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22-01-2008, 12:31
so long story short... had quit the game (40k and fantasy) would have been about a year ago now... and a few games recently with mates have inspired me to pick it up again (that and having a job).

i played a game with one squad of sisters and the rest fill-in models and it was a decent experience... albeit moving around at 6" a turn is a pain.

however, i read a thread (which i didnt remember to link) that stated a potential inquisition overhaul, which would put me off starting an army of them. i also read a great many things about how they arent that great... outdated etc and just wanted some confirmation to if WH are still a viable army.

basically... are WH a force worth collecting? if there is any chance of a new book in the next year i wont continue with them.. but if not, we shall see.

CHeers, if its a bit indirect sorry... help and replies are much appreciated :)

ps any links to some WH threads would be nice (my search was very vague.. apparently :D)

22-01-2008, 14:19
Straight to the point, yes. Sisters are possibly the best troops in the game (11 points for a bolter, power armor, and faith? Yes, please!). Seraphim are also one of, if not the best fast attack choice in the game. Exorcists give predators a good run for their money, espicially with the new predator annihalator point pricing. The Canoness (HQ)also has a lot of options, such as a master crafted str 5 power weapon. Retributors can put a good number of heavy bolter shots out if that is what you need.

HOWEVER, almost every other unit in the codex sucks. No joke. I won't go into too much detail, but just about all the elite choices are mediocre or just plain bad(with a few exceptions, most notably death cult assassins).

It may be best to hold off on a sisters force for now, as the rumored combined Inqusition codex isn't going to come out in 2008, and possibly not either in 2009. However, rumored plastic sisters are coming, so you may get a break there. For now though, sisters are a very expensive army, possibly second most expensive in cost to an all grot army.

22-01-2008, 15:16
Expect a new Inquisition Codex not before 1.5 or two years, so it's a loong time since then. They are still a nice, rare, beautiful and competitive army. Have a look at the long and good WH Tactica thread http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151 .

Edit: There are a bit more good choices with WH: A nice Assassin/Inquisitor/Death Cultist combo, a nice Inquisitor retinue with lots of heavy bolters, some people like Inquisition Guard in Chimaeras.
And personally, I wouldn't wait for crappy undetailed plastic sisters. Plastic might work for Space Marines, but isn't good enough for sisters details.

23-01-2008, 00:51
cheers for the replies.. i had a look at the tactica and found some nice stuff in there

i may grab another box of sisters and a canoness then, then at least i can get some games/painting going..
futher comments of course welcome, thanks :)