View Full Version : Anime Codex for 40K

27-09-2005, 04:42
After a year of being offline, I'm starting to restore my personal site. One of the major things I enjoyed doing, was making 40K codex from anime series. Although I lost a few of them thanks to a hard drive crash, two remain intact, which can be found at the link below:


What I want to do, is update these Codex to the new 40K rule system. Perhaps someone out there might be interested in helping me revise the rules and/or add new units (AMG has a new anime IIRC)? :)

Also, I was thinking of making an Advent Children (Final Fantasy VII) army book for the Warhammer setting. As weird as it sounds, the theme would stick, considering that people in FF7 can take machine gun hits without dying - and that swords can cut down huge mecha without problems. :p