View Full Version : The best story I've ever heard at a GW hobby center...

23-01-2008, 01:33
It is noon. The Imperial Army stands waiting on a hillside as the sounds of marching Orks can be heard in the distance.

The commander of the Imperial Army is adressing his troops.

"Men! We're low on ammo! So, if you run out, just hold up your gun and go 'BAM!' The Greenskins'll go down!"

So, the first wave of Orks comes, and they're shot down.

The second wave is mostly taken by fire, but a few are taken by "false fire."

The third wave comes, and all ammo is gone. The whole army defeats all Orks by pretending they have ammo.

However, when the battle is over, all but one Ork is dead. The commander looks at it in the distance, aims, and screams,


The Orc keeps going


He keeps it up.

Finally, the Ork is about 20 feet from the men. They all scream,


At about 10 feet, the commander hears a voice, an Ork voice, it's saying...

"I'ma tank I'ma tank I'ma tank I'ma tank"


Lord Raneus
23-01-2008, 01:38
The way I read it, they were Grots, which makes more sense as they would actually drop dead at the sound of a bang.

Great story either way, though. XD

Captain Micha
23-01-2008, 01:39
that's pretty funny. I like that.

23-01-2008, 02:20
That sounds like a play on an old WW1/2 joke. Funny none the less.

23-01-2008, 02:23
I like it. The Orks think they've been hit, so they die. Heheheh... silly Ork sykallojee.