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24-01-2008, 15:59
On the official gw errata for Skaven it has this ...

Q.. Does the Cavalry Base special rule mean that
weapons teams can be targeted by shooting even when
within 5" of a unit because they are on a larger base?
A. No. It says on page 26 “…they cannot be singled out
as targets by enemy shooters because they are the same
size as the other Skaven around them.”

... now this smells like the last edition of fantasy, so have they just neglected to update their errata or does this trump the current rules until this is fixed?

Please go with what you think would be ruled and if you wish to put your opinion of how it should be played please state it as such.

Thanks in advance to any who reply.

24-01-2008, 20:25
I believe this errata was present for the 6th edition. Therefore, I play that people can shoot my weapon teams if they have LoS, just as if the weapons team was a character under 7th edition rules.

24-01-2008, 20:48

This is indeed a leftover from last edition: Weapon Teams have the same protection offered to them by nearby units as characters - none at all under the current edition.


Dendo Star
25-01-2008, 00:30
Also, keep in mind that when they are shot at (and they will be shot at) they do not get-1 ToHit. Only US 1 lone units/characters get -1 ToHit.

25-01-2008, 16:35
This question came up in our gaming group the other day. There it was the Jezzails who were shot at.

This is one of the reason I think GW should have redone the Skaven Book before VC and perhaps even HE.

25-01-2008, 20:34
This question came up in our gaming group the other day. There it was the Jezzails who were shot at.

This is one of the reason I think GW should have redone the Skaven Book before VC and perhaps even HE.

I'm pretty sure VC and HE needed a revision before Skaven. I'm also pretty sure DE, chaos, chaos dwarves, tomb kings, ogre kingdoms are all equally deserving of revisions as Skaven.

Dendo Star
25-01-2008, 20:59
Chaos Dwarfs and TK especially!

Weapons Teams are not unusable now, they are still quite good choices. It just seems you Skaven players are pissed off that they are not longer invincible!

25-01-2008, 21:16
Not a lot in skaven needs changing....infact very little that needs changing actually needs changing any real amount....which isnt enough to get GW to nitce that they need a change.

It took a lot of dark elf players a lot of time and effort to get their army which was clearly in need of help their changes, and we still have that bs9 assasin who cant use his missle weapons.
So a skaven errata will probably do more harm than good :P

25-01-2008, 22:44
There are a severe amount of awkward issues raised by the 7th Edition rules changes, both in terms of unresolved Game Rules, as well as diminished choices now that the rules have altered. Skaven do need a 7th Edition book, and soon, as does every other army book which is still in 6th Edition mode, with the exception of Dark Elves, who still play consistently and strongly in our gaming group, with no errata or rules questions popping up.

Just one small example is the wording on some of the war machines, and how they interact with the 7th Edition changes made to the Steam Tank. There has been no errata to my knowledge, despite the two armies being relatively popular in Tournament Settings, which will only result in player disputes.

If not a new army book in the last Quarter of 2008, then it should definitely be 2009's introduction, as the strongest of rumours and predictions are making out (although of course they're likely to be wrong, since it's impossible for the rank and file to get a glimpse beyond one or two books).

At the very least, they should correct the small problems between 7th Edition and the 6th Edition army book, just to keep it tidy and make the Ratfans that little bit more appeased.

28-01-2008, 04:02
Well if you go to the Uk games workshop site you can see an interview w/ allessio and he says ....

The Jezzail description of the Weapons Team base specifically mentions that even though they count as cavalry, they count as foot-trooper sized for targeting and LOS purposes. This wording seems to be missing from the Ratling Gun and Warpfire Thrower rules. Do these weapons also count as being foot-trooper sized?
Yes, the generic wording for weapon teams says they count as a single character on foot for that purpose.

So that means they would be minus 1 to hit, since they are trooper sized and only 1 wound or am I wrong? I am not 100% positive on this ruling.

13-04-2008, 19:38
I know I'm rehashing an old thread but i figured it was better than starting a new one. I know everyone says that the teams don't get the -1 because there US2. I would like someone to show me where it says that they have to be US1 in the rulebook. All I can find is that they have to be mansized models and there rules do imply that they are mansized models.

Mr Squeakems
13-04-2008, 20:00
It shouldn't even matter that they aren't US1, or man-sized models. In the rules it says they are skirmishers so that would mean they get the -1 anyway. And the weapon teams rules apply only to the warpfire thrower and ratling gun i believe.

13-04-2008, 20:09
The rulebook errata on the GW site.
Clears up that "mansized" in that instance means "us1"

So they don't get the -1 to hit, even thoughthey are skirmishers.
Although Mr Squeakems feel free to be at -1 to hit my us6 large target hydra as its a skirmisher.

13-04-2008, 20:29
well thats what I get for not looking there thanks.