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28-09-2005, 22:00
Just a list want constructive crtisisum and something to use up the 50 left overs pts i didnt use well here it is.
High liche preist:315pts
Cloak of dunes
Heritic jar
*Collar of Shapesh

Liche preist:165pts
2dispell scrolls

Tomb prince:108
Light armor
*Collar of Shapesh

Icon bearer:94
light armor
banner of undying legion
(Note:this might be taken out so feel free to modify list without him)
*i havent decied which character to give this to yet currently its price is in the LHP point cost.

20 skeletons:160

20 skeletons:160

20 skeletons:205
light armor
Full command

Tomb scorpion:85
Tomb scorpion:85
3 Chariots:120
4 Ushabti:240

Screaming skull catapult:110
skull of foes
Screaming skull catapult:110
Skull of foes

Total cost: 1957

The over all stargy is to plce both tomb scorpions underground in postion to attack artiilary and small heavy units, this will also possbly make th enemy hold back and wait to kill thes first if they do that buys me a few extra turns with my catapults fromthere on its play like most other lists.
Note please help me decied what to do with extra points only thing i can think of right now is adding another chariot our giving current regiment full command.

sry about any spelling mistakes.

Muffin Man
28-09-2005, 22:30
Where's the Prince going? I would suggest sticking him in a chariot and putting him with the chariot unit.

Also, I would change the armament of the skellies, not sure what yet. Buy they're all the same size, yet you're arming them as melee and ranged units. I'm assuming they're purpose will be to tarpit the enemy? If so, you could possibly just make all 3 ranged units, and add more chariots/ushabti for a harder counter-charge.

28-09-2005, 23:53
Yeah im using them for tarpits
I probly will end up putting prince in chariot unit and icon beaer in main combat skelies. only problem with adding more ushabtis and chariots is that i would have to add to alreay exsiting units cause ive used up my special chocies, and i dont want them to lose their mobility.

29-09-2005, 00:08
Icon bearers are generally not worth using (although the model makes a very nice Tomb Guard standard bearer substitute); I'd personally much rather go with another Liche Priest. Think of it this way: The Icon Bearer may be able to bring back models with his banner, but the Priest can do that too, but also has the option of casting any of the other spells at the Priests' disposal. The IB does have better combat ability, but the improvement the priest will provide to your other units will make up for it. As for equipment, the Plaques Of Mighty Incantations are quite nice, as is the Staff Of Ravening in the right situations. If you've got the extra points once you've got everything else squared away, you could also take the Golden Ankhra over the Collar Of Shapesh: same basic effect without having to sacrifice a model.

29-09-2005, 00:44
I don't have that much prejudice against an Icon Bearer.
I would place him in a chariot and give him the Standard of the Cursing Word though.
That way you can take better advantage of that items abilities.
And since the chariots can take a magic banner of their own, give them the Banner of the Undying Legion.
I also take the Staff of Ravening for the Liche High Priest.

29-09-2005, 01:27
i just reilized that the liche preist is only like 15 points more then more icon beaer if i dont gie him magic items so ill switch him with a second liche preist
ill think about staff of ravining i havent used it yet so ill play test it first.
the reason i use the collar is that its 20 points cheaper with that 20pts i can give a regiment of skellies light armor.

29-09-2005, 15:33
Your list looks reasonably good, but I would do some tinkering to maximize the potential of some of your selections.

The High Priest - it seems you are basing your army around his potential, which is fine. However, I would lose the Jar and upgrade it to the Staff of Ravening. This gives you another bound spell every turn, not one more spell once a game - 3d6 stength 2 can put a hurt on most t3 infantry (especially lightly armoured skirmishers), and it does wonders against pesky things like skinks. Combined with the cloak for mobility and the collar for durability your have a rock solid magic lord.

The Icon bearer - I agree with your plan to switch him for the 2nd priest, and perhaps giving him the Jar instead of the High Priest

As long as you are careful and keep the High Priest alive, I do not think you need to worry about tooling up the Prince for defense, although the Golden Ankhra is sweet.

Your core selection - I would rethink the sizes of your units. Your close combat unit should either be increased to 35-40 skeletons, with your archer units being reduced in size to compensate points wise. A unit of 20 skeleton infantry in a TK army just will not get the job done. As an experienced Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings Player, I can assure you that the Tomb King's style of raising is not well suited to a small unit of close combat skeletons. Your magic is much better used firing the catapults and moving the Chariots/Ushabti than raising 1d6 skeletons. Your other option is to take all the units equipped with bows and strip down the armour and command

Special - It looks fine to me. Just to offer you an alternative, you could mount your Prince in a chariot, add a standard bearer and give him the banner that gives the unit +1 to hit during the first round (sorry, I cannot recall the name of it right now). This would seriously increase the hitting power of the chariots (think a strength 6 prince hitting most things on a 2+), although the cost of losing them would increase dramatically as well.

Rare - the Catapults - My favorite war machines in the entire game. I do have one question to raise, though. Are you planning this army for tournament play or is this army for fun with you buddies? If your answer is the former then I would suggest taking off skulls of the foes - there are just too many undead, slannesh, and daemon armies in tournament play for it too be worth taking. The last tournament I played in (though with my VC) I fought 4 Vampire Counts, 1 Tomb King, and 1 Ogre army. in five of those games Skulls of thew Foe would have done nothing for me.

29-09-2005, 20:44
Idirest to post above
I am probly going to switch the hertic jar to staff of ravining cause i thought u only get to use staff once turnes out i was wrong :). i kkep my skelie units so small becasue they only have to last one turn to alow my ushabti or charoits a flank charge, plus i use the srchers for combat to.
As to the skull of foes i only used that cause i had a few extra points left, i think im going to take them away and put a prince in a chariot.

Lord Anathir
30-09-2005, 02:30
believe me...i doubt that anyone will be charging ur skellies...they are gonna go after ur support units first. The list itself looks good though. Maybe only one catapult is required but its up to you.