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03-02-2008, 14:16
Karak Izor 1500.
Hero. (Kazrik Braybak).
Thane with a runic axe (master rune of swiftness and rune of cleaving), runic shield (rune of stone), a runic horn (master rune of challenge) and an oath stone = 162. (goes with warriors)

Hero. (Thurgin Stormjard)
Runesmith with a great weapon, runic armour (master rune of gromril), runic ring (rune of spell breaking) = 124. (goes with longbeards)

Core Units.
*19 longbeards with shields, a standard bearer and a runic standard (rune of battle and rune of stoicism) = 288.

*19 dwarf warriors with shields and a standard bearer = 181.

*10 quarrellers with great weapons = 130.

*10 thunderers = 140.

Special Units.
*10 miners = 110.

Runic cannon (rune of forging) = 125.

*2 bolt throwers with an engineer = 120.

Rare Units.
Organ gun = 120.

= 1500.

I am going for a defensive army with four war machines and twenty missile troops. I know it looks a bit odd with ten miners and great weapons on the crossbows. The reason for this is because I wanted some flexibility. I want some missile troops and a hammer within a few points so I took advantage of the great weapons on the crossbows and the underground advance rule for the miners if I am fighting another defensive army. I am going for a hammer and anvil set up with the longbeards and warriors being anvils and the miners and crossbows being the hammers.

03-02-2008, 18:33
Looks like a solid list to me. The great weapons with the crossbows isnt a bad idea, though I would give them shields. Theres just something about 4+ save on a T4 archer I just love. Though if you use them as a flanking uint with the warriors or longbeards great weapons is a good way to go.

Ive never taken miners, they just dont seem worth it. They come on from a table edge, now if you place a token down for them like tunneling teams or tomb scorpions that would be great.

If you can get them to eat a war machine crew, more power to ya. I think the points might be better spent on more crossbows, thats just me.

Chaos Mortal
03-02-2008, 18:45
im not sure like the idea of an oath stone with this few troops as if you drop it your main unit cannot move and your opponant is left to pick of the rest. not a bad list though, i too use GW on my quarellers somtimes and there great for a flanking unit when need and really do add some verseitiity to the list.

Also miners can be great as even if you dont destroy a war machine the points gained from either capturing or denying a table quarter can make the difference between a draw and a win or a minor win into a major win ect, (infact this is my main use for them in most games)

Thanks, Chaos Mortal

03-02-2008, 19:15
I agree with Chaos Mortal, IMHO, you do not have enough CC troops to make the oath stone a viable tactic. The total lack of mobility it gives is a huge price to pay for the benefits

Love the miners but don't think you need 10 to go war machine hunting.

Considered making the Quarrellers into rangers?