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06-02-2008, 11:59
Dwarf lord: general, shieldbearers, GW, RO stone, RO resistance, MRO challenge, RO warding= 236
Thane: BSB, MRO stromni redbeard, RO guarding, Strollaz rune=275
Thane: oathstone, GW, shield, RO stone=96

23 Longbeards: standard, musician, shields, RO battle, RO stoicism=341
23 Longbeards: standard, musician, shields, RO battle, ancestor's rune=326
23 Warriors: shields, FC *BSB here*=232

24 Hammerers: standard, mucisian, RO battle, RO sanctuary=370
23 Ironbreakers: FC,RO battle, RO determination=374

"Tactix:" BSB goes roughly at the center, the army marches as one at the opposition and crushes it under 7 static combat resolution, helping it on the way with their very able axe-arms. General will be next to BSB, and thane takes the flank with hammerers (stubborn unit with no flanks and static CR of 7, should hold the flank for some time), against fear-causers lord takes the flank.

07-02-2008, 17:34
To be honest, I think the list needs a lot of tweaking.

The lack of warmachines doesn't bother me, as you should be close enough soon thanks to the strollaz's rune, and the rune of challenge will help get your lord engaged. However, against an army with moderate shooting and magic capabilities you'll have quite a hard time: he can afford to hang back and kill whatever he can while avoiding engagement until the very last moment.

The units sizes are a bit off... Units of 23 dwarves seem a bit too much to me, especially since you're investing 100 points in the rune of stromni redbeard. The longbeards could be as small as 15-strong while remaining effective, and the same stands for hammerers. (which should have shields and be fielded alongside your lord)

Champions are a good buy for dwarves, especially in elite units, as they can save your hide from powerful characters (And you'l let your massive CR do the trick)

I think you've overdone it with runes bolstering your combat resolution. As a result, your unit count suffers. Try including some mobile units, such as rangers and miners to aid while you advance.(if you're ucky and get to deploy rangers within 12" of the BSB, you may as well be looking at a 1st turn charge :)

You're a bit vulnerable against magic, but that's not a problem since you have the numbers to weather it.

Suggested changes:
-Drop both longbeard units to 15 or so, full command, runes are good as is.
-warriors could become 20-strong, they'll still be OK
-Hammerers should be less and have shields (18 at most, I'd go for 14/15 if I were you).
-Ironbreakers can do miracles even when 15-stong (they have the rune of battle, plus the MRO stromni redbeard, they should do fine. If you're worried about fear/terror, give them the rune of courage instead of the rune of battle.
-Buy yourself a unit or two of miners, 10-stong or so. they make great flankers/warmachine hunterss, and will get back their points later on in the game.
-Consider getting another unitof warriors, this time upgrading them to Rangers. The changes I suggeted will more or less cover this.
-Consider investing on the master rune of Grungni. The 5+ ward save will help against magic and shooting.
-Finally, how about a gyrocopter? it could help a lot with skirmishers and warmachines, as well as redirect charges (just like an eagle in an elf army, only costing thrice the points)

Sorry for tearing the list apart, feel free to ignore me. After all, winning at WH is more about learning how to play a list rather than designing a perfect list.
Still, hope I helped! ;)


07-02-2008, 17:46
Yes, well... As it can almost be seen from the list itself, the point was that every unit has warbanner, nothing else. This is more of a joke as an army list :) But I actually have a backup list that is more refined version of that, and contains many of the changes you suggested.
Unit sizes stay up, as I expect to sustain a lot of shooting&magic, and don't want to barely tie with enemy regiments because of BSB nearby, but to break them with my CR and BSB with a clear margin. Anyway, the "true list" that is not only because its fun:
Dwarf lord: general, shieldbearers, GW, RO stone, RO resistance, MRO challenge, RO warding= 236
Thane: BSB, MRO stromni redbeard, RO guarding, Strollaz rune, oathstone=275
Runesmith: RO stone, GW, 2 scrolls, R0 warding=144

21 Longbeards: standard, musician, shields, RO battle, RO stoicism=341
21 Longbeards: standard, musician, shields, MRO grugni=341
22 Warriors: shields, FC=232

3x 6 miners: musician=3x71
21 hammerers: shields, FC, RO battle= alot


Managed a minor victory against empire (3 regiments, 5 machines, some outriders and 3x knights), could have got a solid but some why I put the stone down when I should have trusted the longbeards handling themselves without it.

Thank you from commenting, it was helpfull anyway.