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31-01-2008, 21:30
Hi, people!

There's this army project of mine... I've been hoarding minis for it for about a year now and finally got around to starting painting them up. I'll highly probably post some pics at the appropriate section when I get my mitts on a guy with a camera. There will be lots of Gamezone & Rackham goodness and exactly one unit made out of GW's produckts, the foul deviant that I am... In unrelated news, this (http://battlefield-berlin.de/shop/Media/Shop/wgf_ad53.jpg) will be my chaos lord... Perhaps a McFarlane dragon too, if I get lazy...

Now, however, I'd like to present you my army list plan:

2000 points:

Exalted Chaos Champion, general
- MoCU, chariot, Berserker Sword, Enchanted Shield

Exalted Chaos Champion
- MoCU, steed, shield, Sword of Might, Horn of Auto-Fail to Rally

Bray Shaman
- 2 x dispel scroll, bray staff

Chaos Chariot (MoK) = 150
Chaos Chariot (MoS) = 140
Chaos Chariot (MoT) = 140
Chaos CHariot (MoN) = 135

5 Chaos Knights: full command & War Banner = 240
5 Warhounds = 30
5 Warhounds = 30

5 Gors + 5 Ungors: musician = 60
7 Gors + 9 Ungors: full command = 120

6 Furies = 90

Hellcannon: spellbreaker = 295


Yeah, it's a bit silly... My original idea was the Chariot Gotta Catch 'Em All and you can pry it from my cold dead hands. All the other minis I have already bought at an affordable price, so I guess you could fiddle around with them, only not too much...

There are many powerful single models, which means flexibility, which I suppose is good because I always have a hard time deciding on a strategy. A Banner of the Gods along them could make for a tasty combination, but I like magic swords and the horn seems spiffy too. Any advice?

So, any chance it will work? Howzabout with a chaos dragon?

No glaring miscalculations anywhere I hope?

02-02-2008, 13:52
EVERYTHING works with a Dragon, Chaos or otherwise. The same can be said about Treemens or anything else with terror and T6. Take one of them, and you're in the game with a strong list, no matter what it includes.

As for your list, what is that?

5 chariots, with some baits, a knight unit and a hellcannon? Where is the plan in that?

For example, the Tzeentch chariot generates power dice, something you don't need. I can imagine you're doing a "theme", but what is it?

Chances are you'll be picked apart by high to medium shooting (even light shooting will be efficient against you, especially S7 warmachines), and ranked infantry. Even cavalry or decent flyers will be a major headache. So what's your strengths?

You can't (almost) be marchblocked, since chariots move at the same speed regardless. You've hardhitters on the charge (if you charge), but lack numbers, stamina and teamwork between your units.

So to sum it up, if you don't have a plan, why are you asking for advice? :confused: