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03-02-2008, 11:53
so, with the iminent release of the new vampire book, etc.. i thought it might be woth discussing how to use the new necromancy spells to good effect,

Specifically IoN...

now it can be cast more than once per turn by a caster, and with its low casting value, one is stuck with the problem of how many dice to use... as it will not play out quite like other magic users as you can always try again...

and also how to set up your vampires for maximum effect...

does one cast with 1 die on each attempt, and try to get as many sucsessfull casts as possible, or, do you pair up your dice and get an almost garanteed cast, but only 1 cast...

so.. what to do?

Jack of Blades
03-02-2008, 12:03
I'm going to get 5 Corpse Carts. 2 of them will have the +1 to casting with the rest -1 to casting.

This allows me to have a 4/6 chance of raising on a single dice and I can't miscast. If it's a failure, use the second dice and try again :)

03-02-2008, 12:59
seeing as im not a VC general YET!!!. im not sure on what the spells are or what they need to cast yet my army will consist of mannfred in a unit of 5 bloodknights or 11 black knights and mannfred if possible will have lore of death (i like my lords highly offensive)

as for the vamps lore i am only able to run 1 necromancer and with what you guys have said ill get him as many power dice possible and probably try to get the spell off on one dice for the simple fact of i can throw the spell in different positions of the board instead of in one small area which with the army list im thinking of doing will need to control more of the bored to get my units in the combats i want them in if im thinking of the right spell its the one with the raise zombies thing right??? and if i can put zombie units behind more than one unit even if it is a small unit of zombies i get the upper hand before my units start swinging

03-02-2008, 13:05
I'm going to get 5 Corpse Carts. 2 of them will have the +1 to casting with the rest -1 to casting.
+1 to cast? I hadn't heard of that :evilgrin:

Jack of Blades
03-02-2008, 13:10
+1 to cast? I hadn't heard of that :evilgrin:

Well, it's +1 to raising. I don't remember if it was to the roll or total :D

03-02-2008, 13:12
Either way, goooooood :evilgrin:

Three Headed Monkey
03-02-2008, 14:05
Total for the corpse cart, i think. But you can just take skull staff or one of the master powers for the unit in particular for the +1 to cast.

03-02-2008, 14:43
Personally I think the VCs have had a magic boost on casting etc, and a change in direction in the Magic that keeps them the same.
But that's going from the rumours - we'll really see when we get the book ;)

03-02-2008, 21:46
I'm going to get 5 Corpse Carts. 2 of them will have the +1 to casting with the rest -1 to casting.

:eek: At what points level?

That is 500points worth of models before even paying for your army.