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28-01-2008, 08:50
Hows this for a doubles tournament army (750 points each):

lv2 Necromancer (book of arkhan, black periapt)
lv2 Necromancer (staff of damnation OR cursed book)
20 Zombies (standard, musician)
20 Zombies (standard, musician)
Black Coach

Wargor (Mark of Tzeentch, great weapon, brayhorn)
20 Beasts (7 gors, 13 ungors, MoT, standard, musician)
20 Beasts (7 gors, 13 ungors, MoT, standard, musician)
20 Beasts (7 gors, 13 ungors, MoT, standard, musician)
3 Minotaurs (great weapons, MoT, standard)

plan is to use the extra dice from the tzeentch units to help the necromancers with their summonings. Use book of arkhan on the black coach to get it to move faster. Ambush with some of the beast units. Hard-hitting units being the minotaurs and Black Coach. Overall, theres the unbreakable units in the zombies, which i will be able to summon back over and over again, and the entire army causes fear or terror

29-01-2008, 11:01
I was thinking of dropping a necromancer to get a mounted wraith, but i think ill need the second necro to keep the zombie units up

Be Afraid
29-01-2008, 16:08
beast herd cant take mark.

and take staff (as opposed too cursed book) as you dont really want your necros in 6inces of anything

29-01-2008, 16:24
dopt he black coach and take black knights and you want staff on your vamp

i would write you a list but my books being borrowed atm

ill have a go from memory though

necro lv 2 book of arkon 125

necro lv 2 staff 140

30x zombies 180?

5x dire wolves 50

black knights how ever many you can afford with standard and warbanner