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18-03-2005, 11:31

I'm gonna give this army a go vs Wood Elves a couple of times this weekend. The army is a mix between stuff I think would work and stuff I wanted to/managed to paint up. So the entire army is painted and based and whatnot to a pretty decent standard.

L: Elector Count; GW, AoMI, Icon of Magnus 146pts
H: BSB; full plate, Warbanner 108pts
H: Wizard; Lvl 2, disp scroll 120pts
H: Wizard; Lvl 2 95pts

C: 19 Swordsmen, Full Command, Griffon Banner 208pts
Detachment: 8 halberdiers 48 pts
C: 10 Handgunners 85pts
C: 5 Knights, full command, Banner of Duty 165
C: 5 Huntsmen 50pts

S: Mortar 75pts
S: Big Ass Cannon 100pts
S: 19 Greatswords, champ, musician 246pts
Detachment: 8 Free Company 40 pts
S: 5 Pistoliers, marksman w/ rep pistol 112pts

R: Helblaster 125pts
R: 4 Golgfags Ogres 285pts

6 PD
4 DD

2003 pts

I'm looking for any comments, or advice for taking it up to 2250 pts and further to 3000 (thus being able to make many different army lists at 2000 pts). Of course, the Golgfags won't make an appearance in every game, but for now they fill out 285 pts quite nicely ;)

Further thoughts include:
-more firepower in the form of handgunners
-more emphasis on detachments, including some skirmishing archers
-Elector count on Griffon (has to be repainted up)
-Another swordsmen regiment
-A smallish flagellants regiment, alternatively, a Regiment of reknown or another Helblaster (if I can be bothered to paint one more).
-No Stank.
-More hero choices to be able to chnage the list for more fun games, including wizard on horse, and captain on pegasus.
- 11 more knights (being able to field 2x8 if I wanna)



18-03-2005, 12:41
Well, to answer in two stages: advice against wood elves and advice on expansion.

Against the wood elves - that list stands as much chance as any, unless you go down boring avenue and pick a weighted list.
I'll warn you that those pistoliers won't survive long unless you protect them extensively, and the greatswords will get whittled continually - relatively easy kills for wood elf archery considering the VPs. It might be advisable to find a way to bulk out their detachment a little or add another for a simple missile screen. They'll also be able to interfere with the wood elf classic of ganging up on one unit. They won't survive against much, but they'll slow down the flank swamping woodies love.

Ogres are a great choice against woodies with their toughness and wounds but I do question why Golgfag is necessary. If you have your heart set on him, fair enough - its still a hard unit, but for points conservation a 4 man unit of regular ogre bulls will probably do just as good a job and be much cheaper. You can always use the golgfag models to do this after all...

If you did this, you'd probably find plenty of points to flesh out your detachments and maybe get an item for the second mage - either a further scroll, or, more entertainingly, the humble doomfire ring. D6 S3 hits is surprisingly handy against elves and it may nibble at the dispel pool.

As for expansion of the list in general...

I definitely agree with the additional swordsman regiment. You need more big blocks to call upon and swordsmen fit the bill like no other. However, if you fancy variety for the sake of it (like myself), any state regiment will do.

Similarly, more knights are a great addition. Having 14 or so in your collection enables you to make a huge sledgehammer unit or two small but capable ones. A mounted warrior priest will add more fun on field and painting desk.

Those are the more obvious extensions, the rest is up to taste. Flagellants are a handy troop to have available, a second unit of pistoliers is probably a wise investment, they can dominate games. Oh, and you'll probably find yourself wanting a second great cannon. The cannon provides the great facility of removing heavy cavalry and monstrous types, which the imperial troops don't cope with too wel up close... having two will obviously lessen the effect of a rogue misfire, a bad guess or simply double your target choice.

Good luck with it.

18-03-2005, 15:16

Okay, numberone.
MORE SWORDSMEN!!! 2 big units of 25 with 10-12 strong detachments. They are awesome with detachments of Halbierders. Then add way more firpower and Knights. Numbers, Firepower, and Knights, the perfect Empire army.(IMO)

Hope this helps,

The Leader of You.(JK)

18-03-2005, 15:26
I personally would demote the level 2 wizards to level one, give one of them two dispels and one of them a dispel and the Doomfire ring.

You're usually magically inferior when you play woody's so you might as well accept it and just shut down the magic fase as good as possible.

With the doomfire ring to just take the odd potshot.

Khorn on the march
18-03-2005, 20:27
More KnIghts, what kind of knights is it?
At least 8 of them, mortar is a great shooter against skaven and goblins or other T3 with low armour save.

20-03-2005, 12:29

the Article about "against the weeds" has some interesting thoughts on how to defeat the woodies :) Maybe its too late now, but i guess it would be nice for further development of your army to read some of the articles on that site :)

21-03-2005, 11:43
Thanks for the feedback, guys. The article you posted, pelsboble, is great, I have read it at least twice before.

I managed 5 games vs the welvsies during the weekend. Basically 2 massacres in favour of me (on of them being him playing the defender in the 7 knights scenario, where I softened up his dragonlord with a helblaster and then challenged him with my elector count as well as getting my pistoliers in range of his unicorn riding archmage), 2 draws and 1 massacre in his favour (I screwed up my deployment and divided my army, so he picked on one half at the time)

Learning points:

-I have to solid units in the swordsmen and greatswords regiment. The greatswords regiment in particular, kicks butt.
-The 1+ armour save of the knights is more awesome then I could imagine (The 5 man regiment took a charge from his dragon, struck at the soft elf on top, and promtly broke and overrun him. They also took a ******** of arrows, drawing the fire away from the rest of the army).
-The pistoliers are great, but needs to be shielded by the knights, unless I have two regiments.
-The Golgfags were great but will be the first to go when I paint up more knights and do the 2x7 with characters set up.
-The small detachments worked out better than I could have hoped for. The thing about taking two large regiments with two large detachments, is that you won't get to deploy the army as tight as you would like vs a foe the outmaneuvers you.

THe first obvious expansion is to paint up more knights and characters on horses, dropping the warbanner on the BSB, and kitting him out with a magic sword and armour instead

I will also paint up my elector count on griffon, even though he did an ACE job on foot with the swordsmen.



21-03-2005, 14:00
Ah sounds like some fun games :) Ye that empire site got loads of tactical advice which is actually very interesting to read no matter what race you play ;)

And knights with the 1+ save is just great. They can soak up so much damage :)

Cool that you managed to kill his dragon tho. I killed his rider when i played him, but came 2 inches short of a pursuit. So he rallied him and destroyed the followers pretty easy :D