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27-01-2008, 10:11
ok so i want a good combination for my tyranid warriors. these are my only units so far in my tyranid army. What works well for them? I want a massive tyranid army i.e lots of troops. I believe that any army should have loads of troops and then some other units to handle whatever is left that troops can't deal with.

So bearing that in mind what sort of a config would you/have you given your warriors and why?

27-01-2008, 12:03
Scything talons, Rending claws, and give one in every three a deathspitter instead of talons. This config does pretty badly, but I only use the really old tyranid warriors so I like it for fluff reasons.

I've seen winged warriors do quite well, but tbh warriors are quite over priced. best to just take a few of them for synapse, because they really eat up points if you want to make them good.

My preffered cc warrior is.....
adrenal glands(ws), Flesh hooks, extended carapace.
Sything talons, Rending claws. This clocks in at 32 points per model though, pricey by any standards.

My preffered shooty warrior is.....
enhanced senses, toxin sacs, death spitter.
This weighs in at 29 points. Still bloody dear for what thay will do.

if you are using warrioers as your HQ and maxing on gaunts then take minimal upgrades and take as many as you can, because you will be glad of all the synapse creatures. Other than that, your points are best going elsewhere.

27-01-2008, 12:13
Try the Tyranid Tactica that discusses this. Warriors die fast, so some people don't take them at all as Synapse, others take many. As Synapse wings and cover might be useful (expensive), supporting shooting might be done with deathspitters or devourers, others use pure cc Warriors. Depends on your general strategy. More details in the Tactica.

27-01-2008, 13:52
thanks for the link