View Full Version : How will Apoc, city fight etc work under 5th ed?

06-02-2008, 09:25
I was just thinking about this as I really love Apoc, and cityfight, and with the new rumored planetstirke comming out as well I thought I would ask.

Will the 5th ed rules be compatable (with no real FAQ needed) for apoc, cityfight (and lets assume they release it before 5th) planetstrike?

Are any of the rules in 5th ed likely to change anything within the game, like with Apocs Asset cards for alternative deployement, and the new scout rules. Will they conflict?
Would there be anything that would render the Apoc, cityfight rules no good, unless major change happens?

Brother Loki
06-02-2008, 09:30
Well, the version I've seen has the city ruins rules lifted wholesale form CoD. Apocalypse has also been pretty much designed with 5th edition in mind, as have most of the recent codexes (orks, eldar, chaos, dark angels etc.)

Neither Apocalypse or CoD really change anything fundamental to the game, they just add things. I think they've both been a big influence on the way the new rules have been written.

06-02-2008, 09:41
[[[ Ah! but the CoD have been around long enough to have had their rulles added to that pdf back a bit. Apocalypse on the other hand has been printed and seems to work actually best with 4th ed rules as they allow the superheavies to work, in the 5th ed, superheavies would assumedly be screwed, and the Apocalypse games would bog down even further as they have rules to allow AC, and rely on tanks, whereas 5th ed makes for very slowed down vehicles! Now Apocalypse does have the unified vehicle damage rules in them, but that is all. perhaps GW looked at this pdf of 5th and said, "Okay, we can likely pick some of these for ideas" and may have just tossed the rest, we will not know until the real 5th ed makes it to print.

Brother Loki
06-02-2008, 10:05
Why would superheavies be screwed in Apocalypse under 5th? All their rules are in the Apocalypse expansion book, so they clearly work differently from normal vehicles, just as they do in 4th - they move differently, the shoot differently and have their own damage tables.

06-02-2008, 10:08
I'll guess you all better wait for "Hypercalypse", coming 2009. If you buy 20 Baneblades, you get one set of new and revised vehicle damage dice for free!!!