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07-02-2008, 03:35
I've recently started playing Fantasy, but I've been playing 40k for years.

The recent anouncment of the Fantasy Ard Boyz tourny drove me to try my hand at it. I've put together a 3500pt ard boyz list, and would like some feedback on it.


NG Great Shaman - Lvl 4 caster, Martog's best Basher, Staff of Sneaky stealin, The Pipes of Doom

NG Shaman - Lucky's Dirk, Dispel Scroll, Mad Cap Mushrooms
NG Shaman - Dispel Scroll, Power Stone
NG Shaman - Sword of Striking, Effigy of Mork

NG Big Boss BSB - Rowdy Grott's Big Red Raggedy Banner

2x Forest Goblin Spider Riders x9 - Boss, Musician, Hand Weapon, Spear, Shield

Night Goblins x35 - Boss, Musician, Standard, Nets, Hand Weapons, Shields
Fanatics x3

3x Night Goblins x35 - Boss, Musician, Nets, Hand Weapons, Shields
Fanatics x2

4x Night Goblins x30 - Boss, Musician, Nets, Hand Weapons, Shields, Spear
Fanatic x1

3x Goblin Rock Lobba - Orc Bully

4x Spear Chucka - Orc Bully

3x Goblin Doom Diver

= 3500pts

C&C Welcome

The idea is to sit behind my big guns and spells until the enemy gets close, at which point the Fanatics go nuts to by me some more time until I can overwhelm units with massed Gobbo's


07-02-2008, 03:59
I've played a very similar army at KF, and it has a lot of trouble. here are my tips

1) take a slightly bigger unit for skarsnik and give them spears. my one was at 42 models, plus snick. its an exceptionally tough unit that has only been killed once in the 12 4000-2000 point games I've played with the army. use it as a deterrent.
2) you have too much magic. skarsnick, a level 3 and two level 1's is optimal. each level one casts the basic spell on 2 dice, the level 3 casts one more powerful spell on 3 dice, then make sure oyu have the horn and the ring, so you get 2 level 5 and 1 level 3 bound spell on top.
3) take 2-4 units of 20 archers. they may not seem good, but they can be worth their weight in gold for knocking enemy archers off hills or taking out large targets. deploy them in 4 ranks and use them to counter fast cavalry, large targets without armor and to flank enemies, since they have a smaller footprint than the huge spear blocks. plus, they're dirt cheap and give you more deployments
4) spiders are good but vulnerable as hell in this many points, be careful with them. my ones won me some games and lost me some as well.
6) I'd reccommend another couple of bolt throwers and one less rock lobber, I'd also suggest swapping a couple of doom divers for a giant. in this many points you need a hammer/deterrent that isn't just goblins. hide him behind a wood and use him to support your line when things begin to break through
7) keep your deployment tight. you can guarantee you'll be facing dragons and other terror causers in a hardboyz tourney, so anything outside your general's leadership is deeply vulnerable, another reason not to have so many expensive blocks. more bolt throwers can help there, but don't count on them, they can be notoriously finnicky.
8) consider some wolf riders, you want something to get march blocks early and put pressure on enemy war machines. the spiders are just too big and too slow to do that job, though they're good for fouling up the midboard

Good luck! you're probably gonna need it :P