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Sir Lambard
05-02-2008, 22:38
hello to all
thought of a colorful Bret list

Grail Vow
Birth-Sword of Carcassone
Gromril Great Helm
Dragons' Claw


9 KotR FC
2 x 6 Kotr
32 Men-@Arms FC
36 Peasent Bowmen
12 " " Skirmish



total 2004pts

any suggestions would be great
lol i kno the hippogryph is uneccessary, and a waste of pts, but i love th model, and all my fellow gamers have a tooled up and customized generals
once again thanks

06-02-2008, 00:41
I dont see anything wrong with the hippogrith, its cheap, flys, causes terror and breaks ranks.

I think the army is good, however I would drop the fighting infantry since they will not keep up with the army. I would take another unit of knights insted or maby mounted yeomen.

32 archers is a bit eccessive.

4 knight units plus the hypogrith is not a amazing amount. I prefer units of 6 since it means you get more units, you can always combine charges if its a particulary hard enemy.

I have never used a trechibut, considering bretonians have such amazing calvery I prefer to take as many knight units as possable. However if it hits it can be pretty nasty.

My army is lord on pegasus, bsb on pegasus, 2 scroll caddys, 6 6 man KOTR lances and 3 peg knight units.

Sir Lambard
06-02-2008, 01:09
36 archers even w/ BS 2 at max range can at least saw off a rank, and the m@A are to protect the archers and treb
then ill wait as the enemy comes close and charge each unit until all cc are dead
any other suggestions would be great

06-02-2008, 01:19
Its a good idea however I doubt there will be many armys that you will be able to out shoot. Most will be able to force you to come to them.