View Full Version : 1500pt white lions need help asap

23-01-2008, 12:05
this is my list ill be using tomorow to try out some of the units that will be in my 2250 list

korhil, chariot-270
mage, silver wand, 2 dispel scrolls, level2/seerstaff,dispel scroll-185
2x10 archers
10 white lions, musician, champion-175
10 white lions, standard bearer-160
2x lion chariots
2x rbt

this is what i have at the moment im going to buy the bolt throwers tomorow or should i add some units of spearmen instead of the bolt throwers

please help asap
cheers in advance

23-01-2008, 12:15
Looks ok to me mate, the only things I`d be concerned about would be the size of the white lion units , and you `could ` drop 10 archers.

either that or drop all 20 archers and go for your mini force with 15 sea guard, as many gamers seem to rate their `dual` use quite highly..:rolleyes:

23-01-2008, 12:17
so should i add in 8 more white lions or something? yeah i keep forgetting i only need one core choice for under 2k so spend the 120 points on white lions

23-01-2008, 12:41
It depends on how your going to use them.
It may be an idea even to merge the units together ,adding in a warbanner or something.

If your mage is going offensive stick him in a large white lion unit for safety , keep the archers and blast away.
With the 3 chariots running around ,the WL may well end up spending much of the game playing catch up , or just locking a unit down for chariot execution.

Have you considered a dragon mage at this points level, I know I`m diversifying abit, but he`s worth his weight in gold in lower points games!

23-01-2008, 12:57
no not really im trying to keep this as an army of chrace what i was thinking was running the white lions the same and just take out one unit of archers and then either throwing another unit of 10 in there and just take 30 points off the mage or just leaving the mage and putting 4 more white lions into each of the other units

because i think the 2 bolt throwers will do some heavy damage =D and the unit of 10 archer will just add in da damage