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31-01-2008, 13:40
So this is the final army list for me:

Ogre Tyrant pts296
Tenderiser, Fistful of Laurels, Wyrdstone Necklace and a Luck Gnoblar

Butcher pts155

Butcher pts150

Butcher pts150

3xOgre Bulls pts117
extra Hand Weapon

3xOgre Bulls pts117
extra Hand Weapon

3xOgre Bulls pts117
extra Hand Weapon

3xOgre Bulls pts117
extra Hand Weapon

3xIronguts pts189
Standard, War Banner

3xIronguts pts144

20xGnoblars pts40

20xGnoblars pts40

8xGnoblar Trappers pts48

3xLeadbelchers pts175

4xYhetees pts260


Total: 2250 / 78 Models / 8 Casting / 5 Dispel

After losing the choice of sides, the deplayment zone was unfavorable for the Ogres, as a forest on their right flank and a very difficult rock formation on the left bottled them up. In addition to this, the woodie got a large hill, on which he deployed 2 units of archers...

He used an experimental list, which was based around a lot of treekins. So he had something like:
2x10 Glade Guard
1xWardancer Highborn
1xWardancer Noble
2x1st lvl spellcasters

He hid his large wardancer unit in the forest he placed just in front of his deployment zone, had a quartet ofTreekins next to his archers on the left and all the other units were somewhere in the middle.

I was forced to deploy some units behind others and that slowed me down quite a bit, especially since one of the Gnoblar blocks was determined to Bicker all day long...:rolleyes:

Anyway, his archers, plus the four treekins made short work of a unit of Bulls, the Iron Guts with the WarBanner and the three leadbelchers . I only managed to get 6-7 archers with the leadbelchers' cannons. Oh, there was also the Butcher with the Skullmantle on that flank, who failed to cause panic on the archers or to buff my units there. All in all, that flank went awfully bad.

In the center, the scraplauncher takes a pot at the archers, I guess exactly on their heads, I roll a hit and, of course, the other die is a Misfire! D'uh! At least I don't get the random direction rampage result, just the hit yourself on the head, which even fails to wound. All of its other shots were scattered many inches away from the targets. It ended up threatening to charge that dreadful unit of Treekins, though, and keeping them trapped, so I suppose it didn't prove THAT bad. Still, 2 Gorgers might have provided much better back up, and with a smaller random element...

In the center, a small error in the Treeman's movement, allows me to charge him with the Tyrant and the operational Gnoblar unit. I fail to kill him on my charge though, and in his turn he shoots a unit of bulls with a Butcher in. Despite the General's proximity, the fail their panic check repeatedly and end up off the table. (The passed through the bickering gnoblars while running away, who nevertheless pass their panic test with 3. Just weird :P) )

On the right flank, things are extremely better. The trappers set the charge traps and the Yhetees make their move. They charge the Treekins (which were wounded a bit from my gut magic (it didn't do anything else with my magic though, just a couple of wounds on the Treekins. His 3xDispel Scroll proved too much for them).They don't manage to swing the combat at once, but a In4 allowed me to chop them up next turn, which proved even better, as a lucky pursue roll put me in the perfect position for another charge, this time in the small Treekin unit's flank. :angel:

In the meantime, my general, after having made chopsticks off the Treeman, charges headlong into the wardancers, along with the Gnoblar unit (this was a big mistake on my part, he had much better hopes on his own, as the Gnobbos were incredibly easy targets.) Anyhow, the wardancer champion meets my challenge, and I make a pulp out of him with 4 wounds. In the meantime, though, the other wardancers plow through the Gnoblars for 9 casualties, they ended up giving him 5 more CR points to him than me. Oops! Fortunately, they brake from combat, while my general stays put.

A bit more to the right, 3xBulls along with the last Butcher charge the Dryad unit. The Butcher tries to Buff the unit with +1S, rolls 2 dice... and Miscasts! Damn, that was nasty, I'm thinking, and I roll on his miscast table (which is generally horrible). A roll of 6 though makes him Frenzied! A free extra attack out of nowhere... Anyhow, I slowly killed his Dryads, but he held up with good brake test rolls.

On his turn, my general issues a challenge again, he refuses and I place his Highborn away from me. His whole bunch of attacks causes only one wound (yay for 5T and 5+ Ward Save) and I direct my attacks on the noble and kill him. So a draw, due to his outnumber.

On the Yhetee front, they munch the flanked Treekins and fall on one of his mages. They don't manage to kill him, but he is outnumbered my fear-causing and runs. And the Yhetees complete their incredible flanking maneuver and fall on the wardancers' rear! The kill a few wardancers, while their cold aura keeps them a bit safer. On the other front, the Tyrant also gets a few wounds across, and the dancers end up losing the battle by 3. He rolled an 8, broke and was hunted down.

After that, my opponent conceded defeat, as the only things alive in his army were 13 Glade Guard, 3 treekins and a lvl1 Spellsinger. I, on the other hand, had 2 units of Bulls, a unit of Ironguts, the Scraplauncher, the 2 units of Gnoblars, the Tyrant and a Butcher. With a quick calculation, the Ogres scored a Solid Victory! *applause*

All in all, a good game with average rolls from both parties. His experimental armylist, along with some small tactical errors allowed me to gain the upper hand.

Now some comments about my units' performance:

The Gnoblar blocks were, frankly, disappointing. It was indeed an error on my part to shove them on the wardancers, but they provided nothing useful whatsoever. They only slowed me down.

The Trappers were good but not great. They did bait the trap, but the Yhetees' superior movement would give me the charge anyhow.

Both Bulls and Ironguts were not a match for the Treekins, even with better movement (though the terrain didn't allow me to maneuver as I'd like).

Thankfully, the Yhetees swept up everything, and along with the incredible Tyrant score the MVP award for this match.

The scraplauncher wasn't really effective, but it wasn't frightened of anything either. When it eventually would enter combat, I suppose it would prove alright.

The Butchers underperformed today, what with 2 of them dying on the 3rd turn. Even so, having 3 is one of the best hero line-ups for OK.


Jack of Blades
31-01-2008, 14:21
Scrappy and Trappers won't disappoint you in further games, I guarantee it.
Nice Brep, and I thought you were going to get nailed at the start!

I'd imagine you'd want to use the Trappers to hold up the Wardancers while you position yourself to double-flank charge them the next turn, as they were the only real threat to you.

Now here's the sad part, I didn't get to make an annoying comment on ''I told you you should have gotten the Cannibal Totem!'' :cries:...

More Breps please!