View Full Version : new vampires 2000 points

29-01-2008, 06:48
i dont have the current army book and im not going to buy it seeing as i will start the vampires when they come out but if any of you have seen the new book or are able to comment on the list with the current book it would be great trying to see what i should buy quick question tho is mannfred voncarstein a level 2 or level 3 wizard... well is he a wizard at all?

here goes what im thinking of having in the army

mannfred-600-700 maybe?
2 level 2 necromancers 400ish

2 units of 20 zombies fc 400
2 units of 20 skeles fc 3-400

unit of 10 black nights

unit of 5-10 blood knights

and then lots of doggies for screening the army.

i would probably run the blood knights in a unit of 9 and then have manfred join the unit.
dire wolfs for screening my knights
and mages to resurect skeles behind the unit that manfred charges