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24-01-2008, 23:36
I don't win much with my orcs and goblins. I use diffrent lists all the time, and thats not good according to my gamemates. I usualy don't have much magic but I will try diffrent next time. It will be vs. Empire and I think he will have a Steamtank, but not an Arch Lector. So the question is - Can this list do good? Can I get some ideas on how to use the army. All help is welcome, I need a win!!!

I have much magic and some shooting.

Black Orc Warboss @ 258 Pts
Heavy Armour, Shield, Boar, Porko's Pigstikka, Horn of Urgok

Orc Shaman @ 125 Pts
Level 2 Upgrade, Choppa, Power Stone

Goblin Shaman @ 135 Pts
Level 2 Upgrade, Hand Weapon, Power Stone, Nibbla's 'Itty Ring

Night Goblin Shaman @ 120 Pts
Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; The Pipes of Doom

Boyz Mob (23#, 191 Pts)
Full Command, Choppa, Extra Choppa, Light Armour

Boyz Mob (24#, 198 Pts)
Full Command, Choppa, Spear, Light Armour, Shield

Goblin Mob (29#, 165 Pts)
Full Command, Hand Weapon, Spear, Light Armour, Shield

Night Goblin Mob (29#, 171 Pts)
Full Command, Nets, Hand Weapon, Spear, Shield

Goblin Spear Chukka @ 35 Pts

Goblin Spear Chukka @ 35 Pts

Goblin Wolf Chariot @ 63 Pts
Extra Crew

Goblin Wolf Chariot @ 63 Pts
Extra Crew

Squig Hoppers (8#, 120 Pts)

Giant @ 205 Pts

Giant @ 205 Pts

Wolf Rider Mob (6#, 108 Pts)
Boss, Musician, Hand Weapon, Short Bow, Spear, Light Armour, Shield

Wolf Rider Mob (5#, 76 Pts)
Musician, Hand Weapon, Short Bow, Spear, Light Armour, Animosity

Wolf Rider Mob (5#, 71 Pts)
Musician, Hand Weapon, Spear, Light Armour

Snotlings (3#, 60 Pts)

Arrer Boyz Mob (16#, 96 Pts)
Bow, Choppa, Light Armour

Little Aaad
25-01-2008, 17:34
Empire will ALWAYS out magic you. I would take just enough magic defence to stop most of it coming through. They will of course out shoot you, so don't go that heavy on it (drop bows on WRM). Focus on combat, 2 Night Goblin mobs will easily provide you with a core to your army so yeh. Goblin mob will aso help. Now you have 3 core units to decimate them with Static cmbat res. I can't see where you are going wrong other than with magic. You WILL need to protect them Giants, maybe some Black Orcs will do a better job against cannons. Just, You might be going wrong with the strategies you use.


25-01-2008, 17:39
double post! Sorry!!!

25-01-2008, 18:27
I think greenskin magic is great, and most Empire players I know don't bother with anything but a scroll caddy and a priest for defense. The warpath could do some damage to the tank as it is a directed spell with a set damage value. Black orcs can also seriously damage it with great weapons. The wolf boys should be able to get to the guns quick enough, but you will need to be careful of the infantry and knights. Spears on the boys are probably a waste, as you should be charging, not receiving the charge, and even if you are charged, it'll be by knights, so you want the extra point of armor save. Regular goblins are a bit of a waste as well, night goblins with fanatics are about the only real use for goblins in most armies. Arrer boys always seem to do some good for me, but maybe I'm just lucky with them. but still if you need to shave some points to get some BlOrcs, i'd say lose the bows. Important note. If you charge an infantry unit with boys, make sure you charge the detachment at the same time with a chariot or wolf boys. Otherwise you're just throwing away points to the Empire player.

warlord hack'a
25-01-2008, 20:02
drop the bossos in all units except in normal orc units. In normal orc units a boss is a bargain as you get not only +1 attacks, but also +1 ws and +1 S, while all other bosses are way too expensive for the lousy one additional attack you get (especially (night)goblin bosses).

Also against empire drop both giants, his cannons will love shooting their d6 wounds causing cannon balls against them. Personally I would get some fanatics to counter his knights, a bit more artillery to put the ranged hurt to him (but beware of his cannons shooting your stonethrower to smithereens) and some sp[iderriders as they are great to take out enemy shooting since they can move through (and therefore hide in) terrain without penalty.

Ditch the bows on the arrer boyz, ditch the spears on the orc spear unit and together with the points you save from dropping bosses make these two into two blocks of 25 orcs with choppa, shield and light armour. This give you three core blocks, with some nightgoblin units (make the normal goblins night goblins) for support, some chariots for charge threats, basically a solid list

If you want to go all out on magic, go all out: take a lvl 4 orc wizard and a black orc big boss as general, and then 2 lvl 2 nigh goblin shamans for support, load up on magic enhancing or bound spell items, get more night goblin units with fanatics, bring 8 spear chukkas and sit there and blast him to bits, delaying him with your fanatics. Might work..

25-01-2008, 20:55
you need more orc units, drop those giants, drop the goblin mages and make them oc mages, get a Borc bsb with the spirit totem and 1-2 mages for defense. take at least 4 ranked orc boy units, drop the giants for more units as well, change a wolf unit to spiders to go through terrain.

bigbear bailey
25-01-2008, 22:56
The list is fine bro I like the gobbo units and I think you will do ok with the units in most fights. Use the chariots to chago after warmachines and the wolf boys can do it as well... I do think you could get rid of the one unit of orcs with spears and add some biggun's with 2 hand weapons... Maybe the banner of butchery and then you have a REALLY hard hitting unit...

26-01-2008, 00:27
Thanks for all advices, but I think I will continue to loose :)

Not becuse I want to, but I don't really wanna spend 2-3 hours with a list that I don't even would like to play with. Yes I know 8 Bloth Thrower is good, but it's a waste of my time to play with something that I won't like.

I rather loose a great funny game then win it by using a "boring" list.

I really thank you all, and I have around 4200 pts painted greenskinns, but WHAT can I do with the list that I have here. Ok some of you think its crap, some say. I like the list bro.

We are all diffrent players. Maybe I shall stick to play with the same list in a couple of games and learn the good side and the bad side, BUT I think I will get bored and play more Blood Bowl instead :D

Jack of Blades
26-01-2008, 05:53
Why don't you post a few battle reports instead? Any list that isn't obviously complete ******* can win.

26-01-2008, 09:14
I will try and give a good battlereport already on sunday, but thats a 3400 pts battle vs. an wood elf/dwarf army.

bigbear bailey
26-01-2008, 15:28
I don't see how you will keep losing... Your ist is sold and you only have to worry about the boys not wanting to more to mess you up. If you want help with how to move your stuff then I would post the list in the tactics section and tell them that you don't want to change anything you just want help on what you should do....

And like I said, I like the list bro...