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06-02-2008, 20:01
This is a first try for a 1500 pt Mortal Hordes army. Here it goes

Exalted Champion 185
Slaughterer’s Blade (great weapon, every wound dealt he gets to attempt to regenerate on 4+), Enchanted Shield, Mark of Khorne, Army General

Aspiring Champion 190
Hand Weapon, Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne, Banner of Rage, Chaos Armor.

Exalted Champion 235
Mark of Khorne, Axe of Khorne, Hand Weapon, Enchanted Shield, Amulet of Protection, Juggernaut of Khorne.

Warriors 363
12 Warriors, Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Extra Hand Weapons, Banner of Rage, Shields, Chosen.

Knights 310
5 Knights, Mark of Khorne, Banner of Rage, Full Command, Barded Chaos Steeds.

Hounds 60
10 Hounds

Hounds 60
10 Hounds
The exalted champion and battle standard bearer would go witht the chosen, while the aspiring on the juggernaut would maybe go witht the knights.the hounds would screen and try to prevent the frenzy. wonder how it would work. i know there is almost no way of outnumbering, but these things can dish out a crazy nuber of attacks. plus the banner of rage keeps them with frenzy...

Any help would be great. also slaughterers blade isnt in the army book, but it was on army builder and i like it...

07-02-2008, 09:19
You have the banner of rage three times!
you can have it only once.
And it is not that good on your BWB as half of it already is something the BSB does.

Tactically it is much better to have 4x5 units warhounds for two points.
1 you can deploy them first leaving your opponent guessing where the real units are going to be.
2 more targets means more probability your important units are still there.

Your second exalted champion has a handweapon right? not an extra handweapon, because that would be useless due to the magical axe of khorne.

You have the enchanted shield twice and you can't use it when the model needs two hands to wield his weapon ( the general)

Do you really need that blade? I don't remember the amount of points, but the gaze of the gods does the same if you use a great weapon (except for the magical attacks) and I think it is cheaper.

Overall: you need more tough units.

If armybuilder gives you a warning the red exclamation mark lights up.
Though armybuilder isn't perfect most of the mistakes in this list the program has noticed

07-02-2008, 12:35
Multiple uses of the same magic items aren´t allowed.
3 characters in 1500 pts is a waste of points in Khornate armies.
Better to use Strength enhancing weapons when already having multiple attacks (rather than additional handweapons), gives you more kills on average.
Hound units are too big.
You´ll need some fast units to take care of enemy warmachines & fast cavalry...

The Red Scourge
07-02-2008, 15:01
Full command is a big waste on your knights. Thats 50 pts comparing to making them chosen for 60. So if you butcher 5 warhounds – and split the remaining into teams of 5 to be used as a meat shield for the knights, you'll have the points to take 5 chosen knights of the skull lord with a banner of rage – and that'll hurt.

07-02-2008, 20:56
yeah, i completely forgot the multiple magic items thing. the enchanted shield on the exalted is kinda pointless. i originally had it to protect him from shooting. the hand weapon is not additional, it came with him, no idea why i put it. which character should i scrap? i kinda wanted a unit of furies in here, but not enough room. if i take out some warhounds, one character, andmake the knights chosen i should have enough for some furies. i gotta go make another list...

last point: the slaughterers blade only allows you to gain a wound, gaze of the gods gives a 4+ ward save and if you run you turn into spawn. i think you are thinking of the blade of blood. every unsaved wound you can take a strength test, if you pass you gain a wound but if you fail you lose one. it is only 5 points more for the slaughterers blade.

thanks a lot for the help! keep it comin please!

08-02-2008, 16:08
Ok second try. this list seems a lot more full. also i think ive smoothed out the magic items prolem.

Chaos Mortal Army
1499 Points

Exalted Champion 240
Berserker Axe (sword), Juggernaut, Enchanted Shield, Mark of Khorne, Army General

Aspiring Champion 190
Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne, Banner of Rage.

Warriors 412
13 Warriors, Mark of Khorne, Full Command, War Banner, Chosen, Extra Hand Weapons, Shield.

Knights of Chaos 310
5 Knights, Chosen, Standard, Champion, Mark of Khorne.

Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds

Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds

Warhounds 30
5 Warhounds

Marauders 137
16 Marauders, Shields, Light Armor, Full Command.

Furies 120
8 Furies

the exalted would either big monster hunt(berserker blade) or hang witht the knights, the aspiring would stick in witht the warriors, the hounds would screen and the entire thing would advance as a phalanx. except maybe the knights go off as a flanking unit. furies war machine hunt. Marauders are there to give me some combat resolution, maybe outnumbering. Magic wise i should be all set with those extra dispel dice from khorne units.

more help is welcome.