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05-02-2008, 22:58
Hey guys,

Looking for some C&C on this list to see if its decent enough as a start into the shambling desert. Ta!

Tomb King Armour of the Ages, Golden Anhkra, Great Weapon

Lich Priest (HP) Cloak of the Dunes , Hieratic Jar

Lich Priest Skeletal Mount, Staff of Ravening

Lich Priest Casket of Souls, Dispell Scrollx2


25 Skeletons Hand Weapons, Shields, Command, Banner of the Undying Legion

25 Skeletons Hand Weapons, Shields, Command, Banner of the Cursed Word

10 Skeletons Bows

10 Skeletons Bows

4 Chariots


Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion

Screaming Skull Catapult Skulls of the Enemy


05-02-2008, 23:30
wow...loads of caracters and mega-costly generals...and not much units to put magic on:p. Personally, i would take ushabit, because whit the raising spell (cant remember the name lol) their deadly. Aslo, against most army, a chariot unit will get blast like nothing. But im not and long playing TK player....

for the 2 scorpions, i cant say anything bad, because i love them so much!!:angel: power to the dead:skull: (but not to much)

06-02-2008, 00:02
Hi -- I have a few thoughts.

Your King is really loaded down with defensive gear. I find that he usually survives well enough with just the Ankhra or Armour, or even the Collar (assuming that you're running him in a unit). You could then give him a Destroyer of eternities -- just saying, is all.

The Staff of Ravening, for what it does, costs a lot of points. Maybe you kill a few light troops with it, maybe you draw out a couple of dice, but... meh. If you ditch it, I'd spread out the scrolls, obviously.

Consider expanding your Special Units selection -- you've only got two! Tomb Guard, Ushabti... anything with a bit more hitting power.

By the way, only one of your Skeleton units can have a magic banner. I'd keep the Undying Legion.

Good luck with your list-making.

06-02-2008, 00:20
Couple suggestions:
1)Give your king something like destroyer of eternities and collar, a king can survive for a long time without any army at all, with collar and destroyer hell be a force to reckon with.
2)Another big problem is your list has no real hitting power. The chariots will struggle against an elite unit, I suggest drop a unit of skeletons(and never use standard of curse word, it is so useless) maybe drop some gear from a liche and pick up either TG or Ustabhi. If the points are left over give them the reforming banner and your in business.

06-02-2008, 00:31
I would fill your rare. Screaming skull catapults and bone giants are amazing, especally with all your magic.

I would lose a skelleton unit to do this.

The list is good however I would even go so far as lose the other skelleton unit to take more scorpions.

One nasty combo for the king that my friend uses is the weapon which allows his kills to restore wounds along with the thing which wont let him lose more that one wound to resolution. Send him into a unit and he will hold them up for the entire game steadily grinding them down. Plus if he has a chariot he will get his chariot back as he kills enemy guys.