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22-01-2008, 15:20
I’m looking at some very old white dwarf magazines, and I was wondering… what was the original games workshop in-store inventory like.

There are references to TSR products, fantasy novels and other war game systems. Even one to kit bashing. What did the original retail outlets look like? Im sort of looking to get an idea what it originaly was.

22-01-2008, 15:23
think like your average hobby shop, board games, toy soldiers, etc....

22-01-2008, 15:38
When it started, GW was in effect an "indie" retailer. Just it was one of the first in the UK as it in effect "created" the UK scene by importing 1st edition D&D in the mid-1970's.

GW didn't really start to become like it is now until the 1991 or so when a management buyout by a related company, Citadel Miniatures, led by Bryan Ansell took control and made their sales focus miniature-led. Right through the 80's GW was in effect just a chain of gaming shops with an emphasis on Fantasy/sci-fi games. They produced some board and fantasy games themselves (which is how Warhammer and 40k started), many in fact, but had no hesitation at all in selling games and associated paraphernalia such as magazines, made by other manufacturers in their stores.

I loved those times...

There's some potted history on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Games_Workshop

22-01-2008, 15:46
From what I have read, they also had in the 80's UK licences for some of the Chaosium RPGs, doing their own print runs of those for UK distribution.

22-01-2008, 16:11
This will sound silly. (Heck, its not even an intelligent question.)

I was just thinking back to how “groovy” the original stores must have been. I’m playing around with what a small USD startup would need in inventory in order to ride the new D&D and GW editions. (Not for profit, more like a planed 4 year run. A business plan based around the concept of being a one hit wonder.)

Split inventory is the way to go, and I think the original games workshop retailers hit on a nice combination of RPG, Board, Retail and Miniatures. I’m thinking that there was some “good voodoo” back then, and more reason to hang out and be friendly.

Should I ask what you recall or thought of your first “GW retail outlet.” (or Gaming Place With Soul)

Templar Ben
22-01-2008, 16:41
I am normally against starting a business because it is your hobby. I can't say that you need $150K to start up because naturally everything will depend on your local situation. Here is what you should consider. You will need space. You will need a marketing budget so everyone knows that you are there. You can call GW and Hasbro and see what your trade pricing will be. You can then see how much product you need to move just to break even with rent, salary, insurance, utilities, and the other various expenses you will have.

I have thought about it as well and I plan to retire in about 7 years so I may start a store then since I won't need the money anyway and it will fill my day.