of painting, probably some of the best in the world. What this means is that I am less inclined to get myself stuck in a rut of painting. I used to have two or three favourite techniques which I would use for every model I painted and never really bothered to learn any more. The figures looked alright but there was never any real improvement in my painting.
Having seen the prestige showcase models that float around the net, I decided that it was about time to try some new things to raise my standard. This is what the log is about. Some experiments will turn out good, some very bad. Either way it is better than the consistently average painting that started to bore me after a while. (the amount of figures painted Scab red to Blood red over black was shocking).

These elfs (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/cheeseandchives/GG20Unit20120front20Ranked.jpg) from miniaturespace.net should show you what I mean. Its difficult not to get a tad jealous of that sort of standard. Here’s where I start sounding like a gung-ho boy scout. I’ve put it under spoiler tabs cos it sounds preppy beyond describing…(I’m going to try to attain that standard instead of moaning about how my figs aren’t up to scratch.)
Here are one or two other figures that impressed me, some of which are from this board.
lighting conditions (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/cheeseandchives/Hunter20of20Darkness20Front.jpg)
just metalic effects (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/cheeseandchives/schamp04.jpg)
putty-ing (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/cheeseandchives/eldar2.jpg)

One of the skills I am keen to learn is source lighting and lighting effects.

There is this weeks preamble, here are the figures.
This dryad turned out nicely. The amount of detail on the figure was off putting. This is what you get for painting the flat surfaces of marines for too long. This was the first model in the unit, it was painted start to finish, that is why there is only one of them.
I had to make sure that the scheme worked before I production-lined* them.
These guys represent the point where I start getting a backlog. The very idea of not buying new mins until all the ones I own are painted. The very idea!
They are genestealer cultists, a 40k project. Which reminds me, when the hell are we getting Ordo Xenos?

Super Mario
28-01-2008, 12:37
Little toy soldiers are slowly taking over all shelf space…

That’s all I got done this weekend. Sunday is the only painting day I have next week so the third update will be a bit skant. I am aiming for the rest of that dryad unit getting done though. The cultists should get some claws too. Plasticard is needed first.

29-01-2008, 03:35
Those cultists are looking awesome the ungor heads have come up really well, how did you remove the delaque heads?

Super Mario
29-01-2008, 16:58
Hiya, net time is at a premium since I post from work. I write the pposts in word then copy + paste.

Thanks kiwichild, I think I will start posting details of how I have been painting and converting as well as what I have been painting and converting.

Hopefully that will mean that some newer painters will learn something and that I can get suggestions for improvements from the more advanced ones.

Super Mario
04-02-2008, 12:24
As I mentioned last time, this weeks update is scant, there being only four hours of painting time available to me
I had intended to get the claws on those genestealer cultists done, best laid plans of mice and men, is another way of saying that I didn’t do them.
There isn’t a lengthy word document to be pasted either, little or nothing has been done in this dead week in which I lost my bloody mobile phone.
Instead of a lengthy babble, here is a list of words, which you may or may not be familiar with.

Telephone, sausage, monkey, button, book, cabbage, glass, mouse, stomach, cardboard, ferry, Christmas, athlete, key, wigwam, baby, kiwi, bed, paint, walnut.

Looking through a comic book the other day I saw that whenever there are pictures of crowds, the people in the crowd get darker the feurther back they are. Presumably this is to ceate a perspective. I have decided to try this when painting a regiment. The ones in the rear will be darker than the ones at the front.
Stages ONE and TWO in the dryads painting scheme over black undercoat.


Front rank stage one: Shading, Graveyard Earth
Front rank stage two: Basecoat, 2:1 Kommando Khaki, Graveyard earth.


Second rank stage one: 1:1 Graveyard Earth, Scorched Brown
Second rank stage two: Basecoat, Kommando Khaki.


That’s as far as I got. I shall be moving the painting stages up one column for each successive rank. That means that the basecoats of the front rank will be the last highlight of the fourth rank.
Does that make sense?
I hope so, if not it will be clear when I get the unit done.
Till next week.

04-02-2008, 16:13
Looks very nice. That commissar is not bad, after 4 years of zip...
I'm curious to see how the light to dark thing will work out.

PS. I see pratchett, thumbs up!

Super Mario
08-02-2008, 13:10
Cheers, I'm right into Diskworld.
This is just a brief thing to mention that there is an ad for GW in the Metro today.Just a ting I noticed.
I ordered some Elyssians yesterday, I would love to make some cunning link about them ariving speedily by dropship, but they look like they're going to take 28 days to get here.
Those will form part of my Inquisitors force,(not the one I pictured in the first posts, I'm converting a better one, which I'll post on monday.)

09-02-2008, 11:06
Very nice painting Super Mario. Very clean, and neat with a good attention to detail and good choice of colours.

I love the Wood Elf scheme.

Super Mario
11-02-2008, 10:38
Yet more dryads. For the sake of my sanity, next weeks update will have Inquisitors in it.

This week’s update was brought to you by numerous cups of coffee and iTunes shuffle which showed a preference for old school hip-hop and Edith Piaf. Neanmoins.

I also ate nothing but crap on the weekend. Managed to get through all the major crisp food gropus which are:-
Thin disks of potato, as epitomised by Walkers.
Reconstituted potato mash, as epitomised by Pringles
Tortillas, as epitomised by Doritos
Blown Wheat, Wotsits, monster Munch, Space raiders
And the two wild card ones. Quavers and French Fries which are like birds, nobody really knows what they are.

Enough of that, this is what I have got done. The first rank of (yet more) Dryads is nearly done.
The rear rank is one painting stage behind, this should give an indication of the darkening effect I am going for with the forced perspective idea.


Nearly done with these girls, then I’ll compile a stage by stage painting guide for ranks one and two. Ranks three and four are being built at the moment. I realised that the darkening effect wouldn’t be noticeable in anything less than three ranks.



The Glade Guard have been neglected of late because the dryads have been a pleasure to paint.
They need some better bases.

11-02-2008, 11:35
Amazing painting. The NMM looks great.

Just one thing about the dryads. They are skirmishers and should not be used in too big units. 12 or less is the recommended size.

11-02-2008, 12:15
Very cool GG man,

Super Mario
18-02-2008, 09:44
You may have witnessed a more pathetic sight than a grown man, hung-over, wearing torn addidas trackies and a Lord of the Rings t-shirt, swearing and squeeking on the verge of tears because his computer won’t work.
You may have, but I haven’t, not in real life anyway. It’s made worse because that man was me.
This weeks log is a bit rubbish because I spent most of my time re-installing a lamenting the loss of Perv the compy. All of the images are linked to at photobucket instead of being displayed on the board. The reason for this is because I re-size the photos in Photoshop to make them fit in the forum, digital photos are failrly big images when unedited.
Oh man, I’ve lost photoshop, that was my favourite toy, there was about 20gb of music on there too.
Okay, hold it together.
All you can eat Chinese restaurants are on of the greatest achievements of civilisation and places tat I find myself in most weekends. Strangely enough, even though I was among friends, I couldn’t help thinking that I would rather be locked in my room with my little models. The death of compy figured on my mind as well. Its not so much that I mourn the loss of a material possession, more that I morn the loss of material contained within that possession.

So what is there to show for this weekend?
Boxes which had been in storage for the last four year turned up on Saturday, and greatly nostalgic it was too.
Rhino cult
Predator Cult


These Mordians are having their epaulets taken off, it doesn’t seem right that private soldiers should be so brass. Serge gets to keep his.

That’s it.

Super Mario
18-02-2008, 09:48
One last thing, as I was signing out of hotmail, I came accross a designer, Gareth Pugh who exhiited his designs at London Fashion Week. I think they are pretty cool.


18-02-2008, 18:01
Cool log; I like the old-school rhino and ram-shakle predator. Shame about the computer, I know how annoying that can be (get yourself some external back-up HD, good investment IMO)

Super Mario
20-02-2008, 12:05
A spot of evening converting, this guy is going to be made into an Inquisitor. I like them because they are esoteric (new favourite word).
He's sort of based on Gregor Eisenhorn from the anthology book.

Because he has fur, chainmail and metal breastplate, he is going to be loosely Vostroyan.
Not actually from Vostroy, just someone who followed the trend for wearing Vostroyan influenced clothes when they were fashionable. Autumn collection M41.967.
The model it started as is a Witchhunter from Mordheim.

Edit: That sword looks a bit clumsy and over large. I'm planning to have reasonable sized weapons in 40k.

20-02-2008, 12:23
These Mordians are having their epaulets taken off, it doesnít seem right that private soldiers should be so brass. Serge gets to keep his.

Thatís it.

I have to disagree. I've got a small force of Mordians that I rounded up for my lamented LatD army (Red Scorpions & IG stragglers) that were/are going to be painted up as French Foreign Legion. The FFL dress uniform for all troops includes the red and green epaulets that are as much a part of their tradition as the kepi blanc.

(If GW ever pulls their collective head out of their a$$ and reinstate this list in some form, they come off the shelf immediately. :mad:)

Super Mario
20-02-2008, 14:33
I didn't know about the FFL. Thanks for that.
LATD was a good list, and ace for converters too. I don't know why they dropped it either.

Super Mario
21-02-2008, 11:19
I can see that these guys are going to take me some time. The claws are just to fidly for my monkey paws. This took me a whole hour, and I'm not even all that happy with it. In an uncharactaristic fit of artistic fury, I ripped the claws off and decided to start again. They're just too bit and angular. The green stuff work is rubish too. Leaning curve,.

Super Mario
25-02-2008, 13:17
This weekend was mainly playing Ghost Squad on the Wii.

26-02-2008, 04:53
I've been lurking for a long time. Finally decided to join yesterday. This is a blog I will be watching intently. Great painting skills - I love the Comissar, and the conversions are also top notch. Awesome work on the Predator and those Genestealer Necromunda guys look like they are coming along, can't wait to see the whole gang painted!

Super Mario
03-03-2008, 08:53
Cheers Ulsterburg.

I've just realised that I have been doing this log for over a month. Happy belated plogday to me.

New stuff this week. The dryads are (finally) at a stage where I would put them on a gaming table. Well, actually no, the bases aren’t done. I think that they could look 100% better with neat looking bases.
Looking through the thread in my link in my sig should give me something good to rip off.
Elysians arrived on the 20th, but they couldn’t fit through the letterbox, they ended up spending eight days in a Royal Mail warehouse.
Incidentally the opening hours for those places are weird. The times available for collection of undelivered parcels are:
Mon-fri: 7.00 – 12.00
Sat: 7. – 10.00

As a working man who likes a lie in, this was a little inconvenient. Oh yeah, and the depot is in one of those peculiar industrial/shopping estates out between the middle of nowhere and left of nowhere.
Also they were lacking their grav chutes.
Sppent a good hour scrubbing the releasing agent from the resin figures. I wouldn’t describe this as fun, and thoughout the whole time I was thinking of the word ‘minion’ and how I really should have some to do this sort of thing. Mind you if I actually had minions I would be too tempted to get them to do everything, including painting them. Then of course I would start getting resentful of my minions for being better at painting than me…So yes, scrubbing releasing agent can send you doolally. I love the hobby but some bits of it are more about results than actual enjoyment at t he time. Odd.
Man, I’m really complaining this week. I had better write something positive. Happened to see that Bottom Live 3, Hooligans Island was on Dave (a British cable channel), it was bloody hilarious.
I will now explode.
I went to my favourite Sikh restaurant and had a Punjabi khari.

I’ve ended up with a unit of 24 dryads. The reason for this is that I bought two boxes before I bought the army book and saw that the max unit size was 20. Also, not being a player of games I didn’t know that skirminshers tend to do better at max unit size 12. (thanks for the advice).
Just means that I shall have two units of them. Better incorporate it into the them of the force, as my elves have their weird green skin, which I shall experiment with to make look nice, it wouldn’t be beyond suspension of disbelief to suggest that they come from a clan which is more closely linked to the forest spirits.




So that’s that. Here are some photos. You will see the monstrous regiment and also a solitary Elysian, pointing at something on the floor. I thought it might be funny to print a nid foot track on the base. Or maybe a map, either way he’ll be doing something soldierly and tough. Be it, ‘Aliens come this way, lets murderize them.’ Or ‘lets go murderize something over there on that map.’



03-03-2008, 13:10
Those walking trees look nice.


Super Mario
11-03-2008, 14:00
Been busy recently, that's why this is later than usual. and brief.

This is the test model for the Elysian colur scheme.
After undercoat...

Stage 1. Macharian (something) orange on all the cloth.


Stage 2. Chestnut Ink and Yellow ink 1:2 mixed in with a bit of washing up liquid.


Stage 3.Dheneb stone on all te armour


Stage 4. Skull White on the armour.
The face was achieved very simply.
a. tanned flesh
b. dwarf flesh
c. elf flesh


Super Mario
11-03-2008, 14:09
One last thing.
I'm studying how to make clothes at the mo. Here are some of the things that featured in one of my course books.

Yup. arty stuff....


clothes, aye...


more clothes of a peculiar nature...


Chaos marine.


It was a pleasant surprise to see this stuff out and about and out of context.

11-03-2008, 22:40

Not only is just painting and conversions top-notch but your random ramblings keep me very entertained between pictures. This is how blogs should be!!

Please consider your elysian paint scheme stolen. And your "painting windows" is also the only time i have to model when juggling Work, TV, Sleep and girlfriend (not in that order, honey :P )

Looking forward to seeing more work from you *subscribed*

Super Mario
13-03-2008, 11:54
Thanks Hemogoblin.

Mini Update: I think that I saw the former editor of White Dwarf Magazine, Paul Sawyer on TV last night.
BBC Four showed a programme about the fantasy genre, featuring China Mieville, Michael Moorcock (still alive!), and Terry Prattchet.

There was a sectiion about D&D featuring a moustached guy who (with 15 years added on could well be Sawyer).

Super Mario
26-03-2008, 12:28
Easter break and a welcome four day weekend. It seems like the gist of every update I have done in the last month has been ‘no time, little done’. This one is unfortunately no different. I have too much to do. Mind you, the less time I have available to paint, the more I realise how much I enjoy it. When the alternative is eating Doritos and dueting ‘Achey breakey heart’ on Singstar, it appeals more. Channel five put on the Wizard of Oz, one of the best films to have come out of Hollywood. The Winkie Guards were impressive. (1)

Here are some Elysians (2) in the second stage of their production lining. I like these figures, they are proper science fiction looking. I have a feeling that they might be based on the police force in The Fifth Element. The Death korps of krieg are fantastic models and I like the steampunk (3-4) ethic, but if my figures are from the future I want them to look that way. Strangely though, the Inquisitor (5) I have planned, looks very anachronistic. The elysians are acting as a security service for him.
In the future I predict that there will be more vacuum cleaner hoses around. Hanging out of walls, ceilings, cars, dangling from coats. All in all vacuum cleaner hoses are the most futuristic looking thing about.

Ttfn, alex




(3) ( from this site (http://ericpoulton.blogspot.com/2007/03/steampunk-star-wars-desktops.html)




26-03-2008, 14:03
Here are some Elysians (2) in the second stage of their production lining. I like these figures, they are proper science fiction looking. I have a feeling that they might be based on the police force in The Fifth Element.

I think your paint scheme shows how clearly based on Rebel Flight Suits those models are.

http://www.starwars.com/collecting/news/hasbro/img/20031107_3_bg.jpg http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/cheeseandchives/DSC00338.jpg

Looking good, though. Keep up the good work.

27-03-2008, 10:52
real nice. Will you add a skywalker perhaps?

Super Mario
27-03-2008, 13:59
Oh, the coloour scheme is most definately based on the rebel alliance pilots...I could have sworn that they had black boots though. I'll leave them that way I think.

Stopping short of having any characters from Star Wars in the army, I might find space for a lizard monkey familiar like the one that Jabba has for the Inquisitor though.

I had a vague memory that the police in Fifth element had helmetss with visors that looked very similar.

These guys. http://www.ketzer.com/original_movie_props/fifth_element_police.jpg

Super Mario
09-04-2008, 11:25
This next bit is just a quick step by step for making basic industrial bases.

1. Find yourself some aluminium mesh, you can get this from art supply stores. Use the base you are planning to clad as a rough guide.


2. Cut out squares, roughly the right size. I used scissors for this. For no good reason, place them on a UNKLE album.


3. Paint your thumb orange and cut around the base you are planning to clad, it’s best to snip small bits at a time. I used clippers as you can see. Try not to think about how I took that photo even though both of my hands are in shot.


4.You should end up with little discs like these.


Super Mario
09-04-2008, 11:27
5.You have a choice here. You can (a) Glue them to the base with pva. This takes ages to dry and seeps isn’t a strong bond. Or (b) Superglue it to the base, the risk in doing this is that you could get yourself glued to the base. After that, you paint them pretty much whatever colour you want by drybrushing. I would go for Tin Bitz followed by boltgun metal. Non metallic would work as well.


Super Mario
09-04-2008, 11:49
You woluldn’t believe how busy I have been because of work. Neither would you care, so I shan’t go into the dull details of organising conferences. I have pictures of stuff instead.

Yesterday’s Independent had a fascinating photo on the cover, I felt compelled to buy it on that basis, instead of getting the content free from their website. The composition bears considerable similarity to the covers of the first three Horus Heresy books. Probably some baroque art too, but I don’t know much about that. Here it is. (By the by, ‘My Date with Jeff Goldblum was a surprisingly good read…)


Elysians looking tidier. What a difference a highlight makes.
I’m not so sure about the yellow visor. Might change it back to shiney black.



The all together!


11-04-2008, 03:04
Dude those look fantastic. Nicely done dude.

11-04-2008, 05:29
I really like the yellow visor, and I'm not just saying that because of the Rebel pilots. I say you keep it. :D

self biased
11-04-2008, 19:20
i would also do the thigh and arm pads the same white, potentially the gun as well. keep the yellow visors, and possibly gloss them up.

or not. you're doing exceptionally well as it is, don't muck things up on my account.

11-04-2008, 21:12
great choice of colours man - love it really striking.


Super Mario
14-04-2008, 13:16
Thanks for the comments. Coincidentally enough, I have been um-ing and ah-ing about the shoulder and thigh armour, and the rifles, though unfinished, are looking bare.

My Housemates future in-laws are visiting. That in itself is not bad. What is bad is that they keep insisting that I eat things that they have cooked. Things that look too much like sick to be enjoyable.
Thus being hidden in my room filled a dual purpose this weekend. Mind you I was too busy shuddering all day Sunday to be really productive. Saturday evening was a work colleagues birthday party. ‘I’m going to get fired I’m going to get fired…’ was the phrase in my head when I woke up and tried to piece together what had been said. An extended session on Knights of the Old Republic made me feel better. Maybe you have played the game, if you have you will know about the droid character HK-47. THE MOST ANNOYING DROID…EVER. Why do I mention HK-47? No pertinent reason, just because whenever you select a character, they say a little catchphrase, one of HK’s seems to be ‘I’m a tw4t.’ I suspect the programmers didn’t like the character either.

This week I got all the Elysians up to the same standard as the one I posted last week. So no point showing them really… also I forgot to take pictures of them, so…

I do have one or two of Inquisitor Lokk, Mr Point & laugh. It has been tricky to decide on a colour scheme for him. Reason being that he has three layers of clothes and one of armour. I try to avoid bad colour clashes. I decided on an Indian inspired Orange and green scheme. Thought that a dark skin tone would suit him as well, but I highlighted too far. There was due to be a bit of white on the tabard, but I thought be might end up looking like he was wearing an Irish flag.
Armour is bronze NMM (Not yet finished) .
You can also see his mates, the tech guy and the chronicler. I like the servo-skull with the long parchment. It looks cool, (also soft strong and very long) Though what occurs to me is that it must be writing upside down. If not, then Lokk comes from a culture that reads from the bottom of the page up to the top. I can get pedantic, it is not a trait that I admire in myself.

Once again, thanks for the comments, Alex.

Mr Point & Laugh (http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/cheeseandchives/?action=view&current=DSC00419.jpg)



15-04-2008, 01:32
I like it a lot Super Mario, infact, i like all of the stuff you've painted so far, it looks fantastic. The inquisitor model is very nice. I like the use of the orange on the coat, which is good for tying it into the rebel Elysians you have painted. Nice clean crisp painting, keep it up dude!

Super Mario
17-04-2008, 14:53
What's this?
It's an amber Guard from a company called lastwear. Lastwear have the honour of being the only science fictiony clothing website that hasn't made me embarassed to have a computer.
I like the idea of futuristic looking soldiers but with bright livery, like from the old days
they are here (http://lastwear.deviantart.com/gallery/) and here (http://www.lastwear.com/)


Super Mario
29-04-2008, 12:54
The good thing about GW stores is that, although they are a chain, they aren’t all identical. Unlike say Zavvi (Zavvi!?). I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one who takes a trip to one whenever they go visiting another town. Went to Loughborough for a conference on a work account last week, the repercussions of that had me writing reports all weekend…well that’s not strictly true, I was writing reports at the weekend for long enough to put me off doing anything else. But that’s by the by.
There seems to be more Inquisitors than I can shake a stick at, sitting on my shelf. For the purposes of this weeks post, the stick shaking upper limit is six. It is unequivocal that the Inquisition is one of the best elements of the 40k background. But does that fact alone account for all these figures?

BTW, if you do go to the loughborough store, have alook in their display cabinet. There is a Khorne Lord on a Juggernaught in there that I painted and converted about seven years ago...


This guy is getting a duelling sword instead of a pistol, his stance is a bit wacky, but I think it would work. I have shaved his pointy stick from behind his back…He’s another inquisitor btw. He looks Ordo Xenos to me.


I don’t Know how this sepia tone crept in to the photo. I like it though. These are the guys that inquisitor has convinced to bodyguard him. I think that they go well together.


This one is a Hereticus man


Super Mario
29-04-2008, 12:55
…and has a reasonabl sizedy pistol.


Genestealer cultists. I gave up on carving the claws for them and used rending talons. They’re a bit big, but they’ll do.


Here are the rest.


29-04-2008, 13:53
very entertaining blog! i like the SW inspired elyisans a lot as well as your idea for fanning out the poses on the wood elf archers!

keep up the good work

29-04-2008, 16:08
I love how you combine modelling with fashion! Subscribing!

Super Mario
30-04-2008, 12:39
The Bevio Dispentatus. (http://www.somethingawful.com/d/news/warhammer-chaos-birdhouse.php?page=2)