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22-01-2008, 19:41
Neeed comments, please.

L – Arch Lector of Sigmar 225
Hammer of Sigismund
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Van Horstmann’s Speculum

H – Captain of the Empire 138
Battle Standard
Griffon Standard
Full Plate Armor

H - Battle Wizard 115
2 x Dispel Scroll

C - 2 x (25) Spearmen 300
Full Command
Detachment: (10) Handgunners
Detachment: (10) Free Company Fighters

C - (10) Huntsmen 105

S - (20) Greatswords 360
Full Command
Detachment: (10) Crossbowmen
Detachment: (10) Free Company Fighters

S - (5) Outriders 129
Grenade Launching Blunderbuss

S - Great Cannon 100

S - Great Cannon 100

R + H – Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin-Hewer 130

Total: 2002

25-01-2008, 02:16
Need help, please.

25-01-2008, 02:40
i could be wrong but i belive you only have 2 core in there and at 2000 you need a minium of 3. Get rid of the Outriders and the Goblin-hewer and throw some swords in there, with detachments they really are the underestemated unit in the Empire army.

bigbear bailey
25-01-2008, 22:53
I would do this...

Lose the marksmen in the huntsmen unit...

You need to get another hero, maybe a captain that can fight in one of units... Make a captain with a shield, full plate, and great weapon and that would add some great combat res to the spearmen unit...

The wizard is good with one scroll so thats where you could get some more points...

I don't like the goblin hewer as I think the hell blaster is jsut as good AND cheaper...

Where are the cav units? Only outriders and I think they will just be sitting around shooting like always... Your call though...

28-01-2008, 13:37
In my old list I had a BW with a rod of power but most people said that I should take a scroll caddy instead. A lvl1 BW with only one scroll surely is not better than one with a rod of power?

I do not like the innaccuracy of the hellblaster and with the new rules it is prone to ruin itself while doing very little. Nonetheless I bought one.:evilgrin:

As for the cavalry withdrawl, I had a unit of five IC knights but felt that I wanted to take a unit of outriders to protect my artillery from beastmen or dwarven miners. The unit of knights was about 220 pts and getting rid of it allowed me to take the Outriders plus one more great cannon.

Jack of Blades
28-01-2008, 14:00
Seriously, get a War Altar and pick Cleansing Flare for your Arch Lector.
I myself would drop the scroll caddy and get some Handgunners (your choice really, but I would personally get Handgunners) instead.

Imo this list is too small and compact. It's got two combat blocks, loads of easily panicked units, and little else. May be the whole list that needs a rethinking. :)

Stella Cadente
28-01-2008, 14:47
I would rename the "Sword of Sigismund" to the "Hammer of Sigismund", same effects in game, but more fluffy for an Arch Lector

28-01-2008, 17:04
The War Altar is cool but I can't use it in such a small game because the Arch-Lector is my general and moving him away from the the mass infantry would make the units vulnerable to breaking.

There are actualy three combat units.

Taking handgunners in exchange for the scroll caddy seems risky doesn't it?

Yes, the army is very compact and does run the risk of having to strech out to cover the field. Worse comes to worst, I will castle on one corner of the field. Hopefully, that corner will be a hill.

Hammer of Sigismund does sound better.

28-01-2008, 17:57
AL: He s ok but I would save the points and get him a gw insteed of a fancy magic weapon
BSB: I want a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BW: I would have him with lvl2 scroll and wizardstaff
Swordsmen or Spearmen hard to know, but i would go for Swrdsmen, ws4 is so freaking good.
I like crossbowmen over handgunners, longer range is better than armour pircing.
Drop the huntsmen they are never worth the points.
otriders are best without comand, cheap is better. And you need some archer detatchment to protect them from return fire.
2 cannons is basic
DROP!!! Malakai

have you thought of how you whant to deploy?
30 shooters and 3 blocks is to much to deploy, atleast if you have some terrain.
3 X 3 is the best way to deploy your combat detatchments acording to me, so drop thme to 9.
then i would have wanted to have the blocks close to each others and then you need to drop 10 handgunners from one of the spearmen blocks, and put in one more combat detatchment there, and then keap your bsb in that unit. And your lord in the other spearmen unit, to make it harder to break.
Another hero would not be wrong, i would go for a WP or LVL2

If you do as i say you would have 267 pts to get some fun for, i would go for either some fanatics and a wp or a hellblaster(best against large targets) and a lvl2 (then one should have rod of power and one with a scroll and a powerstone)

29-01-2008, 03:22
The BSB does not need a horse. If he has one then he has no unit to join, right?
I already have the handgunners.
Archers are there to harass more than they are there to kill.
Malakai is awsome.

The handgunners and crossbowmen are deployed in staight lines directly in fromt of the infantry units.

The idea of making my magic slightly more offenive sounds good.

29-01-2008, 04:51
The BSB does not need a horse. If he has one then he has no unit to join, right?

Mounted characters can join infantry, so he still goes with one of the spear units. Mounting and barding him gives him a 2+ save, and he'll need it. Plus, he can bounce back and forth to give the extra combat rez where its needed.

What's your plan for using the army? I assume the Arch-Lector goes with the Greatswords to maximize Hatred, in which case you can drop the unit by one member to help get the points for your BSB's horse.