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only joking...
21-01-2008, 18:19
Recently there was a thread here on Warseer asking why GW dosn't advertise, as a cheaper solution why couldnt they create their own youtube channel (like the royal family ;)). It could showcase existing ranges, show the design process behind new releases and give us sneak peaks more thorough than the ones on the current GW website?
So what do you think ?

21-01-2008, 19:50
They should really, really do that.

Privateer Press has 360 views of their new models on their website and Gamezone shows 360 shots on youtube. Costs almost nothing, becaus hey, the time needed for 11 additional photos of a mini is saved if you oinly edit ONE photo of a mini into WD instead of 20. :p

They seem to be afraid of the interweb. Maybe because of all the flaming?;)

21-01-2008, 22:56
But if they did 360 views, everyone would notice that 'eavy metal doesn't paint the backs of the models. :p

Privateer Press has the best wargaming company website I've seen in terms of presentation.

GW website wins in terms of hobby content. Lots of good articles.

Urban Mammoth wins in terms of free downloads (every single piece of published content the company has ever made is in that 300+ MB .pdf download section).

Rackham wins in terms of flashy videos since FFG took over. The new confrontation videos are pretty snazzy.

Youtube sounds like a good idea, but I think GW would prefer to keep things on their own site, to allow for better quality and more control over it (no comments posted on the new daemonettes video reading "z0mg where r teh titz0rz?" etc.)

There have been several flash videos and cool things on the GW site over the years... all of them extras rather than integral to the site though. Anyone remember the zombie hunter and tyranid shooting flash games they had up on there about 5-7 years ago?

Edit: The tyranid one is still on their site! (http://uk.games-workshop.com/tyranids/xenos-hunt/1/) Now if only I could find the zombie one with the funny groaning noises...

21-01-2008, 23:00
i would actually bum that... it would be great and get people more involved and it wouldnt cost them a whole lot... and they could show some home made video's of collection on there website ( if you send them in and they choose them) i would love the warhammer world to see my collection