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24-01-2008, 18:58
So every once in awhile in 40k general; we get a "What's your current project" thread.

It's been awhile however, at least as I recall; so I figure its time to once again see what everyone's up to!


For kicks I'm building on Ork Battlewagon out of an old Stargate (movie) toy. (A toy that never actually appeared in the movie!)

The eventual aim is the build an Ork Speed Freak style army entirely out of plasticard, toys, and sprue bits; with the exception of the orks themselves. Done right, I may need to only buy 2 boxes of Boyz (though I'll probably buy more).

The reason? 1) I wanted an elaborate modeling project that'd also be fun - everyone else does crazy stuff like build titans; the least I can do is build my own vehicles right? 2) I'm too indecisive about a 40k army; every time I think I'm dead set, something catches my eye; however if I don't spend much money, I can just 'have it all'. Orks are one of the best for scratch building stuff; plus I'm a big fan of the crazy greenskins!

How bout the rest of you? What insanity are you all up to?

24-01-2008, 19:20
I have several. In order of importance...

1) Necromunda gang, the Hellbitches (Ordinary House Escher).
2) The Fallen Men (see Project Log in sig).
=4) Parvassian Dragoons (see The General's Gone Insane).
=4) Stormtrooper Assault Force (see log in sig).
5) Ork Kult of Speed.
6) Righteous Fists' 1st Company Strike Force (Deathwing).
7) Karaboudjani Kataphraktoi Super-Apocalypse force (see Preparing for Apocalypse).
8) The General's Gone Insane; the log to end all logs.

At the moment Priority One is the Hellbitches, which rather means that everything else is stalled! :p

24-01-2008, 19:28
Working on a Cawdor gang for Necromunda as an exercise in painting white.

24-01-2008, 19:32
Loyalist thousand suns, think big caliber weapons and massive shields. Next is a very fast, massive firepower marine army.

24-01-2008, 19:35
I am currently painting my chaos force and writing the back story

Also I am building up a space marine force, the Blood Scorpions using the blood angels rules. They are all wearing mark IV armour from forge world the red scorpions stuff.

And Im looking to start a first founding chapter i love salamanders but currently there rules dont agree with me, miss all the special rules.

Oh and im building a necron force.

And have lots of unpainted models in my loft as usual

24-01-2008, 19:37
Tau Broadside unit, i'm converting them all to have the railguns mounted under their arms an the sms on their backpack thing, which i've changed a bit
. not very origional i know but i think they look much better that way than the standard way.


Warp Zero
24-01-2008, 19:41
Currently trying to work on my Renegade Militia (formerly Lost and the Damned). But I'm using the Siege of Vraks list now. Its been a really fun side project.

24-01-2008, 19:43
Gluing, converting and repainting my 2nd edition Orkses...

Man, am I ever sick of drybrushing snot green and painting little "checks" on the cuffs of the Goffs.

24-01-2008, 20:12
Working as ever on My Emperor's children with an eye on Daemonettes for the daemon codex. Side projects of a Chaos Blood Bowl team and Possessed Mordheim warband when I fancy a break.

24-01-2008, 20:15
Working on my Orks. I started assembling my Speed Freeks around October 2006, but set them aside until I finished my already started Space Wolf army. A year passes, and I am done with the Wolves. I go to return to the Orks and rumors abound about new models and a new codex. So I put them aside again to do a small Blood Angel force using the WD Codex. Once I finish painting the models I have already started for the BA it will be the time of the Ork. The Mek has already started and a little painting is done while I slowly work on the rest of my half painted BA. So far I have 30 grots and a slaver done. The old warbikes, and Big Mek with SAG were already painted by their previous owners so no work needed. Not much progress in the last month.

Currently working on:
1. Modifying a Warbuggy to accommodate the bigger Orks in the gunner spot. The larger driver is already shoehorned in :)
2. Removing the weedy gits from the 12 warbikes, and replacing them with proper Orks. The bikes are currently riderless, and the new riders are primed and await their turn under the brush. Three new bikes will become the Nobs for three warbiker squads.
3. Planning how to go about building my main battlewagon out of a GI Joe Snow Trak from my childhood.
4. Working on my Warboss on bike/Wazdakka clone. Need one of the new plastic Power Klaws for my boss. The metal one I bitz ordered overbalances him and makes the model hybrid. I want to keep the Boss all plastic now that this is an option.

Once I pay my bills for February I will see if I can afford one of the new Battleforces and the new Codex. This will finish my warbikers and Boss. After that just 80+ Ork Boyz to completion :cries: :chrome:

24-01-2008, 20:23
1. Finish my Marine army White Templars(re-started the marines over the holidays)
2. Assemble Baneblade #3
3. Paint all 3 Baneblades with a 3 color camo scheme
4. Redo my mech guard camo to follow the Baneblades (3 basilisks, 4 Leman Russ Variants, 2 Hellhounds, 9 Chimeras, 7 Sentinels)
5. Finish touches on my Mech Guard infantry (including rough riders)
6. Finish my Guard line infantry (biggest project yet! Hvy Weapons Company, 3 3 squad platoons, Stormtroopers, Higher HQ and bodyguards. Converting my female priestesses, painting commisars)

Not to mention my Flames of War armies waiting for paint (4 German, 2 American, 2 British)

24-01-2008, 20:36
Work on my current CSM backlog (1 Vindicator, 6 Havocs, 1 Rhino, 10 Possessed, 8 Berzerkers, 1 Lord),
Assemble my Empire General on Griffon

Bah, that's more than I thought I had left to do!

24-01-2008, 20:41
1. design and model a really badass looking dark eldar lord
2. do some WE waywatchers i have primed more then a year ago already
3. do another unit of 12 Glade Guardians
4. continue to paint the infinite amount of imperial guardsmen

24-01-2008, 20:45
I've just completed a conversion of a farseer on a jetbike (my very first conversion). It doesn't look lik ecrap, so I figure that I'll keep going with an Alaitoc-themed army. Got enough stuff for about 1,000 points. Now the painting begins.

I've also got a couple squads of Death Korps of Krieg. Trying to decide whether to spend a ton more money to complete a list, or just fill in the rest with cadians. Full army of DKoK would be cool, especially in contrast to the Eldar force, but my pocketbook hurts just thinking about it lol

24-01-2008, 20:50
I'm working on my Khorne army called CheeseDipChaos. I'm not much into it, but I know I'll definately stay with it until I finish it. [ADVERT ALERT ON] If you want to see how my porgress on CheeseDipChaos goes on, visit the link in my post. [ADVERT ALERT OFF] I wonder what shall I do after CDC...

Light of the Emperor
24-01-2008, 20:50
Working on a 3rd platoon with 35 men for my Vostroyan army along with rough rider and hellhound attachments.

I'm also helping with nids and am painting all my limited edition models as painting exercises.

24-01-2008, 20:59
1000pts of Elysians. Got most of the infantry (rest are ordered), and I'm scratchbuilding a Valkyrie and a Vulture. The infantry cost too much to afford the flyers.:p

edit: And, as always, the Steel Legion running in the background. And some Red Scorpions. And a swarm of 'nids...

Lord Obsidianus
24-01-2008, 21:06
A moderate sized eldar force,

So far have finished 10 Dire Avengers and one autarch(who may never see play)

In the pipe is
i)5 rangers(90% complete)
ii)1 farseer(90% complete)
iii)Waveserpant(hull colour complete)
iv)7 Warp spiders and an accompanying autarch(primed and in test colour scheme process)
v)Falcon(turret painted)
vi)6 fire dragons(assembled)

24-01-2008, 21:08
My Orks...

Or is it my Tau?

Or maybe my Dark Eldar?

Or possibly my Necrons...


24-01-2008, 21:15
Currently working on a Saim-Hann style eldar army with lots of jet bikes and vipers ( so far an apocalypse cloud strike squadron and wind rider host, hopefully soon to be a second wind rider host) and a Khornate Chaos Space Marine army for which I have written a quite fluffy army idea based around the sacred number that should be quite fun to play even if it isnt effective.

24-01-2008, 21:17
I'm working on a 2000pts IG force.

24-01-2008, 21:23
Lots and lots of projects, but the most immediate one is painting my Pretty Marine Baneblade. Link in sig :)

Fulgrim's Gimp
24-01-2008, 21:23
2000 points Siege of Terra Emperor's Children complete with Fulgrim, imperial eagle chestplates, Julius Kaisoron the noise marine terminator and lots of sonic weapons converted to be one handed.

2000 points Thousand Sons
Apocalypse sized Death Guard with Typhus and Mortarion leading and 60 plague zombies

24-01-2008, 21:30
About 2k more in daemons to finish up my 5.5k force before the codex hits! Then 2250 in chaos dwarfs all converted just ready for paint. Then unless I do some more commision work I'm probaly going to make some traitor guard to play in apocalypse with my daemons.

24-01-2008, 21:40
Drop Troops
2000+pts. force of Drop Troops IG, themed after the USCM from Aliens. Heavy armoured (carapace), high tech (portable HWs, more marine looking gear, leman russ annihilators, etc.) and so forth. Also planing on making a Vulcan Macharius for them.

Deathworld Veterans
A combat patrol sized force of rastafarian deathworlders. Got about a platoon made along with a sniper and a HW squad. Still have to make a command HQ and a sentinel.

Siege Marines
A marine chapter from a desert planet and heavy on siege warfare. As picture says more than words, have a look:
(a walker tank using dreadnought rules)

Slaanesh Daemonic Legion
A WHFB army project themed to a web comic.

Chaos Fleet
Sort of my pet project, originaly a BFG fleet. Now I'm expanding it to 40K as well. Using the SM codex for it, as the new Chaos one crapped everything I plannet. The SM one also gives me plenty of more fluffy things (drop pods, Eldar as preferred enemy, etc.) And on top of that, I'm writing a novel trilogy as fluff to it.
No pics of the ground troops, but here's some of the ships:
(Slayer of Sorrow battleship, still WIP)
(Ripper of Northern Lights carrier, also WIP)
(Hell Machine cruiser)
(Grave Bird cruiser, needing a little touch up)
(Engine of Violence cruiser)

Um... Other than that I don't think there's no other projects underway.

24-01-2008, 21:51
Lets see...

1.) I am painting an Imperial Fist army. I am looking to get the basics done soon (tactical marines and an HQ). I am then going to look into a Lysander Wing army for fun (and fewer models to carry places).
2.)Finish up my imperial guard army. I had painted it green/black/brown when I was younger and it wasn't done too well. I am going to repaint them grey, black and white (city theme). I mostly have tanks left at this point. The infantry is all metal Cadians (which I love).
3.) Buy new imperial guard to paint and combine with the Imperial fists in larger games (paint them in the imperial fist colors to make it seem like that travel/fight alongside the fists).
4.) Design two new vehicles using VDR, one for SM and one for IG (think Warthog from Halo...really fast, flips a lot, moderate fire power, easy to kill, etc).
5.) Buy a third army to use as a house army against the Marines/IG (so my friends can battle if they don't have their stuff).

I think that's all.

24-01-2008, 22:08
3 LR (1 Cru,1 Reg, 1 Promie)
3 new vets
3 Dread dropods
10 GK Termies
1 box of GK in power armor

4 Assorted Tau tanks ( I switch the turrets around from Devilfish/rail/ion/Skyray so I make all 4 turrets when I build them)
1 more firewarrior sqd
1 Crisis suit
( all tau stuff may get bumped back for the IG )

Emp. Fist Tank co ( box set with 3 vinds, 2 Exe, FW turrets)
IG box
2 Comisars ( new sculpts)
Chimerria/ sqd box

Waiting till summer for some more FW goodness ( new BB conversion look great but want kits not full kit w/BB box) maybe another Tbolt or some Tau air support.

24-01-2008, 22:12
1. Get all nids built/painted. (I don't even want to count how much I have in nids... i'm at 17 Mc's, 300+ guants, ect...)
2. Paint Sisters & Mordian Platoon.
3. Paint 70ish scouts, 6 dreadnoughts, and terminator command.
4. Get around to building the 1500 point Dark Eldar force that's been sitting in boxes for years.

I don't know why I filled this out... That's too much of a backlog.

24-01-2008, 22:14
im working socialist rebel imperial guard. ive got loads of different regiment models eg vostroyans and tallarns to represent the fact that its not all from the same regiment.

The Guy
24-01-2008, 22:17
Working on my locust army [based off of gears of war] Can't really be bothered though. Don't find the time.

24-01-2008, 22:24
I'm currently drowning in Vostroyans, both infantry and armoured company. Hopefully I will be finished before March when the new Vampire Counts are out.

24-01-2008, 22:29
Painting all the marines I've purchased last year.

That is :
Command squad (5 models)
Veterans (6 models)
Devastator squad (5 models)
Tactical squad (5 models)
Tactical squad (9 models)
Lascannon devastator (2 models)
5 terminators
10 assault terminators
1 officer
5 scouts
Tyranic wars veterans (5 models)
6 bikes
1 assault bike
1 land speeder
1 terminator chaplain
1 terminator librarian
1 apothicary

(plus some nids :P)

24-01-2008, 22:33
Well, I'm near the end of tricking out all of my Guard tanks with details. None of them are painted and I won't have the chance until spring.

Currently, I'm painting my BFG mechanicus cruiser, since I managed to find a drill bit that could make me a hole for the stand to get into. (Admech ships seem to be notorious for that)

On the side, I am trying to figure out my current scenery project, which kind of ground to a halt..

And lastly, I'm building reserves of money to blow on a Baneblade.

24-01-2008, 23:05
Well, as usual, my focus has been drifting recently, but now I'm concentrating on my original goal.

And that is to construct a Mechanized platoon of Guardsmen with support elements. I can say for sure I'll be constructing at least 4 Armored Fist squads, and the two HQ's.

Depending on what I decide, they might be backed up by 3 Assault guns (Basilisks, Thunderer's or Medusa's), 3 Sentinal squadrons, or 3 Griffon Mortar Carriers.

Whilst I'm waiting for my inner Guardsmen to decide on his support elements, my inner Marine is goading me into making a 400 pt Imperial Fist combat patrol to pass the time.

24-01-2008, 23:07
1) finish painting my dark angels
2) come up with a painting scheme for my chaos marines and decide on their backgroud
3) start painting them

24-01-2008, 23:43
Right now, I am in the midst of updating a poorly performing Mordian Guard army, collecting the models to build a SOB force, and contemplating the future armies I want to do while planning out the army lists for two WHFB Empire armies, and trying to promise myself that that is all I am going to do for Fantasy.

24-01-2008, 23:55
1. glue together a squad of marines, don't even know what im doing with them, another crusader squad or treat myself to Dmonacles from Brothers of the snake by Ban Abnet
2. Paint and then finish glueing my Black templar bikes
3. Finish glueing and then paint Brother sargent Rupert for the Warseer Chapter
4. Paint my vindicator
5. Finish the last few modols from my current crusader squads
6. Paint the next 10 guardsman for my Imperial guard
7. Under coat my baneblade (there is no way im gonna paint that thing...)
8. Paint my Baneblade tank commander on foot

I think thats all, Im pretty sure I spend more time on warseer than actually working on my models...

25-01-2008, 00:13
1. Take the spare Rhino from my Brothers room and turn it into an M113 for My US Marine Corps spoofing Orks
2. Finish building and painting the first mob of 20 'Marines'
3. Get on with the 1/35 scale Humvee Buggy.
4 ...do the rest of the army?

Biomass Denial
25-01-2008, 01:09
Trying to find the money to start a Grey knight army. Dam you metal models.

25-01-2008, 01:22
Where to begin:

-Pre Heresy Marine Company
-Modern Marine Company
-Tank Company
-Reaver Titan
-Warhound Titan
-3 Thunderbolts
-Aliens style guard army with APC's
-BFG stuff

so much to do and so little time

Hand of Dume
25-01-2008, 01:50
designing and making a big mek gargant for apocolypse. also trying to finish my khorne marines.

25-01-2008, 01:59
Crikey and I thought I had alot to work on :o

25-01-2008, 02:25
Gargant bigmob.

It's gonna take a while.

25-01-2008, 04:07
learning to paint :D:D

25-01-2008, 04:25
just returned to warhammer... was gonna start up WH but after much thought will continue with my ~750 points of unpainted nids, once i pop down to the store to get a fwe things.. i also have 2k points of dwarfs, 1000 of brets, and 1500 of WE that are mosly unpainted...

anyone know where i can get balrog wings in australia? :( we dont have direct order or w/e it is (or didnt when i stopped...) and the one mate i recall having one is awol :D

Captain Micha
25-01-2008, 04:50
painting and modeling my Imperial Guard. Soon perhaps, I'll get some of my nids and some more space marines done. (got maccraggre for xmas)

depends on whether or not I can keep being motivated to do my guard up...

25-01-2008, 05:56
I am mainly working on getting my Death Guard ready in case i "have" to play Apocalypse, see my sig for the project log.

I also have a test unit for a Traitor Guard army I am thinking about building and some terrain.

Lars Porsenna
25-01-2008, 06:05
For 40K the only things I have going are about 1000pts of Space marines (Salamanders), about half painted from years ago (before the current tactical squad boxed set). I'm also working on a "classic" Mk6 squad, to be transported in a "classic" old style Rhino. Probably going to airbrush them, my first experience pushing GW paint through my airbrush...

That and a few Eldar Warp Spiders...but they're easy to paint...


25-01-2008, 10:00
Yet to build:
Two more Thudd Guns for my Vostroyans.
The plastic baneblade.
Tzeentch demon prince.
But my biggest current project is this (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91615).

25-01-2008, 10:19
my word bearers army and a Caledor themed high elf army

25-01-2008, 11:40
Ooo, I remember that project Barbarossa! That thing is SO cool >.<; I was wondering if you'd gotten back to it <@_@> Guess I shoulda looked again sooner.

25-01-2008, 12:02
I have several projects that I'm currently involved in (isn't ADD wonderful?:)) but this thread is about the current one so I won't provide a laundry list. I've started an IG army with an American Civil War theme. Think Cadians with kepis and all HW on ACW cannon carriages.

I may have my ADD forced to kick in again as my wife has finally decided to give 40K a try. If she likes it, I'll be painting up her Barney marines. Her name, not mine. These purple marines with green and yellow trim will always be the Imperial Claws as far as I'm concerned.

25-01-2008, 12:11
Just started my Space Wolves army, it needs painting, buying and assembling..

Also i need to paint the rest of my other two armies ;)

25-01-2008, 13:00
Building a Leviathan, painting a Malcador and sculpting some Roughriders are my current projects.

25-01-2008, 13:04
Building a 3000 pt armoured company, with scratch built vehicles and a leviathan (not included in the points)
And finishing a 1000pt ork KoS, I may swap priorities and do the orks first as they have a higher % of completion.

25-01-2008, 13:06
Repainting my Guard Infantry.

Then i have to Figure out what do do with old Leman Russ..possibly Malcadoring them up. Searching for Ragnarock templates and plucking up the courage to paint the Baneblade the Mrs got me for Xmas.

25-01-2008, 13:07
Dark angels army.
--1000pts Ravenwings-done
--1000pts Deathwings-done
--??pts Power armor marines, mainly devastator&jump pack-wip
--??pts Vehicles.-wip

25-01-2008, 13:19
Stripping and repainting 2 boxes of RTB01 marines (a mate is emigrating and kindly donated)
Finishing off some old school Ogryns
Painting a Tzeentchian marauder regiment as part of the Chaos project
Stripping and repainting an old school 3rd ed O&G army
repairing the rigging on a bunch of british 74s and a french 120

25-01-2008, 13:33
Just decided to make a fully converted Tzeentch Chaos Marine army and have only just started the first model. Project Log coming soon.

25-01-2008, 13:50
Currently working on my red scorpions,started as 1500,now up to about 5000

4th company
2 LR's
1 pre-herasy LR
1 lr crusader with FW extra armour
1 predator with extra armour
company captain
command squad
30 tactical marines
10 assault marines
10 devastators
4 rhino's

1st company
3 LR crusaders,1 command with FW goodies
30 terminators
20 herasy pattern marines
2 rhinos's
and a fw Venerable dreadnought in a drop pod
all found in my sig.(shameless promotion i know,BAH!!)

Planning on doing a half company for each,so 50 marines plus HW staff and support,all with some sort of conversion.

plus a guard armoured company with baneblade,plus wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many blood angels and a void dragon themed eldar army....with some grey knights thrown for good measure.

25-01-2008, 14:46
my ever expanding BT Fighting Company - curremtly stands at iirc 60 Initiates (inc neophytes, HQ etc )
a Khorne Force, which currently sits in a pile of 'bitz'
a SM Company made with MKVI Bitz - currently have the Bitz for 30 marines, so another 70 to source and im sorted!...

25-01-2008, 15:49
Having looked over models i have to make
I have 9 eldar jet bikes
9 crisis suits

so, im going to make some blood ax orks

So every once in awhile in 40k general; we get a "What's your current project" thread.

It's been awhile however, at least as I recall; so I figure its time to once again see what everyone's up to!


25-01-2008, 15:56
painting 2 platoons of Vostoyans ,a hq ,6 snipers and 3 tanks before 9 march for an tournament at my local gaming club
I hope i wil make it
wish me luck

25-01-2008, 15:56
More escher for my IG conscripts!

Wolflord Havoc
25-01-2008, 16:02
Add Sentinals to my Renegade Militia:need to buy these! Perhaps do 3 a month for teh next 3 months.

Finish off /'Apocolypse' my Imperial Guard Infantry Company: Need to add a squad to 1st and 2nd platoons and create a 35 man 3rd Platoon as well as create a heavy weapon platoon and make a Leman Russ Annihilator. This project to stretch across the year.

I still have a complete Tau army deal box set that I need to open let alone start building.

My Space Wolves.....well I am putting them on hold in the vain hope that they get a new codex soon.

By Russ I need to get off my backside and start building stuff.

25-01-2008, 16:21
Finishing a brood of deathgaunts

Painting up two broodlords with different biomorphs - got two for christmas.

And finally summoning up the courage to magnetize a carnifex. This will be the biggest challenge for my modeling skills yet.

25-01-2008, 16:41
Currently working on a 1,600 point Tyranid Army. Hive Tyrant has all been done along with a few others, still got 2 x Ravenors to paint, Red Terror a Carnifex, 8 Hormgaunts, 8 Termagaunts & some Genestealers.

I've just finished my Necron Monolith. Just needs matt varnishing. Gotta buy some Flayed Ones then.

Also currently repainting my Blood Angels into Ultramarines. Got some Tyranid hunters to be getting along with and then about another 35 models and two tanks.

So quite a lot on the go at the mo..


25-01-2008, 16:44
I have several. In order of importance...

1) Necromunda gang, the Hellbitches (Ordinary House Escher).
2) The Fallen Men (see Project Log in sig).
=4) Parvassian Dragoons (see The General's Gone Insane).
=4) Stormtrooper Assault Force (see log in sig).
5) Ork Kult of Speed.
6) Righteous Fists' 1st Company Strike Force (Deathwing).
7) Karaboudjani Kataphraktoi Super-Apocalypse force (see Preparing for Apocalypse).
8) The General's Gone Insane; the log to end all logs.

At the moment Priority One is the Hellbitches, which rather means that everything else is stalled! :p

I run an Escher Gang for Necro as well.

Mine is called Purple Reign.

My current projects:

1. Assembling the rest of my Dark Angels for Apocalypse.
2. Imperial Guard. Ice Drakes & Vostroyans
3. Shooty Tau. in the mail. suit heavy army.. no kroot, I hate the kroot.
4. Massive Eldar Army that I uh... gulp might have someone else paint. *yes I will pay them.

Thats about it, I wont discuss the thousands of points of BFG Imperials and Eldar that are sitting around as well as some misc FOW stuff to paint.

25-01-2008, 18:27
Making yet another rhino mounted tactical squad for my marines.

only joking...
25-01-2008, 20:21
The illustrious 4th company of the glorious 122nd cadian guard.:)
Currently working on 18 converted rough riders using empire knightly orders and pistoliers.

25-01-2008, 22:19
I've got 3 projects planned

the first, and the longest will be my Necron army.......I plan to cap it at about 5,000points, still a chunk of purchasing to do & a hell of a lot of painting (I will have at least 1,000pts painted by the end of the year, though 1,500 is the target I'm commiting to)

the next two projects are in this order, my Khador force for Warmachine & the resurrection of my old Goliath Gang

26-01-2008, 03:56
1: Finish my 7000pts of IG for Apocalypse.
2: Terminators and Genestealers for Space Hulk.
3: Design and build a 6-8' replica of the Golden Gate Bridge for my Apocalypse game at KublaCon.

Cirrus the Blue
26-01-2008, 05:17
Working on my GorkaMorka mob along with a fullconverted F1 racecar style buggy to go with. :) I'll post pics once my bitz order arrives and things start to get going!

- Cirrus

Lord Khamul
26-01-2008, 05:26
1. Finish 3000p of csm. 2/3 done.
2. Start my Flesh tearer project in earnest.
3. Choose which fantasy army to start with. Chaos or dwarves.

Considering my painting speed Ill have stuff to do for at least 3 years...

Power Armored Zombie
26-01-2008, 05:44
1. Finish painting my Eldar of Ahm Shere (Egyptian) along with buying a few more things for said army.

2. Start my Plaguewing army (30 Nurgle termies led by Typhus and Terminator liurtenant)

3. Start Tanith Ghost army

a lotta work ahead :cries:


26-01-2008, 06:27
I am currently doing my year end for '07, but when that is done I will:

finish renovating my bedroom
finish painting some Grey Knights
finish kit-bashing a Destroyer Tank Hunter
build a Salamander command vehicle(not really current but next in line as it were).

Cirrus the Blue
26-01-2008, 06:36
1. Finish 3000p of csm. 2/3 done.
2. Start my Flesh tearer project in earnest.
3. Choose which fantasy army to start with. Chaos or dwarves.

Considering my painting speed Ill have stuff to do for at least 3 years...

Why not compromise with CHAOS DWARVES??!! :p hahaha

- Cirrus

26-01-2008, 14:13
1. Assemble and paint the rest of my Raven guard company for apocalypse. Still to finish is;
A) Ten tactical marines
B) Ten devestators
C) Ten Assualt marines
D) Shrikes wing (ten of them)

Then i've got elemtents of the first company to finish
2. Finish these damn rogue trader era veterens.
3. Masters of the chapater
4. 5 assault terminators

Then who knows? possible scratch building some flyers.

Blitz 7
26-01-2008, 14:59
I am converting the I nquisitor walker into a Paliquin of Nurgle.

Not very useful but it looks cool.

26-01-2008, 18:18
Well i am just starting out with the witch hunters.

26-01-2008, 18:22
My projects at this point
-Paint and assemble 750 pts CSM and expand it with thousand sons
-Get my Wood Elf BB team converted, and painted

26-01-2008, 18:44

the start of 1500 points of marines

26-01-2008, 18:45
Assembling and painting my 15 Tyranid Battleforces, Raveners, Lictors, Zoes, Hive Tyrants, Tyrant Guard, Broodlord, and now, Gargoyles. Sigh. So many models, so much fun.

Maybe someday painting my Chaos Army, and my necron force.

26-01-2008, 18:55
Working on my Dark Eldar Raven.
Painting a squad of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers.
Sisters Repentia.
Battle Sisters.
Mutants & a Palaquin of Nurgle.

No more new models until I finish what I currently have...Damn! I even have a squad of Arbites to paint!


26-01-2008, 19:08
Right now its my 5 baneblades and then my Sisters of Battle army which I have been working on for the past 3 years and getting nowhere fast and lastly it would be finishing up the last 3 full platoons on guard I have on hold for 6 years to many this keep coming up.

27-01-2008, 00:36
Painting Chaos Dreadnought

27-01-2008, 04:57
I switch back and forth to keep from getting bored with either one. I'm painting my newly re-acquired Imperial Guard force, and I'm assembling the Tau rapid insertion box set, using the Commander Farsight rules. For the painting, I'm switching off between a Stormtrooper squad and a Leman Russ tank, so I guess you could say I've got three things going at once.

27-01-2008, 05:57
Priority One for me is to paint my Baal Predator so that I have my 1500 point blood angels force completely painted. I just finished my last combat squad today, so i've seen some foreward movement in that area.

After that, I'm re-working my Imperial Fists around the Dark Angels codex (because, well, I prefer it) Which leaves me with...a painted Predator and most of a painted commander.

When I get tired of/frustrated with yellow, i'll move on to my Alpha Legion force with my experimental mixed colour. The test model looked good, and I have four additional marines mostly done (need to backpack and base them).

Also, I have a Dark Angels force that is to be based in the same fashion as my roommate's tyranids, creating sort of a linked story between them. They shall be mostly city-fighty, and i'm moving slowly with them intentionally.

Both Angels and the Alpha Legion have a hard cap on them...once they're built to my army lists, i'm done with them. The Fists, being my faves, will be built out to multiple army lists and styles, so I'll be hitting them in between everything else.

I also have some simple terrain projects I want to work in, just to have the stuff available for gaming, and in some colour other than "unpainted plastic."

Stella Cadente
27-01-2008, 06:20
at the moment Finishing off building a US Bradley M3 APC into a chimera for my Guard HQ
and soon starting work on converting 2 UK Challenger I MBT's into Challenger russ Battle tanks

27-01-2008, 09:13
1. Aiming for 32XXpt (those last to numbers are unknown) of CSM Nurgle, which basically is

One big eyed nurgly dreadnaught
a Generic Greater deamon
a butt load of baby deamons
a Mortblade (chaos baneblade that fires heaps of rotting corpses)

2.Celedor themed High elves

3.Either starting a Vyper heavy Eldar army, or a desert IG.

27-01-2008, 10:14
Currenlty getting 1000pts of eldar, space wolves and tyranids. Have to have many things on the go at once as I end up getting bored only putting together one style of model so collect 3 different armies at once.

Luna de hierro
27-01-2008, 10:19
my current project is assembling and painting 20 hormagaunts and 60 spinegaunts... its... just... soooooo.... boring!!!! :(

28-01-2008, 06:14
current project is putting together my lysander wing army

somewhere along the lines of 20 termies
lysander himself
and 15 scouts

all painted in bright yellow

28-01-2008, 10:28
Painting my desert camo scouts (too much work, I couldn't have picked easier colours?), modelling and painting a land raider, a couple of vindicare assassins (one for display, one for gaming), an inquisitors retinue, loyalist thousand suns and some rebuilds and repaints on some old marines. It's a bit much when I list it all...

28-01-2008, 14:52
Working on over 10000 points of Chaos Space Marines. Currently, I have about 5000 painted or mostly painted. Upon completion I will ascend to the level of Daemon Prince.

28-01-2008, 15:02
creating an "Imperial Guard" army out of fantasy lizardmen with lasguns and such.
The idea is that they are semi-feral descendants of the slaan who repelled an IG invasion and now use commandeered IG tanks and guns, along with some rare ancient technology... pretty damn hard

Goq Gar
28-01-2008, 15:18
A new Marine chapter.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
28-01-2008, 15:23
As anyone who frequents the project logs would know (mainly because I'm unable to post photos ;)), I'm currently working on 2000pts of Imperial Fists, followed perhaps by 1500 of Tau, and, in the distant future, maybe 1k of marines (Red Scorpions), just so I have an army tailored to every major points value. Not like i'd ever need that, but meh.

28-01-2008, 15:25
13th company slightly reinvented as seen in my sig!

28-01-2008, 15:29
1 30,000 points of orks
2 Scratchbuilt Ork Blasta Bomma (40k Scale )
3 Scratchbuilt Ork Fighta Squadron (40k Scale)
4 Ork Gun Boat
5 1 4 x 8 40k gaming table and 1 4 x 4 WFB table for GD08 (UK)
6 10,000 points renegade (beastmen)guards regiment
7 5,000 pixies for daughter
8 5,000 point + OK
9 5,000 Tau for wife
11 New armies for ASMOH08, Carnage North/South, SVA08

28-01-2008, 16:10
I'm making a Night Lords army that works like a Chaos version of the Doublewing. In other words, lots of deepstriking and troops coming in off reserves, making the opponent's reaction abilities a lot worse.

My Lesser Daemons are converted from the Beastmen herd box with round bases, and their paint scheme is reminiscent of Kimahri from FFX (dark blue skin w/ dark gray fur).

28-01-2008, 16:12
Gorkamorka! I've got my mob, my Trukk and I've started building my fort. Happy Days.