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Lord Omnissah
06-02-2008, 20:52
This is a little fluffy army I am planning for a tournament in my area, Tell me what you think!

Lords and heroes:

Arch Lector:306 Points
The War Altar
The Enchanted Shield
Mace of Helsturm

Warrior Priest:119 Points
Great Weapon
Armor of Meteoric Iron

Warrior Priest:133 Points
Barded Warhorse
Heavy Armor
The Hammer Of Judgement

Captain of the Empire:103 Points
Barded Warhorse
Dawn Armor

Total Character Cost: 661 Points

Core Units

24x Swordsmen:265 Points
Full Command
(Warrior Priest on foot joins these)
[Detachment]: 12 crossbowmen

9x Knightly Order:247 Points
Full Command
(Captain joins these)

25x Flagellants:260 Points
Prophet of Doom

20 Haleberdiers:200 Points
Full Command
[Detachment]: 10 Handgunners

Core Total:972 Points

Special Units:

20 Greatswords:310 Points
Full Command
[Detachment]: 10 Handgunners

9x Inner Circle Knights:274 Points
Full Command
(Mounted Warrior Priest joins these)

Special Unit Total: 584 points.

Rare Units:

25x Flagellants:260 Points
Prophet of Doom

Rare Unit Total: 260 Points.

Army Total:2,471 Points.
Model Count: 168
Casting Pool: 0
Dispell Pool: 4
Have fun dissecting it!

06-02-2008, 21:02
Ok, this is the problem I see: you have no real magic and no warmachines. You are basically a take the fight to them type of army. However, you have hangunners and crossbowmen as detatchments which can't move and shoot.

So you're detachments are set up for a static army, yet you don't have what you need to force the enemy to you.

I'd change those detachments to haleberdiers (as you put it) to help you out on the move.

You might also want to take out that captain and put in a mage to use those 2 free PD from your pool and thus make it easier to get your other spells off.

06-02-2008, 21:04
Replace the halbardiers with swordsmen and make the halbardiers detachments. This list will stuggle if your opponent fields even a few monsters or warmachines and the knights will not be enough if they do.

Lord Omnissah
06-02-2008, 21:09
Looking at it, I see that you're right, my main problem is that the detachments are too static. What if I changed the crossbowmen and handgunners to bowmen? Also, war machines just don't seem to fit with the fluff in this army.

06-02-2008, 21:11
Bowmen would be more functional in this army.

06-02-2008, 21:53
The first flagellant unit has the points wrong. Pretty cool list, don't like the war altar myself but that's just my taste

Lord Omnissah
06-02-2008, 23:04
The first flagellant unit has the points wrong.

Saw that, it's fixed!

07-02-2008, 04:01
I've seen Empire list work with little magic, but they are heavy on infantry. Units in the 30+ range where you use numbers to absorb the magic. Don't expect to get any of your prayers off either.

I would assume you would have the VHS on one of your priest to for those big nasty lords and demons.

Do you plan to make you captain a BSB bearer and put him in the unit of greatswords? The Rerollable stubborn break test would help.

Definatley think of going offensive and use archer screens instead of he handgunenrs / xbowmen detachments.

07-02-2008, 07:18
Nice one, and it's really quite faithful to the background!

Some thoughts:

-Your infantry blocks would be greatly aided by some combat detachments (halberdiers and free company come to mind)

-Archers are the way to go if you want to support the blocks while keeping on the move. However, I'd add some small cossbows detachments as well to pick on soft targets such as fast cavalry, fanatics and flyers.

-Magic won't be an issue for this list, what with 6 dispel dice available. As for your magic phase, i'd say 5 bound spells is as close to the Tomb Kings as it gets! :D

-After you playtest the list a bit, I think you'll notice the lack of available space for all of your footslogging units to be effective...

-Some fast cavalry wouldn't hurt, seeing as you've got the slots... Maybe a small unit of pistoliers or two... or even dogs of war fast cavalry if you're short in points.

-make the captain a bsb, the +1 combat resolution always comes in handy, as well as the re-roll for the break tests. If you do so, you can't take a lance. I'd go with the sword of might if I were you...it will give him staying power.

-The knights could use a magic banner. Right now, it only takes one casualty to remove the rank bonus, which is doable. However, if you trim them a bit and give them the War banner, they'll keep that +1 CR until the very end.

-If you decide to keep the halberdiers (which i think you should, they are decent when accompanied by a warrior priest-the swordsmen can perform quite well ont their own), bump them up to 25 or so. You'll need your full CR when you get into combat.

-Remember to maximize the flagellants' potential by fielding them 7-wide!

-If you're going for staying power, VHS might be better than the Mace of Helstrum, although I like the choice (and it's quite effective, especially with hatred on the first round of combat)

All in all, what i'm suggesting is:

25 swordsmen, full command, 5 archers(det), 10 halberdiers(det)
24 halberdiers, full command, 5 archers(det), 10 halberdiers(det)
7 Knightly orders, full command, BSB here
21 Flagellants, prophet

20 Greatswords, full command, 5 crossbowmen(det), 10 Free company(det)
7 IC knights, War Banner, full command, priest here
5 pistoliers

21 Flagellants, prophet
6 Fast Cavalry, spears (dogs of war)