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21-01-2008, 18:48
im starting an empire army, but the only problem is i dont know what colour. i dont have the army book so i dont know anything about provinces, but i had worked out that red + white is Altdorf (i think). please vote in the poll to help me decide and post a reason for it, although the reason isnt compulsary. i was drawn to orange and blue, as that would be nice and bright, although there are other colours i am thinking about

the army will probably be 2k, with a couple of mages, captain and warrior priest to choose from as characters. i dont fancy a gun line, i hate to play them so i wont play one. probably 4-5 core units of swords/spears/halbeards with detatchments of militia and then archers/crossbows/handgunners. if i have any points left over then a cannon, just for the sake of having one, or a nice unit of 20 great swords

21-01-2008, 18:50
why are you getting empire stick with ur high elves please you dont need that many armies but definatly pink and light blue

21-01-2008, 18:51
I've painted mine bright blue and white with red trimmings (Middenheim-esque).
However, I would love to see an Empire army painted orange....

21-01-2008, 18:52
these are for once my elves are finished, as i wont be getting more elves (well, maybe more spears), and they arent that really that far away from being finished (a couple of months work without distractions max

21-01-2008, 19:06
I did my empire in the Nordland colours, mainly Yellow & Blue.

I used the Foundation Yellow & Blue. Very Effective combo.

21-01-2008, 19:25
i guess mordian blue, but which yellow?

21-01-2008, 19:36
I wouldn't do them in a halved scheme.

I'd go for a more realistic and gritty approach with muted colors for the uniforms and the provincial colors only at a few select places, such as shields, banners and/or ribbons.

Black eyed, pale skinned State troopers with dirty brown uniforms, black-striped pants and muted red and white, blood stained, shields just look way cooler than the parade-esque army that GW suggests.

21-01-2008, 19:44
ive learnt from past experience that i shouldnt do that sort of scheme, some marines i tried looked like they had been shoved in a bag of compost. i might muddy them up after i have actually painted them as parade standard

21-01-2008, 20:02
Fair enough. I guess that kind of scheme isn't for everyone. If I'd do a regular scheme I'd probably read up on the background first and choose a province I like, and develop the color scheme from there. Do you want a rich or poor province? Sigmarite or something else? Southern or northern?

21-01-2008, 20:10
probably somewhere southern that hasnt been drawn on too much to fight the powers of chaos, a rich noble with a small army of swordsmen and the local militia to call upon

21-01-2008, 20:20
I'd go for Averland or Wissenland. Both have striking color schemes and plenty of rich nobles.

Averland is black and bellow, you could do it quartered or halved or you could do them in all black or all yellow with the other color and a contrasting color like red or white for details. They are famous for their great horses, a mad, now dead, elector count and for guarding a mountain pass against orcs.

Wissenland is the province where the great artillery city of Nuln lies. They are white and grey, which I think leads to beautiful miniatures. A contrasting color such as red for ribbons, shields and feathers would be appropriate.

Both provinces are pretty rich and a large amount of swordsmen wouldn't be unheard of.

Just Tony
21-01-2008, 20:28
I put Green and Red. Christmas colors for the win...

21-01-2008, 20:33
cheers changer, but im feeling that i need something that makes a statement, and besides, i cant highlight blacks and greys, colours are easier.
Tony: the Christmas idea sounds good, i could get some leadbeltchers dogs of war and model a Christmas tree in a cannon

21-01-2008, 20:35
the yellow foundation is called 'Iyanden Darksun'

21-01-2008, 20:40
i might get a box of guys and paint them up in the different colour schemes for people to see, then strip the one that i dont like
cheers badgeraddict, i will try to pick some up next time i go to town

21-01-2008, 21:28
Games Workshop has an Empire Soldier color gallery (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/empire/painting/soldiers/gallery/1.htm)

21-01-2008, 21:36
Was just about to post that last link myself. Mine are in the blue and red of Altdorf, although both in a slightly darker tone than the GW version. It'd really be best to simply get the book first, though, so you can read up on province backgrounds as well and pick whichever one you like best...

21-01-2008, 21:43
wow, never seen that before but my immediate reaction was Altdorf - Reik River Regiment with the blue and orange, swordsmen sailing up and down the river Reik slaughtering beastmen and anything stupid enough to get in the way of their boats

21-01-2008, 21:59
Yellow and orange.

mrely because orange is my fav colour and yellow with it sounds funky.

22-01-2008, 00:25
I'd go with gold and black because Averland is my favourite.

But from the choices listed, go with red and blue.

sing Sang a song
22-01-2008, 02:45
yellow and orange might be cool but blue and green is not that bad since my friend's army is blue and green

22-01-2008, 02:53
these could all look good, you should have posted test minis and had us vote. otherwise its a popularity contest, and those just make every army look the same.

...but i voted for blue and yellow-marienburg

22-01-2008, 04:16
why are you getting empire stick with ur high elves please you dont need that many armies but definatly pink and light blue

My HE army is pink. nothing like crushing someone with a pink army.

22-01-2008, 07:40
these could all look good, you should have posted test minis and had us vote. otherwise its a popularity contest, and those just make every army look the same.

i will post some test minis, after i actually get some. this was just about setting my ideas in a group and seeing which people thought might look good.

22-01-2008, 07:54
Orange and Blue would be awesome, I voted red and green for a christmas army, but orange and blue would be great.

darren redstar
22-01-2008, 08:22
My HE army is pink. nothing like cruising someone with a pink army.

I wanted an orange empire army- and my test figure- orange shirt with black trews and orange socks won a mini painting comp at my local shop. But I found that the work that I needed to put in on each mini to make them look good bored me to tears.
However I found that the models that I had already base coated with the orange foundation paint made a perfect base for yellow and red and so now my army is yellow and red vertical stripes and blue trews. looking good

27-01-2008, 19:27
i got some white spray so i will probably get a test mini up within the week to show probably a green and red and a blue and orange, with possibly a blue and red as well

28-01-2008, 07:57
Orange and black? I imagine that would be awesome cool. At least for knights and GS.

Or what about green and brown?. Dark green and Dark brown that is, only highlighted. that would also be sweet! ;)


Capitán Sánchez
29-01-2008, 07:26
Having played Dark Omen for years, I'd go for the yellow and blue scheme, because of the Countess' Guard. I like that troops, a pity you can only use them in a couple of battles.

Post some pics once you have painted a unit or two. ;)

Thank you.

29-01-2008, 08:23
Just dont use pale yellow and pale blue like my friend Jennifer did. Her army looks like the packaging on a Chocolate Easter Rabbit.