View Full Version : MSU Tomb Kings, Viable or No?

02-02-2008, 09:51
Hi all,

with the upcoming release of the Vampire Counts book, i've been thinking of different ways to play with Tomb kings. One of the ideas i have had is to do a MSU type list. from some preliminary calculations, the list would be along the lines of:

Tomb king, 3 Litch Priests, 6 units of skellies and 4 units of chariots.

what are your thoughts?


02-02-2008, 10:39
Chariots are fine in small units. Skeletons are not. Once they lose their ranks and no longer outnumber they disintegrate fast. Skeletons are just to weak in combat to win in small numbers.

02-02-2008, 10:41
They're fine as MSU, sure they dont last long in combat but I dont see why you'de be using MSU with normal skeletons, you want to use skeleton archer's for that.

Gazak Blacktoof
02-02-2008, 11:21

If you've got chariots as core (because you're using a king) you can take scorpions, ushabti etc.

The problem with MSU for TK is that most MSU armies are highly mobile. You'll find that without early shooting to draw out D. scrolls you'll struggle to get crucial charges off later on I think. It might balance out if you do take an entirely fast army though, that way you're going to be attempting crucial charges earlier and you can wear down magic defences that way.

02-02-2008, 11:33
I agree with Gazak. I suppose you could also use small units of heavy and light horse. They aren't great, but they are are dirt cheap.

02-02-2008, 15:06
Small units of skeleton infantry won't work; you'll be looking at a 4" movement per turn, which just doesn't cut it.
Chariots, on the other hand, are great for MSU with their fast cavalry ability. Back them up with horsemen, ushabti, carrions and the mandatory scorpions and you'll have yourself a list. Protecting your liche priests can prove tricky, though...

Esco Thomson
02-02-2008, 15:17
I have tried an MSU TK list a few times with varying degrees of success. As was said, plain skeleton warriors are not good in small numbers at all. The list needs light cavalry, and personally I go with two scorpions and two units of carrion.

A TK is a must have for the army, as you also need for the chariots to be core.

02-02-2008, 15:18
I run a list that is similar to this idea, though it is more of a 'cavalry' list then a 'MSU'.

Tomb King in chariot (with Chariot of Fire, flail and Icon of Rulership so he can flank units on his own, and Crown of Kings to boost my magic phase).

2 LP (one mounted with Staff of Ravening, the other on foot with Cloak of the Dunes and Hieratic Jar)

Icon Bearer (mounted with Banner of the Hidden Dead)

10 Heavy Horsemen with full command and BOTUL

6 Heavy Horsemen

5 Light Horsemen

10 Skeleton Archers

3 Chariots with Full command and War Banner

2 Scorpions

3 Ushabti

1 Catapult with Skulls of the Foe

I've only played a couple of games with it, one solid victory vs. a Knight-heavy empire list and 1 draw vs Dwarves.

It really depends on the flank charges and using the Horsemen units to hold up and redirect units until you can get said flanks. It is also very dependant on the Chariot unit doing well I am afraid. Versus the Dwarves, my Tomb King's chariot got cannoned so he wasn't able to support the other fast units, and the list suffered as a result.

The Banner of the Hidden Dead is mostly useful for redirects by deploying them right in front of an enemy unit. If I have the opportunity I will try to use them in the same manner as a TS due to the 18'' deployment from the Banner.