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29-01-2008, 12:16
Only been to 1 tourney last year (fielding brittonians), and thought I`d try something `different` this year....
So looking for any help ,or comments/suggestions on the composition of this themed army ,I`m looking to field this year....
Even help on items to watch out for, or tactical considerations I should take into account.
So here it is!
Thanks for looking:D

Dragon Mage (430pts)
Lvl 2, dispel scroll, Phoenix, sun dragon

Lvl 2 mage(187pts)
Elf steed, ring of fury,
Accompanies 18 spearelves f/c (187pts)

Flanked by
Lvl2 mage(175pts)
Courage gem,silver wand, dispel scroll
Accompanies 13 White Lions, f/c, warbanner (245pts)

14 White Lions, f/c, lion standard (265pts)

10 Archers , light armour (120pts)

5 Dragon princes, muscican (160pts)

2 Lion Chariots(280pts)

2 Repeating Bolt throwers (200pts)

Dice pools 8/5
72 models

2249pts of 2250

29-01-2008, 16:47
HI there, I suggest dropping light armor on the archers (it rarely ever does anything.) Also I would drop the scroll on the dragon mage and replace it with the silver wand and the golden crown of altazar and the silver wand. Then give the mage who did have the silver wand that jewel instead.

As for the group of white lions with the lion standard have you considered teh banner of sorcery instead? Given that you have three mages in your army it should give you the edge in the magic phase. Now, the changes I have suggested do add a few points to your list, so you could always trade in RBT for a Great Eagle to pay for the changes. This will decrease your shooting but your improved magic will more than make up for it. Moreover, the marching blocking coming from the great eagle will potentially give you an extra turn of magic/shooting.

Oh, two more things, consider giving the war banner to the spear elves instead, as they will need the static CR more so than the relatively killy WL's. And speaking of the WL's I would move the gem of courage to one of their unit champs. This will be a better choice in case your mage gets sniped and/or needs to leave the unit for some reason.

30-01-2008, 09:22
Thanks for the build on the dragon mage, although it does make it a tad more expensive than I would like...(the only reason I moved the dispel scroll onto him was to ensure that should I lose 1 mage ,I dont lose ALL my scrolls.

and to be honest I forgot my WL champ can carry items!:rolleyes:

I`ve been mainly a defensive magic user in my other armies and so am understandably a little apprehensive at the `lets magic everything to death` kind of game, feeling more comfortable in the middle ground , were to be honest hopefully my opponent can also enjoy the game...

March blocking tactics also just fail to materalize for me also, and usually the enemy closing quickly (either me going to him or vice versa) is usually the way it goes...(as bad as that is sometimes).
So to this end I usually limit my archery units, for solid troop types , good for close quarter scraps, with mages bolstering them in a defensive roll at first.

Isnt 5 dispel dice and only 1 scroll a little `light` for magic defence for a tourney?

28-02-2008, 12:33
Thinking about this again and with the sudden VC and dwarf army surges in my area , can anyone reccomend changes I could make to squeeze abit more from the list without diluting its potency.

I`ll be dropping the light armour on those archers for sure! cheers