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01-02-2008, 18:31
Alright, here's an attempt at a very-magicky Tzeentch Mortals list. It out magics pretty much anything, with 15 PD, and, if I start WHFB ever, I think I may just play it.

Lord of Chaos - 210 points
Mark of Tzeentch - 140 points
Disc of Tzeentch - 45 points
Staff of Change - 65 points
Spell Familiar - 15 points
Enchanted Shield - 10 points
Biting Blade - 10 points
495 points

Exalted Champion of Chaos - 100 points
Mark of Tzeentch - 70 points
Staff of Sorcery - 50 points
Barded Chaos Steed - 16 points
236 points

Aspiring Champion of Chaos - 80 points
Mark of Tzeentch - 70 points
Power Familiar - 50 points
200 points

Aspiring Champion of Chaos - 80 points
Mark of Tzeentch - 70 points
2 Dispel Scrolls - 50 points
Additional Hand Weapon - 4 points
204 points

2x 12 Horrors
360 points

2x Chariot of Chaos 240 points
Mark of Tzeentch - 40 points
280 points

4 Knights of Chaos - 132 points
Standard Bearer - 20 points
Banner of Wrath - 50 points
Mark of Tzeentch - 20 points
222 points

Total: 1997 points

How is it? The Characters use magic to blast everything, and then the Chariots and Knights clean up enemies. The Chariots will take out small-medium units of pretty much anything, and the Knights will kill Characters.

Jack of Blades
01-02-2008, 18:40
And it also outmiscasts anything :P... good luck.

01-02-2008, 18:45
Not allowed the spell familiar as well as the staff of change...
Pretty tiny army really.

01-02-2008, 18:52
Well, you have a couple of things here. First, your lord can only have one magic weapon, so you need to decide which one. Second, your knights will get creamed quickly, as if they remain unchosen, they're very limited in what they can do. Chariots are at best hit or miss, so you may want to consider better survivability for them. You're going to have a lot of PD and 3 bound spells, but sadly Tzeentch magic is pretty weak, so most players can just shake it off.

Personally, I'd take apart your two units of horrors, then your chariots, then your knights, and gang r**e your characters one at a time. Its just too one dimensional to be considerred a real threat.