View Full Version : which Black Librery book shuld I start with?

28-09-2005, 21:41
I want to read a black liberery book, but I don't know which one shuld I start with. I want a good and fun book to read, and I want to read about either the Imperial Guard, because I thinkit ill be interasting to read about regular humans, or the Eldar, because I play them. Any suggestions?

28-09-2005, 22:40
Start with "First and Only" probably if you like the Guard.

30-09-2005, 13:34
I'd recommend either eisenhorn (Its massive, I know, but its also awesome) or witchhunter.

Whatever you do, avoid the book called wine of dreams. Avoid it like a nasty rash (And believe me, i know all about nasty rashes... ;) )

30-09-2005, 18:48
For the Emperor by Sandy Mitchell

30-09-2005, 19:00
Nightbringer by Graham McNeill.