View Full Version : Redfang's Little Waaagh!! (1000 Point.)

21-01-2008, 21:56

Redfang, Goblin Boss 89 Points.
Riding a Wolf, Light Armour and Hand Weapon.
Sneaky Skewerer
Spiteful Shield
Collar Of Zorga

Da Bannah Bearer! (BSB) 105 points.
Riding a Wolf, Light Armour and Hand Weapon.
Horn Of Urgok

Da Waaaghmastah! (Night Goblin Shaman) 125 points.
Level 2 Upgrade, Hand Weapon.
Staff Of Baduum



Stryder's Riders (Forest Goblin Spider Riders) 158 points.
Unit Of 10, Standard Bearer & Musician, Shortbows, Spears, Hand Weapons.

Night Goblin Mobs (2 Spearmen & 2 Archers) 378 points.
4 X Units Of 20.
Fanatics In Both Archer Units, Standards and Musicians In All.


Goblin Rock Lobba (70 points.)

Goblin Rock Lobba (70 points.)

Total: 992 Points.

For single and Double battles at this point set, won't go into tactic details until the list as a stable is looked at, remember, no dirty big-'uns 'ere! It's for da little boiz only! (Goblins Only...:rolleyes:)