View Full Version : 500 pts warg army

24-01-2008, 08:39
i have been told one of the most cheesiest things today its technically legal (any orc can ride any warg) so gothmorg is riding a warg cheiftan now

the list has
gothmog, warg cheiftan, shield-215
and 29 wild wargs

used it today and it was....... well very dangerous

24-01-2008, 16:13
Thar sounds cool. I never new that stuff about Gothmog being able to ride a warg chiften, thats a very good rule though. Did you thrash your opponent or was it a small victory?

24-01-2008, 16:20
didn't think lotr armies could be cheesy :D

looks like a very good army, i'd struggle against it

24-01-2008, 17:48
i think my goblins could hang with it at 500 points:) it would still be tough would definately be fighting on his terms!!

25-01-2008, 00:05
um gothmog on cheiftan is a machine

i didnt use him in that list when i played i just threw some warg riders and orcs together just to test him out and my cuzin uses wood elves..... so you can imagine what happend to my army.

but gothmog charged into some wood elf archers killed 2 and warg killed 2 and then next turn i got priority i charged into legolas gothmog caused 1 wound and cheiftan caused 1 wound so it was dead legolas( now when i verse my cousin his favorite character is legolas) so when i know im going to loose the first thing i do is swarm what ever i have left at legolas to kill him for the morale victory.

and yeah i didnt know about gothmog being able to ride cheiftan but in the rule book it says " any orc can ride any warg" so technicallly its true

25-01-2008, 01:42
Dude, isn't a Warg Chieftan a character? Additionally a Warg Chieftan is not listed in Gothmog's option list so he therefore can't take him.

Also you do know that Wild Warg do not get the Cavalry charge bonus right? So they do not receive the "extra attack" and "knock to the ground" charge bonuses, which means they are slightly worse at fighting than Uruk-Hai although they do have higher movement.

25-01-2008, 16:15
your changing the rules, for starters only in specific scenario games were you can hop back on fleeing horses can orcs actual do so, not in typical tournament, or casual play -

also if its not in there wargear option then your not aloud to use them, you can only ride a warg for Gothmog, not a chieften -

Rodman is correct, the rules say that a "calvary model" many only benefit "Calvary bonuses", and they say that a "Calvay model" consists of a "mount" and a "Rider", so in case of Wild Wargs there is a mount(Although really it can't be ridden) but there is no rider, so basically its just a fast model, thats it -