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22-01-2008, 05:02
I was looking at modeling a new Commander for my new SM army and was wondering how much personal/ personalised gear he would be allowed to have. I'm not talking in a points-wise or game mechanics type way, but kinda in a fluff way. Let's look at Dante from the Blood Angels: he has a solid gold suit of armor. Now that is quite different from the "rank and file trooper" armor of blood red. So in other words, his gear is personalised for him. But, how much personalised/ personal gear would a Chapter Master be allowed to have? I'm guessing it would vary from chapter to chapter. For example, I'm guessing the Space Wolves would have personal gear coming out the ears, while a more conservative chapter like the Impy Fists may have just a single, simple and functional piece of gear, like a customised power weapon. Also, I'm guessing there would be a limit on the amount of gear a Chapter Master could have. I'm guessing just because he's the head of the chapter he needs to set an example for the rest of the troops, so he would still want to adhere to some form of the chapters "spirit"... If that makes sense. For example, an Iron Hands Chapter Master loves his machines, so it would be odd if he then wanted a new fleshy body to transfer his mind into (a weird example I know, but you get my point: that action would go against the chapters fluff/ spirit).

So, again, how much personalised/ personal gear would a Chapter Master be allowed to have?

22-01-2008, 05:18
I think by the time a marine has worked their way up to chapter master all their gear would peronalised.

I think it would be more how are the going to deal with being aloud access to all the chapters artifacts, but i figure the chapters chaplains and librarians have the job of making sure the master doesnt go silly and empty out the armouries special section when trying to take all 17 holy power swords to the one battle.

22-01-2008, 05:24
I think one can look at current "Chapter Master" or "Chapter Captain" minis, and see from there. Even Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists has highly embellished armor and weapons, and he isn't a Chapter Master. It would seem for the First Founding Chapters and Second Founding Chapters, the trend seems to be more towards embellishment, telling of the grand histories and battle honors of those Chapters. I'd probably say that this is a trend and not a rule, as it seems that Chapters like Raven Guard, being a First Founding even, seem to lack the embellishment that other fellow First Founding Chapters utilize.

22-01-2008, 05:32
A good example that might answer your question might actually be the section about The king's shields in the Brettonian Army book:
He did not actually personalise any of them, they were all given to him by figures of authority in his life at special occasions. I would think a space marine is treated similarly: upon completion of campaigns, when being promoted, after showing special valour in a particulat mission...on all these occasions, he is given a custom made item from his higher ups or recieves some item of his predecessor in the rank he recieves; or a combination, something traditional that has been modified for him. Throughout his career (and a chapter master's would be quite long before he got there I guess) he will collect little bits here and there and in the end, his entire set of wargear will be unique and, like a record of his service, remind all his battle brothers of why he has been deemed worthy for his position.

22-01-2008, 08:19
A Chapter Master and most of his senior Captains might have anything. Noone "allows" a Chapter Master what to wear (short of blasphemy towards the Emperor).
If one chooses to lose his Power Armour entirely and run with the Scouts in carapace, who´s to tell him not to?

The Codex Astartes is nothing more than a loose guideline for some Chapters, and it certainly isn´t being enforced.

22-01-2008, 08:59
Enough so that he doesn't fall over with comedic effect like the guy at the start of the original worms :p.

Honestly it doesn't matter as long as it's all 'space marine' style wargear, you're never going to see a chapter master wearing, for instance, a hat other than his marine helmet, it may be heavily ornamented but it will still be a marine helmet.

Stuff thats probably a no no:
A Sombrero
A giant foam glove with a sports logo on it.

...I think you get my point.

23-01-2008, 02:29
Well, bear in mind that a Master has centuries to accumulate bling, the sort of dignitas that means people are quite likely to bling it up for him, is likely to be getting the sort of highly venerated equipment that's seen a long service life even before becoming his and Marines probably spend what little time they have fiddling with their armour and weaponry, being as those are pretty much their only possessions.
I'd regard the level of ornamentation and customisation likely to be applied to the average Captain, much less Master's, gear as impressive scaling up to the baroque.

Captain Micha
23-01-2008, 02:34
It depends, given Helbrecht, Azreal, Dante, and crap... what's blue boy's name?

I think that gives a pretty good idea what a chapter master would have.

23-01-2008, 02:44
A giant foam glove with a sports logo on it.

My next powerfist Champion revealed! Eureka!

crap... what's blue boy's name?

You mean Pimpmasta Calgar?

23-01-2008, 02:53
From what I've read of Codexes most of a Space Marine Chapter Master's gear is generally a symbol of office that is passed on from Master to Master. Take Azrael from example his sword, armor and helmet are all given to him when he rose to Master, the helmet is said to have even been worn by the Lion.

Captain Micha
23-01-2008, 02:54
My next powerfist Champion revealed! Eureka!

You mean Pimpmasta Calgar?

That would be the one. (Calgar)

23-01-2008, 04:32
I just cant get the picture of a short chapter master wearing two sets of armour 3 sizes to big for him while trying to drag a sack full of wargear behind him yelling "its all mine now"

24-01-2008, 00:51
Thanks for the input so far, but now there's something else I want to add...

I'm kinda doing a Blood Angels/ Black Templar company of marines (they use the BA rules but have a BT look). I want to scratch build a Dante (i.e. Chapter Master) and was wondering how far I could push his "unique-ness" from his fellow battle brothers...

Captain Micha
24-01-2008, 01:29
Virtually limitless, as long as you use Dante's rules.

24-01-2008, 05:17
Virtually limitless, as long as you use Dante's rules.

Don't get me wrong, rules wise my Chapter Master (Xaviour) and my entire army is going to be Blood Angels, but I don't want to do a Blood Angels chapter.

Also, small things like, Xaviours weapon will be a power sword, not an axe like Dante's. Xaviour will have a meltagun, not the pistol like Dante's, etc... Again, rules wise, he will be exactly the same as Dante...

24-01-2008, 08:02
According to the fluff, BT Sword Brethren have a large amount of personalised gear. And that's the bodyguard of a Castellan or Marshal. As commanders and Chapter Masters are quite a bit higher up in terms of rank, I'd say that it would be fair for a Chapter Master to have his gear 100% personalised, if you'd like to.