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30-01-2008, 23:36
Hi Everybody!
(Hi Doctor Nic!)

So, I'm currently using a Chaos version of Masters of the Chapter. Its lead by Abaddon and is made up of one lord with each of the marks of chaos. Now, this is all good and fine, but what sorts of Strategic Assets do you think would fit a more Chaotic version?

30-01-2008, 23:49
Been done already in an apocolypse game I've done. Went up against a masters of the chapter on the other side. The real advantage to the Chaos Lords were the Daemon weapons. Remember that so many people seem to overlook the note in the Apocolypse book stating that Chaos can use any Imperial datasheet. The works already done for you and everything, all you need to do is choose your special character and tool up the Lords to go with...

30-01-2008, 23:58
Perhaps I should have stated my question a bit clearer.
If you were writing your own data sheet for a Masters of Chaos formation based on the masters of the chapter, what stategic assets would you give it instead of the current ones and why?

31-01-2008, 00:00
Just use the marine one and reword their rules into colourful, Chaos equivalents

31-01-2008, 00:24
I dont think theres much of the way of strategic assets that are chaosy as such.

Maybe null field generator would work for Khorne Lords, but remember the idea of the masters of the chapter is that many of their assets they choose when to bring into play to state the strategic importance of the models, and also that if the models die before they are used, the asset is lost...