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Jack of Blades
27-01-2008, 14:23
I'm having a tough time deciding between these options for my Vampire Count:

Flying Horror <-> Aura of Dark Majesty <-> Red Fury (I really don't know which one...)
Infinite Hatred

Master of the Dark Arts
Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Death; Heavy Armour & Shield

Flying horror is good for positioning, but with M6 that might be unnecessary. It could prove useful though. I don't know. Then we have Aura of Dark Majesty, which is a very good thing if I get there, which is the problem. Red Fury gives him some needed anti-RnF ability, but he loses out on both positioning and the anti-character I have in mind for him. Another good thing about Flying Horror is that I don't have to use Dread Knight and Hellsteed. It'd not only be a lot harder to sculpt, but also look worse (I like on foot more than mounted if I really have to choose). A plan I have in mind is to put Dread Knight and Hellsteed with Walking Death on all Thralls, allowing me to reinforce where necessary or put them all at one place.

I doubt that Red Fury gives you an additional attack for every wound (instead of unsaved wound) caused, but if this is the case then I'll take Red Fury. Red Fury would put things such as Ogres and Minotaurs to shame as I'll hack one down per wound. Give me additional attacks that I can re-roll to hit rolls for and well... but then, I may not be able to use that since I can't guarantee the charge with Flying Horror and I'm quite damn vulnerable in close combat (T5, no save, 3 wounds). Of course I could take an Abyssal Terror and make him stand on the creature, so it looks like he's on foot. Then I don't have to get any of those flying powers and I can take Red Fury, in addition to negating ranks.

The plan is to cast Doom & Darkness!, fly in supported by Spirit Hosts and then use Beguile on a character to make him/her test on -6 LD. But I just don't know if it's really that useful at all? I mean, I can still do that without flight.

The second one is better in the magic phase, but the Frostblade is there because he's supposed to get into combat. However I really love the Curse of Years!

With options comes wondering. :D

29-01-2008, 20:06
Just by instinct, I would go for the second one. The combination is kinda juicy, and the, just, uh, I'd get the second one...


Jack of Blades
29-01-2008, 20:21
Well you know Furry, I reconsidered and this my final one but thanks anyway :D. He will be joining the Blood Knights.

Vampire Count Krauon the Whirlblazer - ~415 Points
Krauon's Hand of Soul Consuming (Hand of Dust)
Crown of the Damned
Talisman of the Lycni
Forbidden Lore; Lore of Fire
Summon Ghouls
Red Fury
Lvl 3 Wizard

29-01-2008, 20:24
aaay, you dont mind me stealing that one, do you:p

Have a nice day!


Jack of Blades
29-01-2008, 20:29
*sigh*, just hope I never get within sight range of you :P... Copying me, especially the thing I care about most, is my pet peeve in all games. Oh well, gl hf.

31-01-2008, 08:46
ok, i wont copy:p. Im more of a magic type anyway, and my VC army is covered in dust, and it looks like it will be for a while still:)