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23-01-2008, 11:12
I have been trying to find a cool and compatative list for orcs and goblins for some time now, without mutch succes i might ad :rolleyes:, but this is what I came up with.

Orc great shaman, lvl 4, scroll, amulet of protectyness, waagh! paint,

blorc big boss, Ha, boar, best basha, enchanted shield
blorc big boss bsb, Ha, boar, nibbla's itty ring
night goblin shaman, lvl 2, 2 scrolls

23 orcs, shield FC
23 orcs, shield fc
24 ngoblins, speer,fc, 2 fanatics
20 ngoblins, bows, musician, banner 1 fanatic
5 wolf riders, speers musician
5 wolf riders, speers musician
5 spider riders, musician

20 black orcs, fc banner of butchery, shields
orc boar chariot
goblin wolf chariot, extra crew


8 power dice
5 dispel dice
3 scrolls

The black orc big boss will be the army general, with the great shaman flying around and making al kinds of trouble. This gives the center a nice ld and with the battle standaard closeby the chance to stand there grond if it turns ugly.

comments are very welcome and thanks for looking,


23-01-2008, 13:45
Hmm, looks alright.

The character set ups good, but I personally always run the warboss as I think the army needs the LD 9.

Core unit wise it's good, For the same amount of pts as your 2 night goblin units, you could have 3 units of 20 with 1 fanatic. I'd just take the 2 however. Saving about 80pts. I'd at least drop the banners, as there another 100Vps for you opponent.

Special units are where I think it needs adding to, I'd take the waaagh banner on the black orcs, banner of butchery is very nice, but with the waaagh banner its 8+d6 for banner +d6 for waaagh if it's in the same turn.
With the pts saved from downgrading the night gobbos I'd add in a pair of spear chukkas with bullies.

Hope it helped

Jack of Blades
23-01-2008, 16:00
You cannot have both the enchanted shield and HA - enchanted shield is magical armour now. Not a shield. I don't know much about greenskins, so that's all :)

23-01-2008, 18:20
Thanks for the comments, the Waagh banner is indeed another good option, I have been thinking about it. About the banners, as far as I know the Dutch gt has a little modification to the victory points for banners. You get 100 victory points for having the most banners, not for every banner you capture, so the the loss of a goblin banner isn't that hard. I have also been thinking about dropping a unit of fast cave and take 2 spear chukka's.

About the enchanted shield, you might want to reread it in the rulebook, page 122.

bigbear bailey
23-01-2008, 22:14
I agree with tanka and the list looks great, no big un's is good for a change...

I think your magic should be pretty good so I wouldn't worry about the casting you'll be facing. A Gobbo shamen would be great to go into a unit instead of all the fighting chrs and the hole 3 units of NGs is a little bit to much. Make them 2 units of 30 and you have a deal...