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04-02-2008, 09:06
Well, it seems that my work on the 54mm Dark Angel has inspired some interest, as I've now been commissioned to do a 28mm pre-Heresy Angron of the World Eaters.

I should hasten to add that I feel that I can only take on a maximum of two projects at any one time until I've settled into things. This whole "building and painting models professionally" thing is new to me.

Anyway, the concept sketches:

Beginning from John Blanche's illustration of Angron in the Visions books, I offered this opening salvo to the client:


This was really for me to get a feel for the character himself and to judge the client's preferences. From this, the client was able to say that he would like to see Angron in Terminator armour, but not on the "Wayne England" approach. After some discussion, we agreed that he wanted the model to be in motion, with an axe (but without the silly faces) and that he wanted to see some World Eaters iconography on the armour. At the same time he wanted to see a clear link in the imagery to Angron's gladiator past (including the neuroenhancements).

So I did this:


I kept the moulded breastplate from the original sketch to reference the gladiatorial style, but also kept those hi-tech power cables under his arms, because I think they counterpoint the moulded breastplate nicely.

The terminator shoulder pads are from the early patterns seen in the Visions series and I kept the spikey bits above his head (a foreshadowing of the future?). He's got WE iconography on his left knee and right shoulder pad and I've faded out the axe, because that's getting separate attention.

You can also see, in the top right hand corner, my rough line of approach: slicing apart a standard Terminator to add bulk and length in all the major limbs and in the torso.

The client loved this illustration, but wanted the model to be in its final act of swinging his chainaxe into the enemy, so I did one last sketch of Angron himself:


Terminator armour is bulky, unwieldy stuff and it was hard to capture the sense of motion without pushing the boundaries of how the armour could feasibly articulate. I figured that, to build up a good head of speed, the wearer would pretty much have to push off sideways, like a sprinter on a track. Once I've got the model, I'll have a better look to see how far I can push the limits of the articulation, but for now I think this works.

The client has approved it and I can move on to finishing my designs for the axe.


04-02-2008, 10:00
I love all the pre heresy models I see, il be watching this.
Nice drawings as well.

04-02-2008, 10:12
Your Concept art looks really nice so far, I'm sure you have more coming if this is anything like your Dark Angel work.

So how do you plan on doing Primarch sized Terminator armour?

04-02-2008, 11:57
Refer to the middle picture, top right-hand corner.


04-02-2008, 12:07
Refer to the middle picture, top right-hand corner.


Gotcha, I guess I'll wait and see.

07-02-2008, 11:23
Another ambitious project log Precinct, one to rival the Dark Angel. I look forward seeing your sculpts

02-04-2012, 12:25
Is this the longest time for the resurrection of a dead thread ever?

I did the concept sketches (above) for a client just after Precinct Omega started up in business but, after he pulled out before sculpting began, I put the images away and move on to other things. Then, last month, another client asked about Angron sculpts and I showed him the sketches. He loved them and, other than asking for the depiction of Angron to be clearly Khornate, has directed me to proceed with sculpting this into reality. Ergo:


I'm drawing on a lot of sources for this sculpt, so a close resemblance to my concepts aren't necessarily a given. This should take me a couple of weeks to finish sculpting, and then Precinct Omega Studios will paint the finished model. And before anyone asks, no, there won't be any casting done of this model, even though the armature parts will be almost invisible by the time it's finished.


02-04-2012, 15:22
Quick update from the day's output:



03-04-2012, 15:25
So, progress:


As you can see, I've started sculpting his face. The basic features are there - eyes, nose and mouth are essentially sketched out - but it needs a little fine-tuning, plus I still have to sculpt all the cables going into the top of his head. I've also nearly finished his upper torso and started on his HUGE AXE(TM). Rather than sculpt this from scratch, it's made by combining two chaos space marine chainswords with the axe from a Beastmen Gor Champion. It needs a lot of touching up and fixing to make it completely work, but I think it captures the essence of the unrestrained savagery of Angron.


13-04-2012, 13:28
Very sorry not to have had any feedback on this, so far, but here's what I've managed to get done over Easter, what with two children's birthday parties, Easter itself and a temporarily-invalid wife:



15-04-2012, 10:22
To me the face seems a little flat, but then again it could just be the angle or the light or something

15-04-2012, 10:45
Well, it's an impressive undertaking. Though I can't really figure out his pose though, what is he doing?

He is running towards his enemies, ready to engage in the genocide of their forces...but he is not in a battle stance, his arms are all over the place and he is wide open. He lifts his axe as if to signal his men to follow him in...though with a man of that size, there is not a marine on the field that would miss the fact that he was assaulting anyway...

17-04-2012, 14:19
He's a berserker, going berserk. I did, actually, want to make him a bit more dynamic but discovered that the anatomy of the Terminator armour somewhat limited my options. His right hand will be pointing, whilst his left will be holding up his huge axe ready to swing it into the skull of the poor sap he's pointing at.

@Shadowmancer - My camera is a bit old and tired and was never that good to start with. His face, to be fair, is a little flat, but it's not finished so hopefully I'll improve it before it's done. This sculpting thing is fairly new to me, despite my past projects.


17-04-2012, 16:38
Well, as he is pictured above it looks more like he'll bash someone's head in with the flat side than actually use the chainaxe part...

17-04-2012, 20:10
Early days, sir. Early days.

Still, if he looks like that on completion I'll not be too upset. Khorne cares not from whence (or how) the blood flows.


20-04-2012, 19:51
I've started building up the detail on the sculpt:



Hideous Loon
22-04-2012, 17:20
Great work so far, with a nicely dynamic sculpt.

Where does the "hood" go after the neck? Will Angron have a massive hump on his back, or will it flow naturally into the back?

The pose highlights a major flaw in Terminator armour design (through no fault of yours, I must say). It really isn't designed to have the legs that close together (the crotchplate and "hip-ribbing" are great examples of what I mean).

What colourscheme is he going to have? The preheresy World Eater scheme, with massive amounts of gore perhaps (and not that well cared for, with stains and oil-leaks on the once pristine white)?

22-04-2012, 18:49
Its a nice sculpt, though he *does* look he's running away from something. Mabe a subtle repositioning is in order?

24-04-2012, 09:33
@Hideous Loon - I'd love to paint him in the blue and white with lashings of Tamiya Clear Red. Sadly, he is deigned to integrate with the client's existing Khorne-themed Chaos Space Marine army, so will be in post-Heresy colours.

@BasetheRuin - I'm increasingly coming to agree, but I'm reluctant to break out the razor saw until I've fixed the hands in place. Once I have... we'll see.


24-04-2012, 15:59
The Axe is too big. He wielded Gorefather and Gorechild (Kharn's chainaxe). They were a matched pair of chainaxes, so really you need to Kharn's axe as a guide

24-04-2012, 18:28
No, no, no. You've clearly missed the point:

Kharn's axe is too small! :D

This model isn't canonical - after all, Angron rose to daemonhood before Skalathrax, which was before they reached the Eye, so I can take liberties to suit the client's preferences.


24-04-2012, 20:22
@BasetheRuin - I'm increasingly coming to agree, but I'm reluctant to break out the razor saw until I've fixed the hands in place. Once I have... we'll see.


Good luck with that, I'm very interested in the result however it turns out. Sculpting a whole mini is worthy of respect, especially an ambitious project like this.

11-05-2012, 14:19
A quick update. Current skull-count sits at seven, but the latest one was a big one, and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks, so thought I'd share:


There are lots of other additions - spiky details are going onto the armour's banding. The joints are getting armoured articulation and I've extended the detail of his torso around his back, but this was the most significant addition since the last update.


22-05-2012, 15:32

I've added a second shoulder pad and the flayed face of an enemy to his belt (it's upside down, in case you were wondering).


08-06-2012, 10:12
Very ambitious and I'm eager to see how it turns out. So far it looks good.

Quick point about the flayed face, it seems a little out of proportion ... I mean it might just be how skin looks stretched out (not an expert at that kind of thing :p) but it seems a lot larger then Angrons face and idk of many beings that would be that ,uh bigger then a primarch

Rev. Tiberius Jackhammer
11-06-2012, 02:16
Nice sculpt there, love the flayed face, haven't seen that pulled off so well in a while.

04-08-2012, 16:00
Phew! I've finally got back to Angron and aim to finish him over the next few days, as SWMBO has told me to get on with it!


As you can see, I abandoned the original axe design for something completely original. I think this makes him look a lot less like he's running away and more like he's about to carve your face off.


04-08-2012, 18:41
That axe head reminds me on axe I did on this drawing http://alanbajric.deviantart.com/art/Pre-Imperium-Angron-304651111 . Great progress so far, cant wait to see it finished.

08-08-2012, 15:51
Nice stuff, Alan. I think I saw that in the Eye of Terror group on dA.

Here're the last sculpting pics of Angron:



And here's the first painting WIP:



08-08-2012, 18:30
Looking great so far

10-08-2012, 12:57
New PIP shot:


I think he's about 90% of the way there, now.


10-08-2012, 14:59
Looking really good so far. I really like the blue gems on his armor, how'd you get them to look so real?

10-08-2012, 18:32
I just follow the guide from White Dwarf, to be honest. I've done it the same way for years.


11-08-2012, 10:53





Phew. Good to see this one come to a close.


12-08-2012, 19:03
Very nice, but the thing that caught my eye are those effects on armor and axes.

21-08-2012, 04:05
I like it. He needs a cape...