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27-01-2008, 12:43
Next Saturday I will get to use my Empire army for the first time and since I'll be playing against my friend's High Elves I have little hope not to be massacred.

Here's the list I came up with:

(Laurels of Victory)

Wizard Lord
(Level 4, Stone of Luck, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Holy Relic)

(BSB, Plate Armour, Griffon Banner)

Warrior Priest
(Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sigil of Sigmar, Sword of Battle)

Warrior Priest
(Armour of Meteoric Iron, two-handed weapon)

Battle Wizard
(Level 2, Rod of Power)

20 Spearmen (full command)
Det.: 9 Free Company, 5 Crossbowmen

20 Swordsmen (full command)
Det.: 9 Free Company, 5 Crossbowmen

10 Handgunners (incl. Champion with Hochland Long Rifle)

5 Knights of the White Wolf (full command)

6 Knights Panther (Inner Circle, full command)

23 Greatswords (full command)
Det. 9 Free Company, 5 Archers

5 Pistoliers (incl. Musician)

Great Canon




20 Flaggelants

And that's 2995 points.
Steam Tanks or War Altar are not options for me and I'm afraid I don't have too many options regarding other troops, either.

The Grandmaster and the mounted Warrior Priest join the Knights of the White Wolf, the second Warrior Priest and the BSB join the Greatswords.
No idea where to put the Wizards, though, or what Lores to choose for them.

27-01-2008, 13:27
i wouldnt take lore of fire against elves, due to their dragon armour which will almost certainly pop up. i would try death or metal, because then you can wipe out lots of pansy elves if you get spirit of the forge. the one which gives them 1 less armour save and WS is good too, means that the empire can kill something in combat

27-01-2008, 17:37
Overall, army selection is solid. Good firepower (25 missile troops plus 4 warmachines), 4 units of foot troops, 3 units of cavalry is a nice, balanced empire army.

Minor changes/suggestions:

- I'd try to make the infantry units (swordsmen and spearmen) 25-strong each.. Against elves, you're bound to suffer some casualties to shooting and magic, and having full ranks when combat begins is the way to go.

-Same goes with Knights. You need some extra bodies (one or two). I'd personaly make the inner circle ones Knights of the White wold, and keep the Knights panther a core choice. That way, you'll be looking at a nice strength 5 all around, which is all you need against T3 low armour elves.

-I'd mount the BSB on a warhorse to give him some stayingpower. The points cost is lower than Armour of Meteoric Iron, and it'll help keep him around for a bit longer. (just enough for the Griffon Standard to work its magic.) Word of advice: Don't field him with the greatswords, as that's too many eggs in your basket. The greatswords should do fine against almost any elf unit, it's your swordsmen that need the extra Combat Resolution.

-The flagellants seem a little too fragile against HE. Speed of Asuryan will hurt them badly. If you're looking for a tarpit unit, that's ok though...

-Give one of your knight units the War Banner for that extra CR point. It'll prove valuable.

-Wizard Lord: I'd stick him with the Greatswords (you don't want him running away, do you?) As for what magic lore, it depends on where you're planning toplace him. Obviously, since he has the VHS, he'll be in combat really soon. So, lores with magic lots of magic missiles (or spells requiring LOS) are out of the question. A good idea would be the lore of light (cleansing flare will hurt elves a lot, and all spells (save the default) can be cast in close combat. Another option would be lore of beasts, or even lore of death (for maximum killines)

-Character placement: Don't commit all of your character in a small number of units. You're bound to lose some, and if they contain two characters each, then you're looking at many VP's lost. I think a good allocation would be:
Grand Master in Panther Knights, Warrior Priest in Inner Circle White wolf, BSB in swordsmen, Wizard lord in Greatswords, the other warrior priest in the spearmen (they'll benefit most from his hatred) and the battle wizard wherever you see fit. Lots of targets, no huge points sink.

Sorry if it seems like a big overhaul, feel free to ignore every single opinion i've given you if you feel like it!

Hope I helped, nevertheless!

28-01-2008, 18:09
Thanks for your comments.

I had thought using the Lore of Metal for the Battle Wizard and Lore of Light for teh Wizard Lord. Good to see I was not totally off with that.
Bumping the Spearmen and Swordsmen to 25 each sounds like a good idea. However, I'm not sure how to free up points, aside from dropping the Flaggelants alltogether.

Your point about character placement makes a lot of sense and I'll heed that advice for sure.