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27-01-2008, 20:44
I have always had fond images of Araby Empire, but it seems like a difficult project, so i need help from you, the warseer community!

I will use the Empire rules, but will need ideas on converting, painting etc.

Artwork would be great as well, i want a raiding desert army, with camel riders :wtf: and peasants etc...

Just want to see what you guys think.

Thanks for the help

27-01-2008, 21:10
Great concept.

If memory serves GW released Araby for Warmaster early 07. Would start there.

Camel riders, normal cavalry, chariots and elephants made it into the army lists and make for some fantastic visuals. As for converting? Why? use the latest LOTR expansion as the vast majority of that has an arabic tinge to it with the head scarves and the camel riders. If you are not happy with the scaling, then some re-modelling of the old Tallarn miniatures wouldn't do a bad job. Although good luck scratch building camels!!

What you want to be thinking is how to put djinni and efreets into the army.... And what could you do to make them..... Non GW mini's? Or use ogres with plentiful greenstuff applied?

27-01-2008, 21:16
you can use animal toys (plastic camels for camel riders p.e.)
and you should read about Berreber and Muslim culture around s. XII-XVI

27-01-2008, 21:20
Well, i just had a look at Al Muktar's desert dogs, that seems like a reasonable place to start, although they couldn't be empire knights, and they dont have pistols!

Harad do have an arabic tinge, and could make good troops, would they need re-scaling?
And im not using a Mumak as a chariot :p

27-01-2008, 21:33
I wouldn't use the Mumak as a chariot. I would use it as an elephant. Off with the lower tusk and away you go, before you say "harder than a stegadon" you have your first rare choice!!! Very tasty......

Not sure about the re-scaling thing, I have a sneaky suspicion that LOTR is 25mm as oppossed to 28.... But as I don't (and never will) play the game I couldn't tell you precisely.

Al Muktars are perfect light horsemen... Why do you want pistols?

27-01-2008, 21:42
Why count the desert dogs as anything other than what they are? use the Regiment of Renown rules for them from the GW site. You should also consider using other DoW units - the Birdmen Of Catrazza rules are great for flying carpet riders.

As I mentioned in a previous thread, I have a WIP araby army for this year's conflict doubles events - assuming it's finished in time, which is looking increasingly unlikely! For that, I am using a mix of Empire and High Elf parts (plus a few ogres with green stuff fezs and waistcoats), and rules wise the army uses a 750 point empire contingent (warrior priest "Imam", dervish style flagellants, saracen style knights, a cannon and some xbows) and a 750 point DoW force (paymaster, hireling wizard, duellists, ogres, paymaster's guard and flying carpet birdmen).

Good luck with it - if enough of us start using araby themed forces in stores and/or tournaments GW might start supporting the army at something other than warmaster scale (although I would much rather they sorted out DoW and Chaos Dwarfs first)

27-01-2008, 21:48
I wouldnt imagine too much artillery, so the rare choices would be free, unless i count a Mumak as a STank.... :p

I was thinking of having a knights of the blazing sun, being Inner Circle Heavy Cavalry

For a djinn, a lot of green stuff, upper half of an ogre, some blue paint and a flying base :p Could be a Lv4 mage...

Could i see some pics of your araby? (as WIP, or any finished guys)

And would harad be alright?

27-01-2008, 22:31
i wud definately suggest using the new harad camels and mumakil, as. . .. although the lotr models are slightly smaller it wud save u a lot of effort!! and u cud use the harad warriors and covert them with empire handgunners/state troopers to have those weapons instead of blowpipes/bows

27-01-2008, 22:33
Mumak as a steam tank..... LOL... Love it!!!! Fantastic....

Heavy cavalry would be quite limited in an araby army. Lots of blokes in metal would get cooked quite quickly. Nippy fast cavalry, horse archers, chariots, elephants. Very mobile, cavalry based with serious magic (more bound spells than cast spells though) would be thematic and competitive. So am thinking that living TK with some slant towards Kislev and a nod at daemons for the djinn.

Harad would IMHO be fine for scale but go check it out in local store as I am on a very regular basis wrong ;)

27-01-2008, 23:57
I think you may want to consider using the empire plastics (free company and state troops) as your basis. They are probably the best human scaled troops for what you want, and with some green stuff robes wont be that tricky. It really comes down to what you want the army to be. They can be a band of desert raiders, an army of the sultans, or something in between.

The warmaster list does have some units on camels, and again, proper use of green stuff can give horses longer necks and makes for an easy conversion. Im not sure if the LOTR camels are the right scale, and i think they are metal as well. I would advise making you own.

And by the way, an elephant as a steam tank? Beautiful idea.

28-01-2008, 06:39
Ive done some Araby converting earlier. Made myself some swordsmen(or Intfantrymen as i like to call them, for Araby anyway) and some handgunners. Their arms and heads are made from the new and old boxed sets of empire swordsmen and handgunners ( hangunners are the new ones), and the torso and legs are the ones from highelf archers. you just take away all the HE symbols(maybe add some of you own), and glue the arms into place. they might not fit that good, but you manage with some greenstuff. I Used weapons from remains of my VC and TK armies, where thay had these (whats it called) "swords" that are very arabian like. Dont know the english name for them.

Anyway, the handgunners was made out of HE archer torso's and legs, and their arms and heads were Empire. I also added a (whats this called then!?) "?coif?" to their heads (you know, the headpeaces the arabians wear!), and i painted them in white yellowish robes, aqnd green leather.

For my small group of pistolers i just added a turban and some kilt-like things for their feet. they look awesome:)


28-01-2008, 10:16
Check out the Warmaster Araby for some ideas: http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=List_Models&code=301059&orignav=300815&GameNav=300808

Very cool stuff!
I also remember seeing someone converting one of the last edition O&G giants into a genie. Can' find the pic though...

Theres also one ogre mercenary that might suit your liking:

28-01-2008, 11:26
Perry Miniatures have an arabian range.

Only downside is that they are not heroic scale so they might look a bit strange next to GW humans. Ogres should be fine though as you can't compare them to real life.

28-01-2008, 15:23
Just a post aknowlegding all your comments

*aknowlegdes comments*

Good job, and ideas would still be handy, Artwork and Pics of models are (probably) the most important, but every comment is welcome!