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29-01-2008, 19:30
Hey everyone, On Monday I had my second battle after stopping the hobby for several years. The battle that I will be reporting is very strange and I didnt think after taking the break from Warhammer that my battle would be so... anyway I wont ruin the report. This is also my first time using High Elves and with those of you who remember me posting my Army list well you see how well it went!

Ok to start with this is the army list I commanded...
Great weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian phoenix. (Went with Spearelves)
Level 2, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury. High Magic (Went with Whitelions)
Level 2, Jewel of the Dusk, Dispel Scroll. High Magic (Went with the Spearelves)
19 Spearelves (Deployed in 4 ranks of 5
Full command.
17 White Lions (Deployed in 3 ranks of 6)
Full command, Lion standard.
6 Dragon Princes
Standard bearer, Musician.
2 Lion Chariots

This is what my opponent used...
Tomb Prince
Chariot, Light armour, Crook and flail of Radiance. (Joined Chariot unit)
Liche priest
Casket of souls, Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations.
Liche priest
Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar.
20 Skeleton warriors
Armed with shields and Hand weapon, Full command, Banner of Undying Legion.
20 Skeleton warriors
Armed with hand weapons and bows.
3 Ushabti
1 Tomb Scorpian
8 Light Horsemen
3 Tomb Swarms
3 Chariots
3 Carrion

This is bit tricky because I have to describe the terrain since I dont have any pictures or programs to map out the terrain. So I will start from left to right (from where I was standing) I deployed White lion chariot on a hill on my left while not very far from the chariot, Was White Lions and Spearelves forming my center. Dragon princes was on A hill next to the Spearelves followed by a Lion Chariot Covering my Right flank.

My Enemy (from my point of view aswell) Deployed his Casket of souls opposite both my infantry regiments (was close to the table edge), And to the right of the casket a unit of Ushabti and Skeleton warriors was placed. Also on the far right the Chariots was deployed. On the left his Skeleton archers was positioned along with his light cavalry on top of a hill. Carrions and the lich priest were directly ahead of my infantry.

Tomb Scorpian and Swarm markers were both placed behind my infantry regiments (I died alittle bit inside when he placed the Scorpian)

First Turn Tomb Kings:
After questioning the dice, I gave my opponent the measuring tape and he began with his first turn. He moved his Carrion along with the Liche priest as far as he could towards my infantry regiments. And light horsemen also moved and changed formation to make a long line ready to shoot. Skeleton warriors shuffled forward along with the Ushabti, While Chariots moved forward but covered by moving near A hill.

Magic phase started with a incantation to get the Carrions to charge my Spearelves but was dispelled, Tomb king did his MWBD and gained extra shooting which was aimed at the Dragon princes, But the armour proved too well crafted. I used the Dispel scroll on the casket (which I really didnt want to use so early on) but had to due to the surprise move he tryed with his Carrions. Shooting phase saw the left Lion Chariot take 1 wound from shooting.

First turn High Elves:
I started with a charge from the Spearelves against the Carrion, Also to my surprise the Dragon Princes could charge the Liche priest who was sheltering himself behind the Carrion. Rest of the army moved slowly forward, I started Magic with Fury of Khaine spell, Which was dispelled with all his dice. This Left me with both mages casting Shield of Saphery on both regiments with no problems. With no Shooting came close combat and the Spearelves wiped out the Carrion on the charge and so did the Dragon Princes and I did Overrun on both units. But then realise my Dragon Princes were now in a bad position after getting such high rolls.

Second turn Tomb Kings:
Before taking advantage of my mistake my opponent rolled for his ICFB and got a misfire, Which caused both Tomb Scorpian and Swarm to die, But also give me the VP's! I couldn't believe my luck! He then declared a charge with Ushabti into the flank of the Dragon Princes which I chose to flee from. He moved his Chariots out from behind the hill and into the open, Which had my Lion Chariot ready itself for a flank charge. The Light horsemen saw themselves move into a position near the Dragon Princes which prevented me from rallying them next turn (At this point it looked like my opponents luck could change for the better).

Magic saw the Tomb Prince trying to use his MWBD to charge into the flank of the Spearelves, But I promptly dispelled the attempt meaning their was a very angry Lion Chariot ready for a flank charge! The Liche priest at the Casket cast Incantation to allow the light horsemen extra movement, I let this go and they charged the Dragon Princes which kept running. The light horsemen hit the White Lion Chariot in the front. The casket got dispelled again this phase. Shooting saw the Chariots let loose shooting onto the Spearelves but none fell. and with close combat ending with the whole front rank of the light horsemen being wiped out and was left down to 1 after CR (If only he didnt outnumber me :eyebrows: but still means they are stuck there for another turn.

Second High Elves turn:
The Lion Chariot on the right Thundered into the flank of the enemy Chariots, While Rest of the host moved forward ready to setup charges next turn (Mage from Spearelves group left it but moved to be inbetween both infantry units). Oh and the Dragon Princes kept running which had me worryed since they were straying close to my lines and would cause panic!

Magic saw this phase being quite devestating with Fury of Khaine targeted at the Ushabti saw one bite the dust and left one on 2 wounds! its good to get revenge for the Dragon Princes. I then cast both Shield of Saphery from the mages and the White Lions recieved the save while Spearelves one failed to cast. Ring of Fury was used and caused a spectacular 11 hits! which saw the Ushabti down to 1 model with 1 wound :cries:.

Close combat was short, Lion Chariot wiped out all the Chariots with combined 4 impact hits and the mounts + crewmen and combat resolution leaving just the Tomb Prince in close combat. And the last Light horsemen was cut down.

Third Turn Tomb Kings:
He started with a charge from the Ushabti against the mage who left the Spearelves previous turn, I have to admit I was wondering on the idea that if I let him charge me could the mage be heroic enough to use ASF and kill the Ushabti with his last wound? I decided not too and the mage ran off the other direction. The Skeleton warriors charged the Spearelves and they were found to be in range! and succeeded with fear test. Magic saw the Liche priest cast the incantation to give the archers an extra round of shooting (At this point in the battle I realised that I havent lost a single model, Chariot suffered A wound but no models died.)

Casket was dispelled again and with that came shooting, 3 was in range of the White Lions so they loosed their arrows and 2 hit and wounded... and I saved one... With one of his arrows killing one my opponent cheered and I couldnt help grinning because he finnally killed a model, But then I remembered that they have a ward save... Would this truely mean my opponent would kill a model? and make amazing come back?

Sadly not, I saved the White Lion and my opponent went mental, Was mixture of laughing and cursing.

Combat saw the Spearelves striking first and with the Noble in the unit the combined attacks killed 7 Skeleton warriors, This left the Champion to fight back and failed to hit anyone, So he lost another 7 Skeletons (I felt even more sorry for him now.) His Tomb Prince in combat with the Lion Chariot carryed on and I did 2 wounds to him while he inflicted 1. And with this my opponent decided to call it there.

After battle thoughts:
I cant begin to realise how lucky I was, The dice was on myside for pretty much whole battle and abandoned my opponent! The casket in last turn did get very high amount and, With 3 dispel dice left was hesitating and this could turn the battle some what. Wasnt to be I got double 6 :D

My opponent thinks the High Elves were beardy, And he said this everytime he charged me funny enough :p but I explained that it is quite powerful army now, But I reckon it would be a diffrent story if he took alot of shooting. In the end he said that the only way to stand a chance is to collect Vampire counts army, But I like to beg to differ. Anyway on the whole it was a very fun game and even my opponent agreed. Thanks for reading and I hope to get comments and feedback on how I can make better, more interesting battle reports!

Note: I did some calculations on my opponents army and he was about 276 points over the limit, But he was expecting 2000 points battle so I let this go.

Jack of Blades
29-01-2008, 21:35
The only way to stand a chance is to collect a VC army?
Few if any can make a more flawed saying than that :wtf:...
Nice read, more please!

13-02-2008, 20:19
All I can say is WoW. Your opponent needs a little more practice with the TK. They are not an easy army to play, but that was pretty bad. Also, The scorpion and the swarms each get their own rolls to surface, not one. So if they both misfired upon surfacing, that is pretty unlucky.

19-02-2008, 05:06
Thanks for the laugh, that was a pretty (unintentionally) humorous battle report. Like Zoolander said your opponent really needs to learn how to play his army before he starts crying about how "broken" your army is. Granted TKs are a hard army to use at 1500 points, but that doesn't change the fact that he obviously didn't know what he was doing.

One thing you mentioned in your battle seems off. You said something about him moving a unit close to your Dragon Princes to prevent them from rallying. If I remember correctly (don't have the rules in front of me) there is no rule for having an enemy unit nearby when trying to regroup like in 40k. I believe the only thing you have to worry about is being at 25% or above your units starting size.