View Full Version : Help with creating a lift-droppa

22-01-2008, 17:13
Hey all, i need to make a lift droppa for my big mek stompa and i'm having some problems thinking of how to go about it. Does anyone on here have ideas they are willing to share?

Lord Damocles
22-01-2008, 17:19
How about something like the mechanical arm off a toy digger (not sure what scale, but big) with the shovel bit replaced with a lifta-droppery bit:)

22-01-2008, 18:01
I used an old seed cup from my parrot's cage to make something that looked a bit like a satellite dish -- I don't remember what I used for the pointy bit in the middle. After it was painted I glued the magnetic ring-reader from a CD player (I think it was a CD player, anyway...)

Another viable option is to just scratchbuild something using balsa wood, foam core, etc, etc.

When I built my three stompaz, I did it just like an ork mek would: I started with no plan at all, and stuck to it!


23-01-2008, 04:41
for the girder arm, I'm using an old Airfix pontoon bridge kit. Haven't thought about how to make the 'traktor beam' shooty end of it yet.

Hand of Dume
23-01-2008, 14:26
you can use the big guass (green) crystal from the necron monolith as the tractor beam crystal in the lifta droppa claw.

23-01-2008, 15:14
I will be cutting this down the next one I make.