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23-01-2008, 00:16
Do Teradons count as unit strength 1, as a flying unit? or are they flying cavalry?

Can Kroq-gar use his Hand of gods when he has marched? it says in the shooting phase he may direct the energy at any units he can see, following all the usual targeting restrictions?

23-01-2008, 00:58
I have been wondering about the Terradon one for a year(s?)! The conclusion our group made is that they are still US1, the pegasus knights have a rule in the bret book, declaring them flying cavalry and making them US 2 each (IIRC, i dont have the book myself)

The Kroq-gar one is a good question, the BRB says that you cant fire missile weapons after marching, is the hand of gods a missile weapon? It doesnt need to hit but neither do magic [I]MISSILES[/] this could easily prove its a missile, and its no doubt a weapon...
Its a 50/50 situation and i am not really sure, thats my final conclusion... :)

23-01-2008, 01:04
I would venture a guess that since they are mounted (Lizardmen Armybook page 30, "Mounted: Skinks riding Terradons get a 6+ Armour save.") and flyers, they would count as flying cavalry, albeit skirmishers. And Flying Cavalry get a US of 2 (Page 71, BRB)

As for the Hand of Gods, it does state the "usual restrictions" so I would say that he cannot march and fire, since that would not be allowed by "usual restrictions."

23-01-2008, 08:27
Teradons are US 1 and are not flying cav.

Kroq cannot use his shooting attack if he has marched.

23-01-2008, 09:14
Teradons are US 1 and are not flying cav.

How did you get this?
Not being bastardly, just, they have two wounds (representing terradon and rider) and are mounted on a larger base.
The US chart has man-sized models as US1, and Terradons are larger than a man.

I could see conflict with page 69: "Models in a unit of flyers always have a unit strength of 1." but then Bretonnian Knights are counted as flying cavalry and it states they get a bonus to their armour save.
Since Skink Riders get a bonus to their armour save, it seems to lean towards flying cavalry.

I think I see: I guess from it's reference entry as "Flying Unit" would put them as US1. Sorry :)

01-02-2008, 18:29
p69 HoG is listed as a Magic Item. It is just used in the shooting phase so usual rules for movement and magic would apply.

p30 Terradons are described as a 'flying unit' so us1

Nurgling Chieftain
01-02-2008, 19:21
Hmm. But they also have the mounted rule, which seems to me to make them Flying Cavalry, US2.

01-02-2008, 21:35
Terradons - They are designated as "Mounted" and "Flying unit" The terms used in the rule book are "Units of flyers" - flying unit is close enough to this and "Flying cavalry". No help there
Flying cavalry have a cavalry profile - "they have a cavalry profile" shows that Terradons are not flying cavalry and are indeed a Unit of flyers and hence US1.

HOG is Shooting - "In the Shooting phase" and "shooting from his fingertips". "normal target restrictions" - cannot march and shoot or shoot into or out of combat etc.

28-02-2008, 21:48
please dont take krok gar he is waste of points

29-02-2008, 11:07
I believe that a unit needs to be specifically designated as flying cavalry in its army list entry to be classed as such, ref warhawk riders and pegasus knights.

29-02-2008, 18:54
Terradons are flying cavalry, and they have 2 wounds so they are US 2, only infantry or characters unmounted are US 1.

even dire wolfs are us2 even when they arent mounted

Use a little logic in this, they have a biger base than a infantry model, there is a skink and a terradon in the model, they have 2 wounds....

29-02-2008, 19:18
Terradons are unit strength 1 as they still need 5 of them to remove rank bonus and kill fleeing units this was covered in the lizardman faq on workshop web site.

Hand of god cannot be used after marching for the reasons already mentioned.